SS19 Wedding Trends for Guests via Gay Wedding Guide 881x404 - SS19 Wedding Guest Trends SS19 Wedding Trends for Guests via Gay Wedding Guide 881x492 - SS19 Wedding Guest Trends

SS19 Wedding Guest Trends

From plant prints to bohemian homespun wear, we’ve cherry-picked our favourite SS19 Wedding Wear Trends to help guide your favourite wedding people: your guests.

1440 ss19 groomswear trends gay wedding guide 881x404 - Groomswear Trends SS19 1440 ss19 groomswear trends gay wedding guide 881x492 - Groomswear Trends SS19

Groomswear Trends SS19

With all eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle, you’ll want to feel confident, comfortable and bang on trend in what will be the biggest moment of …

top 20 bridal suits 2018 via the gay wedding guide 881x404 - Top 20 Tailored Bridal Suits top 20 bridal suits 2018 via the gay wedding guide 881x492 - Top 20 Tailored Bridal Suits

Top 20 Tailored Bridal Suits

From classic cigarette trousers to mix and match pieces, we’ve handpicked our favourite top 20 tailored bridal suits, jackets and trousers that will make you feel like a million dollars on your big day.

menswear-trends-ss18-groomswear-via-the-gay-wedding-guide menswear-trends-ss18-groomswear-via-the-gay-wedding-guide

Groomswear Trends SS18

From irresistible chambray trousers to colourful vertical stripes, if you want to dress to impress for a SS18 wedding, our ss18 groomswear trend report is here to help.

mankind-advent-calendar mankind-advent-calendar

Poutdown to Christmas?

If you like to primp and preen, perhaps this Mankind’s product-laden advent calendar’s the perfect Christmas countdown treat.

1440-Clothes-to-suit-your-body-shape-via-the-gay-wedding-guide 1440-Clothes-to-suit-your-body-shape-via-the-gay-wedding-guide

How to Dress To Suit Your Body Shape

Compact. Lean. Curvy? If you think you’ll never find bridalwear to suit your body shape, stop: this is how to find your pièce de résistance for your wedding day…

Lesbian-Bridal-Trends-SS18-Gay-Lesbian-Wedding-Guide Lesbian-Bridal-Trends-SS18-Gay-Lesbian-Wedding-Guide

SS18 Bridal Trends

From heroic capes and trouser suits to intricate lace and beadwork you can’t help falling in love with these SS18 bridal trends…

1440-Top-25-Coolest-Cufflinks-Gay-Wedding-Guide-2 1440-Top-25-Coolest-Cufflinks-Gay-Wedding-Guide-2

Top 30 Coolest Cufflinks

Want to add a fun twist to your wedding suit, or embellish your outfit with quirky sophistication? From fantastical steampunk and slick silver monograms to colour-clashing Lego bricks and one-of ...
1440-Lesbian-Weddings-Best-Bridal-Headpieces-Ideas-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide 1440-Lesbian-Weddings-Best-Bridal-Headpieces-Ideas-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

The Best of Bridal Hair-Wear

The right bridal hair-wear can be the crowning glory to your wedding day look, and whether you going all out 1930s vintage or planning on something more 2017, there’s a …

AW-Groomswear-Trends-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide AW-Groomswear-Trends-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

AW17 Groomswear Trends

From sky blues and rich burgundies to military or metallic jackets and sequins that wink, AW17 groomswear trends will seduce with a daring twist that will set your aisle alight! ...
AW-Bridal-Trends-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide AW-Bridal-Trends-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide

AW17 Bridal Trends

Neutral tones, lace, sequins and androgynous looks all get the thumbs up this seasons, as we take a look at the best AW17 bridal trends. Silks & Satins Whipering with ...
lesbian-wedding-shoes lesbian-wedding-shoes

Statement Bridal Shoes

From chic neutral flats to dramatic high heels, bridal shoes can complete your look with a truly personal twist: whether you’re into Converse sneakers or high octane heels, take a …

Kingsman-Checked-Suit-Grooms-trends-2017-civil-partnership-fashion-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide Kingsman-Checked-Suit-Grooms-trends-2017-civil-partnership-fashion-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

SS17 Groomswear Trends

Relaxed checkered blazers, burgundy and green suits, mix and matched styles and devilishly smart accessories. Welcome to groomswear trends 2017!

Couture-Bridal-Trends-2017-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide Couture-Bridal-Trends-2017-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Bridal Trends 2017

2017 started off with a fireworks, and so did the season’s bridal trends: Cue an explosive variety of styles ranging from delicate ethereal silhouette to long sleeve daydreams, androgynous jumpsuits …

Mixed-or-Matched-Bridesmaid-dresses-trends-2016-Selfridges-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide Mixed-or-Matched-Bridesmaid-dresses-trends-2016-Selfridges-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Bridesmaids Dresses: Mixed or Matched?

Matching bridesmaids has long been as much of a given as a roast on a Sunday, but now a new trend is emerging. Couples are mix and matching their bridesmaids dresses with gorgeous results. We’ve compiled some key looks to help you decide which is better: mixed or matched…

Ida-dress-by-Mira-Zwillinger-for-Bridal-Trends-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide Ida-dress-by-Mira-Zwillinger-for-Bridal-Trends-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Bridal Trends 2016

From the unapologetically feminine and regal to the minimalist and modern, we’ve scouted out this seasons top trends and got together five of our favourite designers, department stores and high street shops especially for you…

Civil-partnership-trends-and-groomswear-trends-2016-Liberty-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide Civil-partnership-trends-and-groomswear-trends-2016-Liberty-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Groomswear Trends 2016

Double-breasted suits, pinstripes, plush velvets – the SS16 runways were full of ‘look-at-me’ flair. Here are our affordable top picks of groomswear trends for 2016…

House-of-Mooshki-Effie-Retro-1960s-wedding-Dress-Lesbian-Bridalwear-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide House-of-Mooshki-Effie-Retro-1960s-wedding-Dress-Lesbian-Bridalwear-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Bridal Trends 2016: Roundup

Now that Spring has sprung, what better time to take a look at some of 2016’s key bridal trends. Two-pieces, rock ‘n’ roll and vintage inspired laces, silks and satins come to the fore as designers favour the playful and the romantic.

dainty-dear-head-band-by-Harriet-Parry-Wedding-Flower-Trends-Headpieces-2016-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide dainty-dear-head-band-by-Harriet-Parry-Wedding-Flower-Trends-Headpieces-2016-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Floral Dance: The Rise of the Floral Headpiece

Big florals are back this season, which is great news for boho brides who want to add some real flower power sass with a standout floral headpiece. Floral crafter extraordinaire, Harriet Parry, tells us why.

Street-hero-blush-bridal-suit-jumpsuit-by-House-of-Ollichon-featured-on-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide Street-hero-blush-bridal-suit-jumpsuit-by-House-of-Ollichon-featured-on-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Bridal Trends: The Bridal Jumpsuit

After trawling the boutiques and high street shops for a bridal suit and failing to find anything she liked, Hannah Ollichon, of the House of Ollichon, was inspired to design her own bridal suit: a wedding jumpsuit. We find out more…

Kitty-and-Dulcie-vintage-wedding-dresses-for-2015-bridal-trends-featured-on-the-gay-wedding-guide Kitty-and-Dulcie-vintage-wedding-dresses-for-2015-bridal-trends-featured-on-the-gay-wedding-guide

Bridal Trends 2015

Statement blues and contrasting crisp whites maybe the mode du jour, but how does this translate into 2015’s bridalwear trends. From cute vintage frocks to tailored suits, we look at some of the best highstreet and bespoke bridalwear looks for the coming season.

Reiss-menswear-mens-wedding-suits-for-grooms-the-gay-wedding-guide-fashion-2 Reiss-menswear-mens-wedding-suits-for-grooms-the-gay-wedding-guide-fashion-2

Groomswear Trends | Mens’ Wedding Suits

Matching suits and top hat ‘n’ tails? Groomswear trends don’t need to stick to convention. Discover some of the top men’s wedding suits and groomswear from five fantastic independent, designer and high street brands…