How to: Find an Engagement Ring that Suits your Hand

Whether you’re blessed with long fingers or short fingers, large hands or stubby ones, London jewellers, Arlington & Co reveal how to find a wedding or engagement ring that suits your hand.

Small Hands, Short Fingers

With small fingers, the objective is to elongate the line of the hand. Avoid any band that might be too thick; a thin or tapered band is much more flattering. Elongated diamonds are best as the shape gives the illusion of length to the hand, resulting in slender-looking fingers. Emerald Cuts, marquise shaped, pear shaped or oval shaped centres can be amazing in terms of creating a longer, more graceful finger line.


Long Fingers

When it comes to styles of engagement rings, long and slender fingers tend to be the most accommodating, and most styles are worn very well. It is important, though, to keep in mind that you don’t have to go for bold styles; in fact, it is better to choose a design that complements your personal styling. It is worth noting that round brilliant cut and princess cut diamonds are extremely flattering.


Large Fingers

The key here is to avoid rings that are dainty. A very thin band will make the fingers appear even wider than they actually are. We would recommend trying on a split shank design, perhaps with a diamond set surround – by breaking up and widening the shank, you achieve more coverage on the finger itself and it can be extremely flattering to the eye.
A splash of colour for the more daring, also works beautifully.

What engagement or wedding rings have you got your eyes on, and do you prefer diamonds or colourful gemstones? Share your views and tips below.


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