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Steve Clark worked as a fashion photographer shooting images for the likes of British Vogue, Oswald Boateng and Madame Figaro, but retrained in 2005 to pursue his lifelong lust for floristry.

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Able to create a kaleidoscope of ambiences and transform the simplest of spaces by using the right combinations of flowers, colours and scents, Steve’s designs never fail to thrill and impress. His mission at John Stevens Floral Design is to create beautifully crafted, quality driven floral designs that complement every client’s stylistic requirements…

Why do you want to work with us?
As a proud gay man and florist I am still so excited about the fact that it’s now just normal for our boys and girls to tie the knot! For such a long time we fought for marriage equality and now we have it, so it’s time to get fabulous! At John Stevens Floral Design we like to work with real couples, passionate ideas and distinctive personalities. We promise a light hearted and fun approach when creating your wedding designs, we only use the finest flowers and offer professionalism from start to finish.

What is your approach to weddings?
Anything and everything is what we strive to achieve, perfection is what we deliver!

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
Watching two individuals become one solid unit is like watching magic happen in front of your eyes. I’ve supplied the flowers for so many couples but the end result is always the same, me blabbing at the back of the church haha. I love the thought of marriage as much as being in love itself and being a part of that journey is what makes it all worthwhile.

What is your favourite wedding song?
It’s on a Cafe Del Mar CD but I don’t know that song title OOPS!! I’ll dig it out for my big day I’m sure!

What is your favourite wedding reading?
I’m far too busy blubbing by that point!!

Travel Policy
All accommodation must be five star and all inclusive! (Only joking). If I can drive there I’ll be there! Simple.


Based in: London
Regions covered: London and surrounding counties.
t: 07803 505873
e: johnstevens-floraldesign[at]



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