Naked Wedding Cakes Sweet Sugar Sixpence Interview

Claire Bush has been selling cakes for 10 years, and now specialises in designer and making mouth-melting naked wedding cakes with her own unique touch, under the brand Sweet Sugar Sixpence.

Today we asked her how it all began…

“I have been officially in business for around eight years. I began with cupcakes and vintage teas and have slowly built my repertoire and developed my skill set and style so I now have a strong ‘look’ and am known for my quirky, semi-naked cakes.”

I love getting to know all about the couple’s wedding and personality and building the cake design around that. I would never expect one of my couples to choose from a ‘catalogue’ or *gasp* choose someone else’s cake to copy – I never make the same cake twice and I love the creative freedom my couples trust me with.


Naked and semi-naked cakes are my favourite as they suit my decorating style.

The “Sweet Sugar Sixpence” Experience

Everything I make has the client at the heart of it, yet I have my own style – but this is why clients come to me, they can give me elements of their wedding they would like to incorporate – for example, song lyrics, I then work this into the design – in the case of song lyrics, I printed wafer paper with them and made flowers.

I am very lucky that my couples (most of the time) come to me because they want me to make something unique for them, I produce a sketch for every cake design but explain I’m likely to go off plan slightly once the creative cake juices are flowing.

The piece of advice I would give to a couple getting married is to trust your suppliers, if you can’t relax and let them do their thing then you’ve picked the wrong person for the job.

Speak to your other suppliers and ask them for recommendations – putting together a team of suppliers that know, like and compliment each other’s style means you will get a fantastic end result.

Also – if you are feeling overwhelmed take a step back, stop looking at Pinterest and other people’s weddings and think about the day that you and your love want to have.

The only essentials at a wedding are two people that love each other and a good time!

The first thing I would pack for my honeymoon would have to be Factor 50! – After 11 years of marriage, a second honeymoon somewhere tropical would be amazing, but red lobster skin is not sexy! 😉

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