Carnival Wedding Theme

Coconut shies, fairground horses, bright colourways, festival lights and all the fun of the fair  – we love that the carnival theme is back, bolder, brighter and with a smattering of classic vintage. So roll up, roll up for a wedding party like no other. 

Carnival Wedding Theme


Set the Scene

Create a rustic atmosphere by hosting your big day in a barn or marquee surrounded by spacious green countryside. We’re fans of Browning Bros and Oasis Events marquees, and anywhere with a rustic vibe or gorgeous view.


Warm reds, oranges, pinks and gold’s.


Combine classic vintage and retro with details such as light up carnival letters, bunting, old-fashioned fun fair games and sweet stalls. If you want to spend a little extra, everything from candy floss vendors to carousels are within your reach. The brilliant Prop Factory is a great place to start hunting out decor accessories and vintage stands.


Complement warm carnival colours wearing a classic vintage monochrome tailored suit with braces or, for a more rustic look, go for retro tweed.


Bring some 1920s vintage to the day with beaded couture-style trouser-suits or dresses, teamed with winged eyeliner and richly red lipstick.

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