Wedding Colour Schemes 2018

From delicate soft tones to gorgeous electric tints, this year’s Pantone colour trends have something for everyone. To help get those wedding ideas flowing, we’ve pulled together 11 brilliant 2018 wedding colour scheme boards that will help you stay bang on trend for your wedding.


Style Steal: Royal Wedding Ideas

Fancy yourselves as a pair of Princes or Princesses? We’ve handpicked our favourite bits of Harry and Meghan’s wedding to create this style-steal royal wedding ideas inspiration board especially for you. After all, shouldn’t you feel like royalty on your wedding day?!…

1440-metallic-wedding-ideas-lesbian-weddings-gay-wedding-guide 1440-metallic-wedding-ideas-lesbian-weddings-gay-wedding-guide

Style Steals: Metallics

We love a good wedding trend, especially when they shimmer. From silvers and chromes to shiny navies, purples and pinks, this year incorporate some sheen into your wedding theme: mesmerise in metallics.

1440-Thanksgiving-wedding-ideas-2-via-the-gay-wedding-guide-1 1440-Thanksgiving-wedding-ideas-2-via-the-gay-wedding-guide-1

Thanksgiving Wedding Ideas

“It’s the perfect time to celebrate” says Liz Taylor of luxury wedding planners TLC about Thanksgiving. So, how to create the ultimate Thanksgiving wedding? Here are her tips…

1440-Day-of-the-Dead-wedding-ideas-gay-wedding-guide 1440-Day-of-the-Dead-wedding-ideas-gay-wedding-guide

Day of the Dead Wedding Theme Ideas

Style steals: sugar skulls and paper-lace backdrops against a palette of bold brights – take a look at these brilliant Day of the Dead wedding ideas. And viva la fiesta!

1440-How-to-Style-a-Summer-Wedding 1440-How-to-Style-a-Summer-Wedding

How to Style a Summer Wedding

How do you style a summer wedding that brings everything that we love about summer, together? We asked two different experts to give us their tips…

hydrangea-beach-wedding-inspiration-board-teaser hydrangea-beach-wedding-inspiration-board-teaser

LOVE Hydrangeas | Beach Weddings

Sun, sand, surf – there’s so much to love about saying your nuptials on the beach. It’s Mother Nature’s ultimate laid-back wedding setting that soothes and softens the mood and …

1440-steampunk-wedding-ideas-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide 1440-steampunk-wedding-ideas-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Steampunk Wedding Ideas

White frocks and classic suits not your style? Prefer something moodier? Dark, even? Then step inside the world of Victorian Steampunk, where corsets and lace meet fantasy science manifested in …

1440-Food-Sculptures 1440-Food-Sculptures

The Coolest Edible Sculptures

Most centrepieces come in the form of florals, but they don’t have to. Cue edible sculptures: unique show-stoppers that will certainly get your guests talking. View our collection of the coolest edible sculptures…

1440-Brides-kiss-in-the-rain-by-night-copyright-wedding-photographer-Jennifer-Brindley-Photography-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide 1440-Brides-kiss-in-the-rain-by-night-copyright-wedding-photographer-Jennifer-Brindley-Photography-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

30 Beautiful Same Sex Wedding Photos

Great wedding photographs capture the emotions of each couple throughout their big day. Here are 30 of our favourite same-sex wedding photos that will totally melt your heart..

1440-Spring-Summer-Wedding-Colour-Theme-2017-trends-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide 1440-Spring-Summer-Wedding-Colour-Theme-2017-trends-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Wedding theme Colour Trends 2017

Nature, vitality, and personal passions – those are the symbolic messages behind Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2017: Greenery. Pantone’s seasonal colour trend report highlights the coolest colours  and explains …

teaser-baroque-wedding-theme-ideas-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide teaser-baroque-wedding-theme-ideas-via-the-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Inspiration Piece: Baroque Wedding Theme

Baroque style developed in the 1600s and is all about decadence and grandeur. Do crave an affordable, but lavish wedding? Take a look at our Baroque wedding theme inspiration board for ideas.

teaser-1940s-wedding-theme-ideas-board-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide teaser-1940s-wedding-theme-ideas-board-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide

1940s Wedding Theme Inspiration

The fabulous ’40s can be defined by two distinct looks and periods. Take a look our our 1940s wedding ideas picture board below for some gorgeous wedspiration…

Serenity-with-Rose-Quartz Serenity-with-Rose-Quartz

Spring Wedding Trends 2016

Dramatic florals, romantic pastels, show-stopping lighting, bridal two-pieces and meticulous hand-painted wedding cakes – wedding planner Aimee Dunne reveals the top 2016’s Spring Wedding Trends…

Wedding-themes-book-wedding-great-gatsby-1920s-ideas-via-the-gay-wedding-guide Wedding-themes-book-wedding-great-gatsby-1920s-ideas-via-the-gay-wedding-guide

1920s Wedding Theme Inspiration

Style-stealing. Everyone does it. We’ve plugged into the past and pulled together some of the last century’s sassiest eras for your style-stealing pleasure. Let’s start things off with a bang with some stunning Art Deco wedding theme ideas…

teaser-1440-pink-wedding-theme-via-the-gay-wedding-guide teaser-1440-pink-wedding-theme-via-the-gay-wedding-guide

Pinky Promise: The Revival of the Pink Wedding Theme

Soft pastels, bold fuschias, screaming flurouescents – pink can be romantic, sassy and just plain fun. Today, it’s bang on trend: you and we’ve picked out some of our favourite pink pics to inspire the most romantic pink wedding theme…

Carnival-Wedding-Theme-Inspiration-Board-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide Carnival-Wedding-Theme-Inspiration-Board-via-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Carnival Wedding Theme

Coconut shies, fairground horses, bright colourways, festival lights and all the fun of the fair  – we love that the carnival theme is back, bolder, brighter and with a smattering of classic vintage. So roll up, roll up for a wedding party like no other. 

woodland-wedding-theme-ideas-from-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide woodland-wedding-theme-ideas-from-The-Gay-Wedding-Guide

Wedding Themes: Woodland

Narnia, enchantment – with a woodland wedding theme you can really let your imagination run wild. Here are our top woodland wedding theme ideas…

2-winter-wedding-theme-colour-palette-via-the-gay-wedding-guide 2-winter-wedding-theme-colour-palette-via-the-gay-wedding-guide

Winter Wedding Theme: Glacial Gem

If you’re planning your winter nuptials, find some inspiration in Knot & Pop’s top tips for adding some Narnian magic into your winter wedding theme with some Nordic and Glacial Gem detailing…

GWG-Wedding-Colour-themes-2015-main-650-350 GWG-Wedding-Colour-themes-2015-main-650-350

2015 Colour Trends

Our wedding theme colour chart highlights Pantone’s coolest colours for SS15 and reveal what makes these tints the most stylish shades of the season…