Steampunk Wedding Ideas

White frocks and classic suits not your style? Prefer something moodier? Dark, even? Then step inside the world of Victorian Steampunk, where corsets and lace meet fantasy science manifested in air ships, goggles and cogs. It might be more HG Wells and Tim Burton than Austen, but it’s no less romantic. Need some inspiration for a steampunk wedding theme, try these for starters:
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Whether you want an intricate up do or loose tumbling curls, look to the Victorian era for hair and makeup inspiration‎. And go full scale dramatic in your attire wearing a floor length, corseted gown or a white suit with a top hat and a gun holster!


A high-collared shirt worn with tails lends itself well to the steampunk trend, as does a casual waistcoat with a rolled up sleeved shirt. Pair with a top hat (with googles) and get really experimental with your buttoniere mixing vintage mechanical cogs with flowers and feathers.


Steampunk is a theme that really lets rip on the fun stakes. What’s more, wedding DIY opportunities are rife, meaning it can also be very easy on the wallet. Dress your ceremony and reception with a selection of vintage and mechanical finds, complemented by rich tones of russet, navy and claret, and display them in fun variants that fit the theme, like lightbulb vases.

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