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Rebecca, at Mango Pie, helps create wedding days that reflect who you are as a couple as well as who you are individually, weaving intrinsic aspects of your personalities into your entire day. She likes to form strong relationships with every couple she works with, to ensure expectations are surpassed and that the wedding is as stress free and enjoyable as possible. Mango Pie is also proud to be a fully inclusive company that never works with a supplier who doesn’t share their welcoming views.

Why do you want to work with us?
We want to help LGBTQ+ couples make their wedding day as stress free as it possibly can be, helping them shape their wedding day in a way that feels comfortable to them, so that they can create moments they will treasure forever.

What is your approach to weddings?
Much like all of our events, every person is different, so our creative approach to every wedding is completely different. We meet with the couple several times to work out their styles, what elements are most important to them, what they’re willing to sacrifice on, and what their biggest worries are. We then mould our process to be suited to the couple.

What do you love about what you do?
I really enjoy helping people create memories that last a lifetime. The look on guests faces when the new couple are introduced for the first time is the best moment, as the room is full of people who are so happy for the couple. To me, event planning is one big Rubik’s cube: seeing it all come together is always incredibly satisfying.

What’s your favourite wedding reading?
Joey Tribbiani, Having, Giving, Sharing, Receiving.

What’s your favourite wedding song?
The Macabees, Something Like Happinessitunes affiliate download button 2 - Mango Pie | Wedding Planners


Regions covered: UK and International
e: rebecca[at]
t: 01708 335184

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“Rebecca and the team at Mango Pie did such a fantastic job for our wedding. The day itself was everything we could have imagined… and more. In the weeks and months of preparation, nothing was too much trouble for them. Where we had our own ideas, Mango Pie refined them and executed them perfectly. If we needed inspiration, they brought the right mix of creativity and practicality. They definitely helped us to get most ‘bang for our buck’, and had an eye for the little details.

“Above all, they were great fun to work with! We want to do it all again… of course the day itself, but actually the planning too! Thank you Mango Pie!” – Will & Jose Gallagher


Know a great wedding venue, supplier or honeymoon hotel that’s supportive of gay marriage? Please share the love – tell us by emailing us or by adding your comment below, and help guide other couples find brilliant venues that support equal marriage.