Same-Sex Marriage Bill & Questions

Love is the same whether you are gay or straight, and MPs cheered in the House of Commons when it was announced that HM The Queen had approved the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act.

Maria Miller, the minister for equality said that the Bill signified that  “respect for each and every person is paramount, regardless of age, religion, gender, ethnicity or sexuality.”

Ben Cohen of the Out 4 Marriage campaign said “Giving gay couples the right to marry will make our nation a more tolerant, open and welcoming place to live in and significantly increase the life prospects of so many people.”

For gay couples in England and Wales, it hailed a landmark victory; one in which gays and lesbians became “equal citizens” after months of heated debates and disparaging remarks.

David Cameron said “The life prospects of every single person who plucks up the courage to say ‘Mum, Dad, I’m gay’ has suddenly and irreversibly changed for the better.”

Questions about Gay Marriage

Can we get married in a church?

Religious organisations can opt in to holding same-sex ceremonies; and the Bill bans the Church of England and the Church of Wales from offering same-sex marriages altogether.

How does it Affect my Civil Partnership?

If you’re in a civil partnership already, you will be able to convert your relationship to a marriage if you wish, although there is no legal requirement or obligation to do so.

Where do other Churches and Religions Stand on Same-Sex Marriage?

There are many religions that oppose same-sex marriages, however the Liberal & Reform Synagogues support gay marriage as do the Quakers.

“It’s wonderful to see same-sex marriage achieve legal recognition. Quakers see the light of God in everyone, so we respect the inherent worth of each individuals and each loving relationship.” – Paul Parker, Recording Clerk for Quakers in Britain.

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