Mini Wedding Food Ideas

You know when there’s so many food options that you’re defeated by all the choices? You always end up feeling disappointed, right? Mini treats – miniature versions of great meals – are perfect for this. You can enjoy eating your favourite foods without over-indulging or feeling the bloat of the food baby. Wedding planner Jason Mitchell Kahn reveals why this food trend is on the up and which mini wedding food ideas will be a guaranteed hit with your guests… 

“While weddings are about wining and dining your guests to the max, it’s important to always consider portion size for a variety of reasons,” says Jason. “For one, certain beloved foods presented in their typical form can often be too cumbersome for a guest in a gown or a tux. Additionally, having smaller versions that can be butlered around your reception will keep your guests moving and increase the energy of the room.”

This year in particular, miniature food has seen a rise to popularity. The ability to get a small hit of taste, without having to be encumbered by the weight of a larger meal, is clearly appealing to wedding guests who want to be moving and mingling rather than stuck to a chair at a sit-down meal.

Mini wedding foods ideas mini hot dogs via Marks adn Spencer featured on the Gay Wedding Guide - Mini Wedding Food Ideas - Gay Wedding Guide

“Pigs-in-a-blanket are an incredibly popular canapé, but mini hot dogs can be a more self-contained bite because the bun can house all of the condiments and fix-ins.” explains Jason. “If pre-dressed by the kitchen, they are easy to grab-and-go rather than having your guests dip them in a communal vessel.”

Burger sliders (sandwiches or buns) are even better – they are iconic, the signature item on a mini-treats menu. “Burgers are one of the number one items guests will crave after having a few drinks,” says Jason.

mini wedding foods ideas mini burgers via Pizzazzerie featured on the Gay Wedding Guide - Mini Wedding Food Ideas - Gay Wedding Guide

“If served at cocktail hour, guests will sometimes forgo them in fear of getting full before dinner. But once your crowd has worked up a sweat on the dance floor, passing a tray of mini sliders will have everyone reaching for one. They work well served in a cone or cup that can also house a few chips.”

mini wedding foods ideas mini burgers with chips via Style Me Pretty featured on the Gay Wedding Guide - Mini Wedding Food Ideas - Gay Wedding Guide

If you’re not fond of barbecue foods, mini pizzas are a good alternative. And having mini versions of pizza is actually, in many ways, an improvement from normal size.

Mini wedding foods ideas mini pizzas via weddingbells featured on the Gay Wedding Guide - Mini Wedding Food Ideas - Gay Wedding Guide

“Pizza is one of those foods that once a whiff is inhaled, you almost immediately want a slice. At weddings, actual slices are too messy for the average guest,” suggests Jason. “Mini versions will also allow you to have a variety, including a vegetarian option that meat-lovers will still enjoy.”

Mac and Cheese is another great option and is such a hit in the UK, even Pret a Manger’s started serving it. Not only is it one of our favourite comfort foods, it’s a sure fire hit with children (so long as you withhold the mustard and any green stuff!)

mini mac and cheese via the food network - Mini Wedding Food Ideas - Gay Wedding Guide

And finally, there’s the all-important dessert. Desserts are one of the most difficult things to eat in large quantities – especially when they’re thick and creamy – but miniature versions can fill you up just enough.

“Sometimes after the cake is cut and everyone is stuffed, the additional dessert you’ve arranged for goes to waste. But when something can be served without needing a plate and fork, you’ll find everyone’s sweet tooth increases. Having assorted versions of all your favorite desserts also allows more variety,” advises Jason; “and to be sure none goes to waste, you can also have little candy bags available so guests can take these items home.”


About Jason Mitchell Kahn

Jason is author of Getting Groomed: The Ultimate Wedding Planner for Gay Grooms; he was the event and banquet manager at Soho House New York, as well as their in-house wedding expert; he was the resident wedding planner for Shiraz Events and now runs Jason Mitchell Kahn & Co, a wedding, events and lifestyle company. Discover more at

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Mini hot dogs via Marks & Spencer
Mini burgers via Pizzazzerie
Mini burgers with chips in a cone, via Style Me Pretty
Mini pizzas via Wedding Bells
Macaroni cheese bites via the Food Network
Interactive dessert station via Rhubarb Catering

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