Gaetan & Florian’s French Gay Wedding

Gaetan and Florian met online and after a great first date, have never really been apart. Nine years later, they married. This is their love story...

The Lowdown

Who: Gaetan and Florian)
Where: Le Prieuré de Vernelle, France
Videographer: Julia Swell
Photographer: Celine Kopp

Gaetan and Florian met online and after a time of virtual talking, Gaetan took the leap, made his way to the train station platform Florian had to pass through in Paris to get to work and surprised him with a kiss on the neck. Both Gaetan and Florian had places to get to that morning, so they promised to meet up that night to talk. Since that moment, they’ve never really been apart. Nine years later, they married. This is their love story, told to us by Florian…

“Getting married was something very important to us; indeed, it shows a real covenant between us. It was a way to spread love all around us and, moreover, it was our way to break the stereotype and show that being a gay couple is no different to being a heterosexual couple.

“We talked about getting married for at least a year before we got engaged. Gaetan was the one to propose; he planned to do so at sunset on the beach during their seven year anniversary holiday to Punta Cana. However, he was far too nervous so did it at home after coming back from work two days before the trip! It certainly took me by surprise!

“We married in Autumn at Prieuré de Vernelle – it has a chapel and secular ceremonies and was a good half-way point for our families to meet between their homes in Paris and the East of France.

“We love nature, and the autumnal colours made it extra beautiful. It was the perfect day – and if we had our time again, we’d do it exactly the same!”

Super cool gay wedding in France from Julia Swell on Vimeo.

“What advice would we give other couples who are planning their wedding? Be yourself, do things that correspond to you otherwise you’ll not be you during YOUR day!”

Videography Credits: Julia Swell

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