Alternative wedding bouquets modern brooch bouquet 881x404 - Alternative Wedding Bouquets
Alternative wedding bouquets modern brooch bouquet 881x492 - Alternative Wedding Bouquets

Alternative Wedding Bouquets

As well as a traditional feature to carry with you as you walk down the aisle, a bouquet can make a great and lasting keepsake to remember the big day in the years to come. But not everyone wants flowers. So what non floral wedding bouquets are there? From buttons and brooches to feathers and paper, here are 16 of our favourite alternative wedding bouquet ideas to help inspire your own accessory choices.

Alternative Wedding Bouquet Collage via Gay Wedding Guide - Alternative Wedding Bouquets  Image Credits

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right

  1. Brooch bouquet by Debbie Carlisle
  2. Ostrich feather fan, by Britten Weddings
  3. Modern, handmade brooch bouquet, via Rock n Roll Bride
  4. Jewel & Feather bouquet via Love is Vintage
  5. Custom Family Heirloom Bouquet by Lionsgate Designs on Etsy
  6. Dried Flower Bouquet by English Flower Farmer on Etsy
  7. Button Bouquet by Pumpkin and Pye on Etsy
  8. Brooch Bouquet by Innocent Chaos on Etsy
  9. Flower Hoop Bouquet by Lotus Floral Art on Etsy
  10. Pinecone Bouquet by The Green Bride on Etsy
  11. Comic Book Bouquet by Diana Sian Crafts on Etsy
  12. Crepe Paper Bouquet by Becky Meadows on Etsy
  13. Book Paper Bouquet by Inside My Nest on Etsy
  14. Vintage brooch bouquet via Love is Vintage
  15. Shell Bouquet by Pumpkin and Pye on Etsy
  16. Crochet Bouquet by Mollycat Studios on Etsy

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