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Feeling a bit overwhelmed at the thought of writing a wedding speech? This small team of professional speech writers can help you write and deliver a speech you can be proud of. Based in London, but working across the UK and internationally, Great Speech Writing can gather information from you to write and edit all of your wedding speech, it can edit your draft speech, and it even offers one-to-one coaching on speech delivery so that you will feel totally confident about giving your speech.

Why do you want to work with us?
We have extensive experience in speech writing for same-sex marriages, and it’s an area we are asked questions about on a weekly basis! Some clients worry about public speaking or first drafts, but others worry the event itself requires a ‘different’ sort of speech. We believe that a gay wedding doesn’t require a gay speech. There’s no such thing. You are just preparing a speech about some people you know and love. And, yes, most wedding traditions were enshrined in a very different time where women didn’t give speeches, but  the beauty of gay weddings is that it rips up the rule book. We want to help GWG couples bring the perfect speech for their big day.

What is your approach to weddings?

To make a person’s speech relevant to their audience, to be original (avoiding online cutting and pasting at all costs), and to be clear, using as few words as possible. We also like to sprinkle people’s words with a little magic to ensure their audience remembers it for all the right reasons. The key to a brilliantly creative speech is to make sure that it sounds like the person giving it, at the very top of their game.

What do you love about what you do?

Getting to know a huge variety of fascinating people and providing them with something that means an enormous amount in the process.

What’s your favourite wedding reading?
Wendy Cope – On Waterloo Bridge

What’s your favourite wedding song?
Wedding songs should be completely and utterly selected around the couple and their friends and family!


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Know a great wedding venue, supplier or honeymoon hotel that’s supportive of gay marriage? Please share the love – tell us by emailing us or by adding your comment below, and help guide other couples find brilliant venues that support equal marriage.

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