Pinky Promise: The Revival of the Pink Wedding Theme

Some said wearing pink was a ‘cardinal sin,’ but for us, it’s a symbol of who we are. We are proud to be pink. Soft pastels, bold fuschias, screaming flurouescents – pink can be romantic, sassy and just plain fun. Today, it’s bang on trend: you can see it on the catwalks, in art, in the chicest of interiors and, of course, at weddings. We’ve picked out some of our favourite pink pics to inspire the most romantic pink wedding theme…
1440-pink-wedding-theme-via-the-gay-wedding-guideDresses & Suits

Pastel and baby pinks are the most of the moment and the best suited to a wedding. Due to current trends brides and grooms have a massive range of pink suits available to them, from the high street to designers. If you don’t want to go full head to toe pink then it’s a great highlight colour for shirts, ties, corsages and cufflinks. Pink is a great bridesmaid’s dress colour as it suits every skin tone. Choosing one shade for the bridesmaids to stick to and then letting them choose their own dress is a great stress reducer, and can often look better than everyone forced into the same dress.


Pink comes into its own in the floral world, the list of pink flowers is never ending. From roses to peonies to dahlias, the choice is yours. Bulk up your bouquets with the cheap yet beautiful baby’s breath. Or if your favourite flower is decidedly unpink, wrap the stems with pink fabric.


Theming all of your food to be pink might be going a bit too far, but you definitely have a wealth of options when it comes to dessert. Try alternating your cake tiers between white and very pale pink – or even go ombre, and decorate it with pink flowers, ribbon or icing work. Then you get to have some fun – a candyfloss stand will be a hit with young and old alike. Experiment with pink dusted popcorn and frosted donuts and macarons.


Pink is good for decorating on a budget as you don’t want to create overkill, just accents. A beautiful rose ceremony arbor is so eye catching you don’t need much else. A fun idea for the reception is an American prom, think fairy lights, hanging stars, neon signs, and pink tassel curtains.

Image Credits

1. Dresses, Ashley Seawell Photography
2. Baby Breath Bouquets
3. Cake, Nadine van der Wielen Photography 
4. Groom,
5. Bouquet, Meaghan Elliott Photography
6. Pink Haired Bride, Ciara Richardson
7. Candyfloss, Kelly Hood,
8. Balloons, You Had Me At Hello
9. Rose Ceremony Arbor, Kirill Bordon Photography
10. Backdrop, Etsy
11. Bridal Party, Katie Nesbitt Photography
12. Marc Jacobs, Vogue 
13. Popcorn, Corina V. Photography
14. Bouquet, Jessica Crews Photography 
15. Wedding Invitations, Bradley James Photography

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