Honeymoon Takeaways: Essential Italian Phrases

Language barriers can get you into all kinds of mischief, so play it safe and learn how to book a double room, order cocktails and where the nearest gay bar is by using a proper Italian language guide when you holiday or honeymoon in Italy. Language learning app, Babbel, has kindly pulled together these key Italian phrases so you’ve got the essentials at your finger tips. So, ecco: our Italian phrases takeaways:

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1. I am allergic to dairy / onions / wheat.

2. How do we get to the train station?

3. Left / Right / Straight on / first / second / third.

4. Where is the nearest gay bar?

5. Do you allow same-sex couples?

6. We would like to book a double room.

7. I would like to reserve a table for two for dinner tonight at 8 o’clock.

8. Two glasses of champagne, please.

9. Two of your signature cocktails, please.

10. Please.

11. Thank you.

Italian 50px italian flag - Honeymoon Takeaways: Essential Italian Phrases

1. Sono allergico ai latticini / alle cipolle / al grano e derivati.

2. Come arriviamo alla stazione?

3. Sinistra / Destra / Sempre dritto / la prima / la seconda / la terza.

4. Dove si trova il locale gay più vicino?

5. Sono permesse coppie omosessuali?

6. Vorremmo prenotare una camera doppia.

7. Vorrei riservare un tavolo per stasera alle 20.00.

8. Due bicchieri di champagne per favore.

9. • Due dei vostri cocktail personalizzati (at a wedding) / della casa (in a bar) per favore.

10. Per favore.

11. Grazie.

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