1440 Autun wedding ideas gay wedding guide 881x404 - Decor: Autumn Wedding Ideas 1440 Autun wedding ideas gay wedding guide 881x492 - Decor: Autumn Wedding Ideas

Decor: Autumn Wedding Ideas

Autumn is an increasingly popular season to tie the knot, so style it right. Find the best autumn wedding ideas with these great inspoboards….

1 1440 best lesbian wedding outfit accessories unisex gay wedding guide 1 881x404 - Wedding Outfit Accessories 1 1440 best lesbian wedding outfit accessories unisex gay wedding guide 1 881x492 - Wedding Outfit Accessories

Wedding Outfit Accessories

You’ve decided on your main look. Whether a suit, all-in-one or a dress, we’re sure you’ll be walking down the aisle – cough, runway – looking fierce. But there’s one …

1440 wedding prelude by violinist at lesbian destination wedding of Sara and Karen photograph by Paola de Paola Photography 881x404 - Top 10 Wedding Preludes 1440 wedding prelude by violinist at lesbian destination wedding of Sara and Karen photograph by Paola de Paola Photography 881x492 - Top 10 Wedding Preludes

Top 10 Wedding Preludes

What music will your guests hear as they enter the ceremony space? We ask two wedding entertainment specialists to name their top 10 wedding preludes…

Alternative wedding bouquets modern brooch bouquet 881x404 - Alternative Wedding Bouquets Alternative wedding bouquets modern brooch bouquet 881x492 - Alternative Wedding Bouquets

Alternative Wedding Bouquets

As well as being traditional, bouquets can become a lasting keepsake. But not everyone wants flowers. Cue 16 of our favourite alternative wedding bouquets…

shard 896102 1920 881x404 - The Pridelux Wedding Show shard 896102 1920 881x492 - The Pridelux Wedding Show

The Pridelux Wedding Show

Buff up your shoes – a brand new experiential wedding show tailored specifically for LGBTQ+ couples is coming to town and we’re offering you free tickets!

SS19 Wedding Trends for Guests via Gay Wedding Guide 881x404 - SS19 Wedding Guest Trends SS19 Wedding Trends for Guests via Gay Wedding Guide 881x492 - SS19 Wedding Guest Trends

SS19 Wedding Guest Trends

From plant prints to bohemian homespun wear, we’ve cherry-picked our favourite SS19 Wedding Wear Trends to help guide your favourite wedding people: your guests.

Sun-drenched-sitting-on-Beach-with-Dog-Emily-and-Amy-Engagement-Photography-and-copyright-Mrs-Jutson-Photography-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide Sun-drenched-sitting-on-Beach-with-Dog-Emily-and-Amy-Engagement-Photography-and-copyright-Mrs-Jutson-Photography-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Perfect Proposals: The Inside Story

Planning on proposing sometime soon, but need some help making the proposal absolutely perfect? Say hello to The Proposers, a team of marriage proposal planning specialists that create once-in-a-lifetime moments …

1440 Wedding Colors for 2019 via Gay Wedding Guide 881x404 - Wedding Colours for 2019 1440 Wedding Colors for 2019 via Gay Wedding Guide 881x492 - Wedding Colours for 2019

Wedding Colours for 2019

Complementing the evocative Living Coral, this year’s Pantone colour trends can do just about anything. Working in many forms, from lighting, clothing, tableware or even balloons, they can spice up …

1440 ss19 groomswear trends gay wedding guide 881x404 - Groomswear Trends SS19 1440 ss19 groomswear trends gay wedding guide 881x492 - Groomswear Trends SS19

Groomswear Trends SS19

With all eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle, you’ll want to feel confident, comfortable and bang on trend in what will be the biggest moment of …

1440 wedding interior trends 2019 via gay wedding guide 881x404 - Wedding Interior Trends 2019 1440 wedding interior trends 2019 via gay wedding guide 881x492 - Wedding Interior Trends 2019

Wedding Interior Trends 2019

One of the most important parts of any wedding is the interior. It sets the entire mood of the event – it’s a mission statement. From minimalism to maximalist art, …

Wedding Weatherproof your wedding wellies Image by Pixelbay via Gay Wedding Guide 881x404 - How to Weatherproof your Wedding Wedding Weatherproof your wedding wellies Image by Pixelbay via Gay Wedding Guide 881x492 - How to Weatherproof your Wedding

How to Weatherproof your Wedding

Liz Taylor is managing director of celebrity wedding planners, the Taylor Lynn Corporation (TLC). She has been planning spectacular weddings across the UK and Europe for the past 30 years, …

Isabelle-Wedding-Speech-with-Signs-at-the-Lesbian-Wedding-of-Isabelle-and-Susie-copyright-Jennifer-Bedlow-Photography-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide Isabelle-Wedding-Speech-with-Signs-at-the-Lesbian-Wedding-of-Isabelle-and-Susie-copyright-Jennifer-Bedlow-Photography-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Alternative & Modern Wedding Readings

The best wedding readings should resonate with you on many levels and truly reflect your relationship. View our collection of favourite love and alternative wedding readings…

1440 neon flower trends 2019 by Rebel Rebel wedding florist gay wedding guide 881x404 - Wedding Flower Trends 2019 1440 neon flower trends 2019 by Rebel Rebel wedding florist gay wedding guide 881x492 - Wedding Flower Trends 2019

Wedding Flower Trends 2019

Neons, tropical clashes, fresh grasses and full scale suspended florals are fuelling the wedding flower trends for 2019; Rebel Rebel talk us through it.

cocktails by birdcage for dry wedding image from wedding planner Taylor Lynn Corporation via The Gay Wedding Guide 881x404 - Spirited Dry Weddings cocktails by birdcage for dry wedding image from wedding planner Taylor Lynn Corporation via The Gay Wedding Guide 881x492 - Spirited Dry Weddings

Spirited Dry Weddings

Thinking of planning a dry wedding? Plan with imagination and a smattering of theatrical presentation, and yours will truly sparkle. Here’s how…

Beauty-and-Grooming-Product-Reviews-2-1 Beauty-and-Grooming-Product-Reviews-2-1

Wedding Beauty & Grooming Product Reviews

Not sure which candles produce the longest-lasting, most delicious room-filling scent for a wedding, or which shaving set, bath oil or hair products to use ahead of your big day? We’ve done the hard work for you, and tried out a range of affordable and higher-end products to point you in the right direction.

1440-cloudy-backdrop-Real-Gay-Wedding-of-Shaun-and-Carl-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide-images-by-Ross-Willsher 1440-cloudy-backdrop-Real-Gay-Wedding-of-Shaun-and-Carl-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide-images-by-Ross-Willsher

How to Avoid Assumption-Making Suppliers

Believe it or not, some suppliers would rather not work for same sex couples and others make assumptions based on your sexuality. So how do you avoid assumption-making venues and suppliers? Photographer, Ross Willsher, sheds some light…

1440 Wedding Budget Planner free via the Gay Wedding Guide 881x404 - Wedding Budget Planner - Free Download 1440 Wedding Budget Planner free via the Gay Wedding Guide 881x492 - Wedding Budget Planner - Free Download

Wedding Budget Planner – Free Download

Successfully budgeting for your wedding is all about compromise and focus. Work out your priorities to save on less important aspects of your day. To help, we’ve put together this chart so you can visualise what and where you’ll need your budget for…

Ice hotel sweden via gay wedding guide 881x404 - Gay Destination Weddings: Scandinavia Ice hotel sweden via gay wedding guide 881x492 - Gay Destination Weddings: Scandinavia

Gay Destination Weddings: Scandinavia

Want to marry in a country where mountains frame majestic glaciers and epic green forests are freckled with crystalline lakes? Then use our guide to help you choose the best place for your destination wedding in Scandinavia.

Quotes from LGBT literature gay wedding guide 881x404 - Inspiring quotes from LGBT Fiction Quotes from LGBT literature gay wedding guide 881x492 - Inspiring quotes from LGBT Fiction

Inspiring quotes from LGBT Fiction

The romantic and poetic words of literature can often be the perfect way to describe and encapsulate real life, real marriage, and real love and, with that in mind, we bring together 25 inspiring quotes from LGBT fiction.

1440 Stephen Einhorn rings LGBT wedding rings gay wedding guide 881x404 - Stephen Einhorn: Interview 1440 Stephen Einhorn rings LGBT wedding rings gay wedding guide 881x492 - Stephen Einhorn: Interview

Stephen Einhorn: Interview

"We made a deliberate choice to make everyone feel welcome" Stephen Einhorn started off working as a model maker in film and advertising before training as a silversmith and launching ...
1440 Ultra Violet pantone of the year purple wedding ideas pantone 2018 gay wedding guide 881x404 - Wedding Colour Schemes 2018 1440 Ultra Violet pantone of the year purple wedding ideas pantone 2018 gay wedding guide 881x492 - Wedding Colour Schemes 2018

Wedding Colour Schemes 2018

From delicate soft tones to gorgeous electric tints, this year’s Pantone colour trends have something for everyone. To help get those wedding ideas flowing, we’ve pulled together 11 brilliant 2018 wedding colour scheme boards that will help you stay bang on trend for your wedding.

1440 mini wedding food ideas burgers by pizzazzerie on the gay wedding guide 881x404 - Mini Wedding Food Ideas 1440 mini wedding food ideas burgers by pizzazzerie on the gay wedding guide 881x492 - Mini Wedding Food Ideas

Mini Wedding Food Ideas

Wedding planner Jason Mitchell Kahn reveals why the trend for mini wedding food is rising and shares his insights on which mini wedding food ideas will be a guaranteed hit with your guests..

classic hydrangea green white purple changing colours gay wedding guide 881x404 - The Perfect Wedding Flower? classic hydrangea green white purple changing colours gay wedding guide 881x492 - The Perfect Wedding Flower?

The Perfect Wedding Flower?

What makes the ‘classic’ hydrangea the perfect wedding flower? Not only is it one of the most spectacular flowers around, the hydrangea also symbolises grace, beauty and abundance. What’s more, …

1440 1 Royal Wedding Ideas Inspiration Board Gay Wedding Guide 881x404 - Style Steal: Royal Wedding Ideas 1440 1 Royal Wedding Ideas Inspiration Board Gay Wedding Guide 881x492 - Style Steal: Royal Wedding Ideas

Style Steal: Royal Wedding Ideas

Fancy yourselves as a pair of Princes or Princesses? We’ve handpicked our favourite bits of Harry and Meghan’s wedding to create this style-steal royal wedding ideas inspiration board especially for you. After all, shouldn’t you feel like royalty on your wedding day?!…

1440 top 10 naked wedding cakes via the Gay Wedding Guide a gay wedding blog 1 881x404 - Top 10 Naked Wedding Cakes 1440 top 10 naked wedding cakes via the Gay Wedding Guide a gay wedding blog 1 881x492 - Top 10 Naked Wedding Cakes

Top 10 Naked Wedding Cakes

Loved by both couples and guests, frosting-free wedding cakes are becoming a real trend at weddings – from delicious chocolatey layers to floral decorations, we’ve put together out top 10 …

H1440-ampton-Court-Palace-wedding-showcase-dinner-image-copyright-Nick-Rose-Photography H1440-ampton-Court-Palace-wedding-showcase-dinner-image-copyright-Nick-Rose-Photography

Wedding Planning: Where to Splurge and Save

We all know that weddings are expensive, so which corners can you cut without any negative impact? Luxury wedding planners Bruce Russell and Isabel Smith share their top 10 tips on where to splurge and where to save.

1440 Style Steal Romantic Hydrangea Style gay wedding guide 881x404 - Style Steal: Romantic Hydrangeas 1440 Style Steal Romantic Hydrangea Style gay wedding guide 881x492 - Style Steal: Romantic Hydrangeas

Style Steal: Romantic Hydrangeas

Style steal a milk and honey luxe some struggle to conjure with our seven gorgeous soft-palette inspo boards to help you create a captivating romantic ambience for your entire wedding day. 

top 20 bridal suits 2018 via the gay wedding guide 881x404 - Top 20 Tailored Bridal Suits top 20 bridal suits 2018 via the gay wedding guide 881x492 - Top 20 Tailored Bridal Suits

Top 20 Tailored Bridal Suits

From classic cigarette trousers to mix and match pieces, we’ve handpicked our favourite top 20 tailored bridal suits, jackets and trousers that will make you feel like a million dollars on your big day.

hair accessories and wedding jewellery by Lola and Alice wedding accessories via the gay wedding guide 881x404 - INTERVIEW: Lola and Alice hair accessories and wedding jewellery by Lola and Alice wedding accessories via the gay wedding guide 881x492 - INTERVIEW: Lola and Alice

INTERVIEW: Lola and Alice

Elizabeth Raderecht sourced jewellery for a designer shop in her late 20s before working for magazines and running a successful online fashion and accessories boutique; but after taking time off …

1440 DIY Buttonhole How to Make a Buttonhole by Hand via Gay Wedding Guide Tutorial 881x404 - How to Make a Buttonhole By Hand 1440 DIY Buttonhole How to Make a Buttonhole by Hand via Gay Wedding Guide Tutorial 881x492 - How to Make a Buttonhole By Hand

How to Make a Buttonhole By Hand

Looking for some budget-saving DIY wedding hacks? Try the buttonhole. We’re big fans of creating an easy wow, so follow our ‘how to make a buttonhole by hand tutorial’ to create your very own buttonhole masterpiece!

Will Buckley a Toastmaster via the gay wedding guide 881x404 - Interview: Cheers to the Toastmaster Will Buckley a Toastmaster via the gay wedding guide 881x492 - Interview: Cheers to the Toastmaster

Interview: Cheers to the Toastmaster

Will Buckley knows how to make people feel welcome; he has been working in the entertainment industry for more than 17 years, five of which were spent working on the five-star Celebrity Cruises, and  he is also available to hire as a wedding Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies. We asked him how he got started…

1440 Suspended DIY painted feathers DIY Painted Feather Tutorial gay wedding guide 881x404 - DIY Painted Feathers Tutorial 1440 Suspended DIY painted feathers DIY Painted Feather Tutorial gay wedding guide 881x492 - DIY Painted Feathers Tutorial

DIY Painted Feathers Tutorial

Make your own DIY painted feathers like a pro following our easy four-step tutorial. From bold festival brights or romantic bohemian pastels, you can even dip the tip into metallics for some added uptown funk.

1440-metallic-wedding-ideas-lesbian-weddings-gay-wedding-guide 1440-metallic-wedding-ideas-lesbian-weddings-gay-wedding-guide

Style Steals: Metallics

We love a good wedding trend, especially when they shimmer. From silvers and chromes to shiny navies, purples and pinks, this year incorporate some sheen into your wedding theme: mesmerise in metallics.

Rosewood-wedding-fair-lesbian-weddings-gay-wedding-guide Rosewood-wedding-fair-lesbian-weddings-gay-wedding-guide

Bridelux at The Rosewood

It’s the Bridelux wedding show at London’s Rosewood hotel today – so what can you expect? If you like Vivienne Westwood bridal, expert insights into how they make some of …

alex-audrey-lesbian-engagement-photos-lesbian-wedding-photographer-copyright-paola-de-paola-via-the-gay-wedding-guide alex-audrey-lesbian-engagement-photos-lesbian-wedding-photographer-copyright-paola-de-paola-via-the-gay-wedding-guide

Engagement Shoots – Four Reasons Why To Have One

Engagement shoots are on the up, and for good reason. We caught up with Paola De Paola, who specialises in gay and lesbian engagement and wedding photography to find out four good reasons why you need an engagement photo shoot.

Ned-Food-Large-lesbian-weddings Ned-Food-Large-lesbian-weddings

REVIEW: A Wedding Breakfast at The Ned

When the Gay Wedding Guide was invited to feast on a three-course wedding breakfast at The Ned, we sent our spokesperson, restaurant guru and himself a groom-to be, Hugh Wright, along to review it on our behalf. This is his verdict…

cold-canapes-summer-wedding-gay-wedding-guide cold-canapes-summer-wedding-gay-wedding-guide

Summer Wedding Canapés

A country setting for a summer wedding sounds idyllic, but what should you serve your guests before you have your sit down meal? Ian Daw, head chef of events at The Ned in London, shares his summer wedding canapé suggestions.

canapes-winter-wedding-gay-wedding-guide canapes-winter-wedding-gay-wedding-guide

Winter Wedding Canapés

Stuck on ideas for your winter wedding canapés for a winter. Ian Daw, head chef of events at The Ned in London says to play with classic foods in a modern way. These are six of his suggestions…

the-ned-canapes-set-out-1440 the-ned-canapes-set-out-1440


Watermelon with olives, giant truffle-filled ‘crisps – would you dare to be different with your wedding canapés? Ian Daw, head chef for events at The Ned, triumphs at this and let us in to a few of his secrets…

international wedding trends 2018 report via the gay wedding guide 881x404 - International Wedding Trends Report international wedding trends 2018 report via the gay wedding guide 881x492 - International Wedding Trends Report

International Wedding Trends Report

The 2018 International Wedding Trend Report is out and it includes an LGBT+ section – hoorah! Key trends for this year include nouveau art deco, powdery pastels, mid-century features such as Moroccan rugs, brass finishings and layered lighting.

Wedding-flower-trends-2018-via-the-gay-wedding-guide Wedding-flower-trends-2018-via-the-gay-wedding-guide

Wedding Floral Trends 2018

Bold, adventurous, unconventional – this year’s wedding flower trends is all about making a statement, doing things that bit differently. Fashion-focused florist, Shilpa Reddy talks us through the floral trends of 2018.


Top Gay Love Films

Our compendium of the top LGBT love films for you to put your feet up to, crack open the popcorn, and enjoy. And no, no Brokeback in sight.

Glebe-town-hall Glebe-town-hall

Sydney’s Free Weddings

It’s time to celebrate in Sydney, and not just because it’s Christmas, but because same-sex couples are being offered free use of some of Sydney’s most prominent wedding venues! Yes, …

1440-ceremony-layout-at-Leamington-Pump-Rooms-wedding-venue-gay-wedding-guide 1440-ceremony-layout-at-Leamington-Pump-Rooms-wedding-venue-gay-wedding-guide

How to Scent Your Wedding

The power of scent is impressive, but how do you get it right for your wedding? The good people of Jo Malone London share their advice…


LGBT Couples Throughout History

This hand-picked timeline of LGBT couples throughout history is a thank you to those courageous campaigners and same-sex couples who bravely put same-sex marriage in the spotlight.

H1440-ampton-Court-Palace-wedding-showcase-dinner-image-copyright-Nick-Rose-Photography H1440-ampton-Court-Palace-wedding-showcase-dinner-image-copyright-Nick-Rose-Photography

Party at a Palace

Boy, oh boy, do the folk at Historic Royal Palaces know how to put on a show. How do we know? Because we were lucky enough to be invited to …

menswear-trends-ss18-groomswear-via-the-gay-wedding-guide menswear-trends-ss18-groomswear-via-the-gay-wedding-guide

Groomswear Trends SS18

From irresistible chambray trousers to colourful vertical stripes, if you want to dress to impress for a SS18 wedding, our ss18 groomswear trend report is here to help.


Australia says “We Do”

Australia is to become the 26th nation to legalise same sex marriage after 61.6% of Australians voted “Yes” at the polls on 15th November, 2017…

1440-Thanksgiving-wedding-ideas-2-via-the-gay-wedding-guide-1 1440-Thanksgiving-wedding-ideas-2-via-the-gay-wedding-guide-1

Thanksgiving Wedding Ideas

“It’s the perfect time to celebrate” says Liz Taylor of luxury wedding planners TLC about Thanksgiving. So, how to create the ultimate Thanksgiving wedding? Here are her tips…

Poppy-wedding-ideas-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide Poppy-wedding-ideas-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Perfect Poppy Wedding Inspirations

Suspended poppy garlands, festooned arbours, giant paper poppy walls for standout photo backdrops; get all the wedding poppy ideas you need with these boards.

1440-Clothes-to-suit-your-body-shape-via-the-gay-wedding-guide 1440-Clothes-to-suit-your-body-shape-via-the-gay-wedding-guide

How to Dress To Suit Your Body Shape

Compact. Lean. Curvy? If you think you’ll never find bridalwear to suit your body shape, stop: this is how to find your pièce de résistance for your wedding day…

Lesbian-Bridal-Trends-SS18-Gay-Lesbian-Wedding-Guide Lesbian-Bridal-Trends-SS18-Gay-Lesbian-Wedding-Guide

SS18 Bridal Trends

From heroic capes and trouser suits to intricate lace and beadwork you can’t help falling in love with these SS18 bridal trends…

The-Witchery-gay-friendly-hotel-Edinburgh-Scotland-rectory-bed-cushions-Review-by-Les-Deux-Messieurs-the-ultimate-UIK-travel-guide-for-discerning-gay-travellers The-Witchery-gay-friendly-hotel-Edinburgh-Scotland-rectory-bed-cushions-Review-by-Les-Deux-Messieurs-the-ultimate-UIK-travel-guide-for-discerning-gay-travellers

Haunted & Gothic: 13 Alternative Wedding Venues

Enchanted gardens, crumbling castles, haunted cells; if you’re looking for an alternative wedding venue with a great story to tell, take a look at these 13 innately gothic wedding venues, and let your imagination take you away…

1440-Day-of-the-Dead-wedding-ideas-gay-wedding-guide 1440-Day-of-the-Dead-wedding-ideas-gay-wedding-guide

Day of the Dead Wedding Theme Ideas

Style steals: sugar skulls and paper-lace backdrops against a palette of bold brights – take a look at these brilliant Day of the Dead wedding ideas. And viva la fiesta!

1440-styled-lesbian-wedding-elopment-of-Fátima-and-Rebeca-hug-image-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide-image-Fotografiando-la-vida 1440-styled-lesbian-wedding-elopment-of-Fátima-and-Rebeca-hug-image-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide-image-Fotografiando-la-vida

A Spanish Elopement

The archipelago island of Gran Canaria has been hosting gay weddings since 2005, when same-sex marriage was first legalised by Spain. Now, wedding planner, Carolina Carzorla Gavin, of Vamonos Debodorrio …

crispy-polenta-caremelised-onions-and-muschroom-canapes-DIY-Vegan-wedding-food-menu-ideas-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide crispy-polenta-caremelised-onions-and-muschroom-canapes-DIY-Vegan-wedding-food-menu-ideas-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide

DIY Vegan Wedding Menu Ideas

Whether you are cooking the food yourself or having it prepared by a caterer, you’ll want your wedding food to taste incredible. Should it pose a challenge if you’re vegan? …

coolest-wedding-favours-1440 coolest-wedding-favours-1440

Top 20 Coolest Wedding Favours

Finding the right wedding favours can be tricky. Do you go scrumptious and edible or quirky and useful? Here are our suggestions for the top 20 coolest wedding favours…

Roasted-Beetroot-Toms-Feast-Autumn-wedding-menu-ideas-via-the-gay-wedding-guide Roasted-Beetroot-Toms-Feast-Autumn-wedding-menu-ideas-via-the-gay-wedding-guide

Autumn Wedding Menus

Autumn is a season of plenty; so what should make the list on a autumn wedding menu at a time when farmers are harvesting their crops and growers are reaping …

1440-How-to-Style-a-Summer-Wedding 1440-How-to-Style-a-Summer-Wedding

How to Style a Summer Wedding

How do you style a summer wedding that brings everything that we love about summer, together? We asked two different experts to give us their tips…

1440-40-best-lesbian-wedding-cake-toppers-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide 1440-40-best-lesbian-wedding-cake-toppers-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

40 Best Lesbian Cake Toppers

From beautiful white foxes to personalised lesbian wedding laser cut, model and lego cake toppers, there are so many same-sex wedding cake toppers available to you to help you add ...
1440-Top-25-Coolest-Cufflinks-Gay-Wedding-Guide-2 1440-Top-25-Coolest-Cufflinks-Gay-Wedding-Guide-2

Top 30 Coolest Cufflinks

Want to add a fun twist to your wedding suit, or embellish your outfit with quirky sophistication? From fantastical steampunk and slick silver monograms to colour-clashing Lego bricks and one-of ...
1440-steampunk-wedding-ideas-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide 1440-steampunk-wedding-ideas-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Steampunk Wedding Ideas

White frocks and classic suits not your style? Prefer something moodier? Dark, even? Then step inside the world of Victorian Steampunk, where corsets and lace meet fantasy science manifested in …

1440-Food-Sculptures 1440-Food-Sculptures

The Coolest Edible Sculptures

Most centrepieces come in the form of florals, but they don’t have to. Cue edible sculptures: unique show-stoppers that will certainly get your guests talking. View our collection of the coolest edible sculptures…

1440-Lesbian-Weddings-Best-Bridal-Headpieces-Ideas-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide 1440-Lesbian-Weddings-Best-Bridal-Headpieces-Ideas-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

The Best of Bridal Hair-Wear

The right bridal hair-wear can be the crowning glory to your wedding day look, and whether you going all out 1930s vintage or planning on something more 2017, there’s a …

1440-Brides-kiss-in-the-rain-by-night-copyright-wedding-photographer-Jennifer-Brindley-Photography-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide 1440-Brides-kiss-in-the-rain-by-night-copyright-wedding-photographer-Jennifer-Brindley-Photography-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

30 Beautiful Same Sex Wedding Photos

Great wedding photographs capture the emotions of each couple throughout their big day. Here are 30 of our favourite same-sex wedding photos that will totally melt your heart..

easy-DIY-wedding-balloon-ideas-teaser-via-the-gay-wedding-guide easy-DIY-wedding-balloon-ideas-teaser-via-the-gay-wedding-guide

10 Easy Wedding Balloon Ideas

Balloons have become the whimsical must-have trend at weddings. Fun, shimmering, big or small, they can make gorgeous addition to your big day. “Balloons are not what they used to …

Laura-and-Louise-wed-in-central-park-wedding-via-the-gay-wedding-guide Laura-and-Louise-wed-in-central-park-wedding-via-the-gay-wedding-guide

FIVE New York Weddings

The bright lights and big city promise of New York is sometimes impossible to resist. Loud, romantic, beautiful, insatiable – create memories together in New York and it might just …

lesbian-wedding-shoes lesbian-wedding-shoes

Statement Bridal Shoes

From chic neutral flats to dramatic high heels, bridal shoes can complete your look with a truly personal twist: whether you’re into Converse sneakers or high octane heels, take a …

Scottish-smoked-salmon-canapes-at-the-Lesbian-Wedding-of-Isabelle-and-Susie-copyright-Jennifer-Bedlow-Photography-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide Scottish-smoked-salmon-canapes-at-the-Lesbian-Wedding-of-Isabelle-and-Susie-copyright-Jennifer-Bedlow-Photography-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide

10 Wedding Budget Saving Tips

Big bucks don’t guarantee an incredible wedding. Celebrity wedding planner, Liz Taylor, lets us in to a few secrets and gives her top 10 wedding money saving tips.

10-Brilliant-Personalised-Gifts-for-Valentines-via-The-gay-Wedding-Guide 10-Brilliant-Personalised-Gifts-for-Valentines-via-The-gay-Wedding-Guide

Personalised Valentine’s Gifts

Finding the perfect Valentine’s gift can be quite tricky, especially if you are looking for an irreplaceable and unique piece. So why not surprise your other half with a personalised ...
Speeches-at-Blank-Canvas-Warehouse-Wedding-Venue-Bermondsey-London-Tanner-Warehouse-SE1-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide Speeches-at-Blank-Canvas-Warehouse-Wedding-Venue-Bermondsey-London-Tanner-Warehouse-SE1-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Wedding Speeches: Speaking Roles

Wedding traditions aren’t sacrosanct, so who should speak at your wedding? Seb, of Great Speech Writing, shares his thoughts on getting those speeches right

Catherine-and-Jen-lesbian-wedding-photographer-library-Ragdoll-Photography-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide Catherine-and-Jen-lesbian-wedding-photographer-library-Ragdoll-Photography-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Wedding Conventions: Your Edits

Wedding conventions blurgh! Do the old ones still cut it? To save you from wedding day structure purgatory we’ve asked some recently married couples which conventions they followed and which ones they created…

teaser-baroque-wedding-theme-ideas-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide teaser-baroque-wedding-theme-ideas-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Inspiration Piece: Baroque Wedding Theme

Baroque style developed in the 1600s and is all about decadence and grandeur. Do crave an affordable, but lavish wedding? Take a look at our Baroque wedding theme inspiration board for ideas.

teaser-1940s-wedding-theme-ideas-board-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide teaser-1940s-wedding-theme-ideas-board-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide

1940s Wedding Theme Inspiration

The fabulous ’40s can be defined by two distinct looks and periods. Take a look our our 1940s wedding ideas picture board below for some gorgeous wedspiration…

Speeches-at-Emily-Jodie-lesbian-wedding-Devon-at-Ocean-Kave-copyright-Michael-Wells-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide Speeches-at-Emily-Jodie-lesbian-wedding-Devon-at-Ocean-Kave-copyright-Michael-Wells-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Quotes for Your Vows

Need some wedding quote ideas for your wedding speech? This list highlights what we think are some of the best wedding quotes around…

Bush-Hall-Music-London-Gay-Wedding-Venue-W12-Wedding-Venue-London-rock-the-wedding Bush-Hall-Music-London-Gay-Wedding-Venue-W12-Wedding-Venue-London-rock-the-wedding

Wedding Music | Ceremony & Reception

From ethereal classics and traditional processional to contemporary wedding song suggestions – view our best wedding music selection – create your own wedding music playlist and click to download direct from iTunes.

blue-wedding-lighting-via-the-taylor-lynn-corporation-wedding-lighting-gay-wedding-guide blue-wedding-lighting-via-the-taylor-lynn-corporation-wedding-lighting-gay-wedding-guide

Creating Atmospheric Wedding Venue Lighting

When planning a wedding reception, bespoke wedding venue lighting will help you achieve the atmosphere of your dreams. Celebrity wedding planner, Liz Taylor, lets us in to a few trade secrets…

GWG-Winner-Best-LGBT-Award-Kate_Lovell-Hugh-Wright-Gethin-Jones GWG-Winner-Best-LGBT-Award-Kate_Lovell-Hugh-Wright-Gethin-Jones

Wedding Blog Award Winners!

We are chuffed to bits to have been named Best LGBT Wedding Blog at the Wedding Blog Awards! View all the winners in this special video (and several close ups of Gethin Jones!)

Mixed-or-Matched-Bridesmaid-dresses-trends-2016-Selfridges-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide Mixed-or-Matched-Bridesmaid-dresses-trends-2016-Selfridges-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Bridesmaids Dresses: Mixed or Matched?

Matching bridesmaids has long been as much of a given as a roast on a Sunday, but now a new trend is emerging. Couples are mix and matching their bridesmaids dresses with gorgeous results. We’ve compiled some key looks to help you decide which is better: mixed or matched…

1440x660-40-of-the-best-gay-and-lesbian-wedding-cake-toppers 1440x660-40-of-the-best-gay-and-lesbian-wedding-cake-toppers

The Best Gay Wedding Cake Toppers

When it comes to cake toppers, choose something that reflects you and your wedding theme. Here’s our guide to 40 of the best gay wedding cake toppers on the market…

PICTURE-5-carl-stanley-make-up-london-1-lr PICTURE-5-carl-stanley-make-up-london-1-lr

How to: Get that Flawless Celebrity Look

Just how do A-list celebrities like Kim Kardashian look so incredibly defined and flawless? Celebrity makeup artist, Carl Stanley, reveals all in this step-by-step tutorial to creating perfectly contoured wedding makeup looks.

1440-luxury-wedding-cake-by-Peggy-Porschen 1440-luxury-wedding-cake-by-Peggy-Porschen

How to: Design Your Perfect Wedding Cake

She has made wedding cakes for Stella McCartney, celebration cakes for Sir Elton and many other A-list names, now we ask Peggy Porschen to reveal the wedding cake trends for 2014: it’s all in the detail…

doughnuts-at-Alex-and-Lynsey-lesbian-wedding-Somerset-photographer-and-copyright-Ragdoll-Photography doughnuts-at-Alex-and-Lynsey-lesbian-wedding-Somerset-photographer-and-copyright-Ragdoll-Photography

Prenups: All You Need to Know

It may not be the most romantic part of planning your wedding but, if you are getting married you should consider whether to enter into a pre-nuptial agreement. London law firm Harbottle & Lewis, explain…

Wedding-themes-book-wedding-great-gatsby-1920s-ideas-via-the-gay-wedding-guide Wedding-themes-book-wedding-great-gatsby-1920s-ideas-via-the-gay-wedding-guide

1920s Wedding Theme Inspiration

Style-stealing. Everyone does it. We’ve plugged into the past and pulled together some of the last century’s sassiest eras for your style-stealing pleasure. Let’s start things off with a bang with some stunning Art Deco wedding theme ideas…

the-flashpack-photo-booth-3d-wedding-photos-via-the-gay-wedding-guide the-flashpack-photo-booth-3d-wedding-photos-via-the-gay-wedding-guide

The Coolest Wedding Photo Booths

Photo booths have snapped their way happy into our growing list of DIY wedding essentials but have you thought of 3D wedding photos, green-screening or more? Take a look at some of the coolest photo booths…

teaser-Winter-Wedding-Flowers-Inspiration-moodboard-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide teaser-Winter-Wedding-Flowers-Inspiration-moodboard-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Winter Wedding Florals

Planning a winter wedding? Go all out on flowers to make all the difference to its aesthetic – and be inspired by our pictoral winter wedding flower ideas..

Stephanotis-bouquets-with-white-roses-white-wedding-flowers-via-the-gay-wedding-guide Stephanotis-bouquets-with-white-roses-white-wedding-flowers-via-the-gay-wedding-guide

Floral Focus: Stephanotis Wedding Flowers

Delicate and fragrant, the star-shaped stephanotis flower symbolises happiness – what better message to get across on the biggest day of your life. Florist Liz Inigo Jones reveals why stephanotis has become such a popular wedding flower…

Gold-Moroccan-style-Laser-Cut-wedding-invitation-by-brilliant-wedding-stationery-maker-adorn-invitations-via-gay-wedding-guide Gold-Moroccan-style-Laser-Cut-wedding-invitation-by-brilliant-wedding-stationery-maker-adorn-invitations-via-gay-wedding-guide

Wedding Stationery Trends

From rustic Kraft brown to the ethereal laser cut – there are so many different styles of wedding stationery, so we’ve rounded-up our favourite wedding invitation trends…

Map-of-Countries-where-same-sex-marriage-is-legal-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide Map-of-Countries-where-same-sex-marriage-is-legal-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide

MAP: Countries Where Same Sex Marriage is Legal

LGBT rights are changing for the better, but homosexuality is still deemed illegal in 80 countries and territories. Use our interactive LGBT Rights map to highlight countries where same sex marriage is legal and plan your honeymoon safely…

Aaron-and-Phil-vows-3-at-their-gay-wedding-at-the-Bodelian-Oxford-images-copyright-Stu-Heppell-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide Aaron-and-Phil-vows-3-at-their-gay-wedding-at-the-Bodelian-Oxford-images-copyright-Stu-Heppell-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Tips on Writing Wedding Vows

How do you write wedding vows that will resonate with everyone at your wedding? Even the most unromantic of your guests? Lawrence Berstein of London agency, Great Speech Writing, gives us his top tips.

Civil-partnership-trends-and-groomswear-trends-2016-Liberty-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide Civil-partnership-trends-and-groomswear-trends-2016-Liberty-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Groomswear Trends 2016

Double-breasted suits, pinstripes, plush velvets – the SS16 runways were full of ‘look-at-me’ flair. Here are our affordable top picks of groomswear trends for 2016…

teaser-1440-pink-wedding-theme-via-the-gay-wedding-guide teaser-1440-pink-wedding-theme-via-the-gay-wedding-guide

Pinky Promise: The Revival of the Pink Wedding Theme

Soft pastels, bold fuschias, screaming flurouescents – pink can be romantic, sassy and just plain fun. Today, it’s bang on trend: you and we’ve picked out some of our favourite pink pics to inspire the most romantic pink wedding theme…

Carnival-Wedding-Theme-Inspiration-Board-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide Carnival-Wedding-Theme-Inspiration-Board-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Carnival Wedding Theme

Coconut shies, fairground horses, bright colourways, festival lights and all the fun of the fair  – we love that the carnival theme is back, bolder, brighter and with a smattering of classic vintage. So roll up, roll up for a wedding party like no other. 

1440-Wedding-cake-ideas-for-alternatives-to-wedding-cakes-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide 1440-Wedding-cake-ideas-for-alternatives-to-wedding-cakes-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

Believe or not, not everyone likes (or can eat) cake. So what are the wedding cake alternatives? Fear not, find inspiration in our round-up of the best sweet and savoury alternative wedding cake ideas…

woodland-wedding-theme-ideas-from-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide woodland-wedding-theme-ideas-from-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Wedding Themes: Woodland

Narnia, enchantment – with a woodland wedding theme you can really let your imagination run wild. Here are our top woodland wedding theme ideas…

10-Mark-Rumen-and-reigstrar-image-by-It-Must-Be-Love-Weddings-Photographer-Hampshire-via-Real-Gay-Wedding-on-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide 10-Mark-Rumen-and-reigstrar-image-by-It-Must-Be-Love-Weddings-Photographer-Hampshire-via-Real-Gay-Wedding-on-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Same-Sex Marriage: New Traditions

Equal marriage is a hard one right, and to celebrate the anniversary of same-sex marriage legislation, The Telegraph asked us what ‘new’ wedding traditions were emerging amongst same-sex couples…

dainty-dear-head-band-by-Harriet-Parry-Wedding-Flower-Trends-Headpieces-2016-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide dainty-dear-head-band-by-Harriet-Parry-Wedding-Flower-Trends-Headpieces-2016-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Floral Dance: The Rise of the Floral Headpiece

Big florals are back this season, which is great news for boho brides who want to add some real flower power sass with a standout floral headpiece. Floral crafter extraordinaire, Harriet Parry, tells us why.

signing signing

Same-Sex Marriage Bill & Questions

Love is the same whether you are gay or straight, and MPs cheered in the House of Commons when it was announced that HM The Queen had approved the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act. We answer your questions about the bill…