Alternatives to Engagement Rings: Gift Ideas

Diamonds might be forever, but what if you don’t fancy exchanging engagement rings but want to give a gift that’s equally symbolic and sentimental? We’ve had a look at some of the best alternatives to engagement rings gifts on the market and come up with our top 10 favourites…

  1. Infinity Bracelet, Tiffany

    Elegant in every way choose from a range of Tiffany infinity bracelets; they start at a very affordable price tag of £185 and scale up to a whopping £6,200.

    Love Bracelet, Cartier


    If Tiffany’s doesn’t tickle your fancy, Cartier’s Love Bracelet will. Prices range from £970-£12,500.

    Friendship Bracelet, Monica Viander

    As will Monica Viander’s brilliant friendship bracelets, which start at £95.

  2. Tattoos

    Like ink? Why not get some matching tattoos showing the date of your wedding day or an inked ring. Images via Pinterest and Wedingomania – Price varies according to your tattoo and your tattoo artist.

  3. A Together Portrait

    You don’t need to be royalty or live in a grand stately home to have your portraits painted. What’s more artists don’t always need you to sit for them forever and a day now – a digital photograph will often suffice. So why not gift a picture of you both; and make it contemporary. We like OrganikArts’ eyecatching spray paint portraits which you can commission bespoke, and Dave Grohl’s glicee portrait prints. Both on Etsy..

  4. A Soundwall

    You could combine your love of art and music and turn your favourite piece of artwork into a piece of high tec that doubles as a quality wireless music system which can stream directly from any service on any device. Nifty. Prices start from $900 plus shipping.

  5. A Fancy Watch

    Ok, they’re a bit more conventional, but who can resist the Rolex Oyster Perpetual from £2,055. Find new and used on 

  6. Personalised Family Tree

    Commission your two family trees from a professional genealogist  like Family Researcher, then get the results transcribed into a quirky poster format you can hang on your wall at home. Get ancestry tracing details at, (packages start at £295) and find a style of family tree you like (image pictured £11.99 plus shipping).

  7. Engagement Cufflinks

    Personalised will you marry me cufflinks – that’s a proposal and engagement present rolled into one. We like! These are made by the Keepsake Shop on Etsy and are just £24.95.

  8. Memorabilia

    Does your partner go bananas for  a particular film, TV show, or song? Treat them to something they’ll treasure forever – track done some cool memorabilia on ebay and frame it for them. Prices vary.

  9. Personalised Ring Necklace, Cartier

    Cartier’s Love ring necklace, from £1,730

    Personalised Russian Ring Necklace, NOTHS

    This one, by Posh Totty at Not on the High Street,  £89 is a bit easier on the wallet.

  10. A tree

    Plant a sapling or tree from the Woodland Trust together and watch grow over the years. It’s symbolic in its own right, and it’s good for the environment. Happy days. From £6.95 at

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