Experts at Work: Heavy Metal Lesbian Wedding

Traditional wedding? Phah! When there’s someone planning a wedding with a fierce imagination and who loves a clash of conventions, you know you’re in for a treat. Michaela Webb-Fuller of stylist and wedding planning firm, Clear Hearts, is just such a person, and has kindly spilled the proverbial beans on how she created this awesome heavy metal themed wedding reception styled shoot.

“I wanted to showcase kick-ass women having a fun, gorgeous, heavy metal wedding reception, and highlight that you don’t need to wear white and go down the sugar ‘n’ sweet route in order to feel beautiful on your big day. Sometimes wedding media can present weddings in quite a cookie-cutter or samey way; I wanted to add a bit of rock n roll into the mix.

The heavy metal theme is fun to work with, (partly because I LOVE IT) and has a feminist twist that was relatively easy to put together. What I love about a heavy metal wedding is that it encourages people to get out there on the dance floor with their air guitar and have a great time! For couples who like rock music already it can be a wonderful way to show their friends and family what they’re passionate about, honouring their interests on their big day.

The Venue

I chose Trinity because it’s a really rockin’ local venue. There’s a pentagram on the ceiling, the décor is eclectic (it includes a gothic bar area and a stage) and it’s got the perfect party atmosphere. We added some light-up letters from Hello Doris Loves, to give it the wedding reception vibe.


We focused on black, silver (in the form of studs) and purple as the shoot’s signature colours; not just because they were on theme, but because they fitted with the season, winter. We kept the palette really simple, focusing mainly on black so as not to stray from the heavy metal look.


“More is more!”
Luxe isn’t necessarily something that enters my head when I’m planning concepts. The best events are where they reflect the couple and the things they love, and I think choosing decent suppliers you connect with is a really important part of planning as they will help couples create a beautiful vibe for their day.

When a wedding has lots of personal touches and fabulous fun things to do relating to a theme it becomes magical.Less is never more for me! More is More, haha. I love all things OTT and rock n roll. If you’re passionate about something let it show!

Planning and staying on theme

For me it was easy, as it’s something I have been into for years. I started off by making a Pinterest board and, through research and industry networking, I was hand-picked the suppliers I felt would do a good job, based on their brand and style. I gave them a creative brief and they then started sending me their own pictorial ideas to add into the mix. I chose the photographer Paola de Paola because of her amazing work with same sex couples and the fact she doesn’t heavily edit. This shoot is not about editing women to make them look airbrushed it’s all about empowering brides to look great as they are.

The Importance of Bespoke

A lot of items were designed specifically for this shoot: the dress with the studded shoulders, the diamante black veil, the vegan cake, the bouquet and the jewellery. Over the process I got to know the suppliers more, that’s the fab thing with having something created, the process is very personal, you can truly specify what you’re after, and at the end of it, you have amazing keepsakes.

If you fancy having a go at DIY or customising items you’ve bought with your bridal party can be a pre wedding activity, go for it, but don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you choose the DIY route, be sure you’ll enjoy the making because crafts take a lot of time and if you find them laborious, it can taint things for you.

Credits and Details

This was a styled wedding shoot using models (rather than a real couple). Those involved with the shoot included:
Planner/Stylist – Clear-Hearts
Photographer – Paola De Paola Photography
Headpieces – McFayden Milinery
Cake – Tinysarahcakes
Light up letters –Doris Loves
Leather jackets – Born to Thread
MUA and Hair- Makeup in Orangeries
Dresses – Legend Bridal
Gifts – A Braw Wedding
Models – Sally Pearman and Hannah Britton
Tattooist model – Dave Webb
Dreadlocks – Void Hair Extensions on Etsy
Jewellery – Hex Cavelli
Stationary/signage – Cellar Door Calligraphy
Videography – Loz Morgan
Venue – Trinity

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