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Have you thought about hiring a poet for your wedding or having a poem – or a series of poems – written especially for you and members of your wedding party? Rachel Hill is a professional poet who writes bespoke poetry for weddings and events. She started when she was at university when a friend wanted to send a secret Valentine to a lecturer who taught them Commercial Law. Rachel penned the words, and the rest is history…

“To this day, he still doesn’t know I was the one who penned it,” she says.

I enjoy playing with ideas and words – they literally fill my head, and I become slightly obsessed by the creative process of writing a poem. I adore words and rhyme so for me it’s a challenge: a bit like a jigsaw puzzle that I have to fit together. Ideas mill around in my head for a day or so and then I like to get things written down so I can tweak to perfection.

Penning a poem is a bit like a couples’ game show initially. I use a questionnaire that asks very specific questions about the individuals in question – so hobbies, significant dates, likes and dislikes, pets, any in-jokes and maybe funny habits – they can all be thrown into the mix. That way, it is entirely bespoke. And, of course, the client can add in anything else they may want me to include.

For a standard 26 line poem I can usually create something within a couple of days after which I like to fine tune. Some poems are more challenging than others as it is such a bespoke service. If you need something much longer then that requires more information, detail and review. It is best not to rush these things as I take great pride in what I produce.

I can even write poems for people at your wedding – just let me know what you want and we can work out something together.

So, what kind of poem can you expect? Romantic, witty or both, Rachel will style the poem to your preference. Here’s a taster of one of the bespoke wedding poems she has written.

We met on a Thursday, the fifth of May,
At the Lion of Vienna, my lucky day.
What a vision in lycra, sipping your gin,
A magical moment, an epic win.
Like that day at the races, five years ago,
We certainly saw our finances grow.
You bought some tyres for the ‘babe mobile’,
Took us for a spin and made me squeal.
But I still loved your style, your own brand of slick,
Even with hindsight, you’d still be my pick.

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If you would like Rachel to write a wedding poem – or a selection of poems – for you, your partner or members of your gay or lesbian wedding party, call her on 07407 643547 or contact her via her website. A 26-line poem starts at £165.

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Image by Paola do Paola, shot at the lesbian wedding of Ale and Eva .

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