How to Make a Buttonhole By Hand

Looking for some budget-saving DIY wedding hacks? Try the buttonhole. It’s is one of those pieces of floral detailing that’s straightforward enough for you to make ahead of your wedding, at home. We’re big fans of creating an easy wow, and the hydrangea is especially good at doing just that. It’s gorgeous domes of tiny flowers are an instant showstopper and one you can dress up or dress down, according to your theme.

Follow our how to make a buttonhole by hand tutorial to create your very own hydrangea buttonhole masterpiece!

TIP: If you are making your buttonholes a day in advance, leave the flowers in a vase overnight before cutting the stems.

Need some pictorial inspiration? Voila!:

Image Credits

From left to right:

Row 1: Images 1 and 2, Hydrangea World, image 3 via Flower Decoupage on Etsy;
Row 2: Image 1 via Songs from the Garden on Etsy, images 4 and 5 via Hydrangea World.

This feature was written as an advertorial in collaboration with Hydrangea World.

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