The Travelling Gin Co

How did you get into pedalling gin, literally?

It all stemmed from a London – Amsterdam cycling trip Joe made with university friends a few years back. Joe made the trip on a 1940s postal bike with front basket & when they all stopped off for an evening he used the basket to prepare a few refreshments & it all developed from there when we both discussed it back in London.

What other drinks do you sell?

We only did G&Ts for the 1st year, trying to perfect the classic mixer which we think we’ve achieved now. in majority we offer gin based cocktails (hence the name!) but when booked for a particular occasion we always discuss all spirit & drinks options, soft choices too. we’re always discussing great new products and designing our own new cocktails, so enjoy sharing them as much as possible with everyone.

How strong do you have to be to cycle all your bottles around?

Not very, though we have to say we always prefer it when we sell out of drinks to make the cycle ride home a little lighter for us! our Pashley Cycles have really substantial front baskets and do a lot of the work for us. they’re not the quickest bikes in the world but they are perfect for our gin travels across the city.

What regions to do you cover?

We cycle to events in London (2x bikes together can carry around 170 drinks) if a larger service then we have to admit we do cheat with a taxi or van run. We travel anywhere. Across the UK and we’ve also done events in Berlin & New York.

Can you create bespoke cocktails for couples for their wedding?

Absolutely. this is a favourite. there’s a form especially for wedding bookings up on our site where you can create a list of your favourite flavours, drinks…even your initial thoughts for your meal and/or general theme. all factors can be great inspiration.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

The people and locations. no event is ever the same keeping the whole concept fresh.

What kind of event if your favourite to work?

Not just saying it, but weddings are great to serve at – everyone is always in such good spirits

Can you tailor what you do to wedding themes?

Sure! as the TGC is such a minimal setup it can be tweaked to suit a theme. We’ve recently had our bicycles dressed by Harriet Parry Flowers which can be perfect for fitting in with a theme and/or colour scheme.

What are your three favourite drinks to serve and why?

Negronis (not for everyone, definitely a love/hate thing, but a favourite of both of us and strong!), Tom Collins (sweet, refreshing & versatile – the simple sugar syrup can be infused in a number of ways to make an entirely different cocktail. Rhubarb, Strawberry, Elderflower are just a few examples) and…THE G+T! (the ultimate classic)

What cocktail would you recommend for a summer wedding?

For the upcoming summer, we would recommend our own ‘P.L.E.’ which has no gin in. It’s a Pisco based short drink. To make it, take a cocktail shaker and stack with ice, add 50ml ABA Pisco, 25ml Lime Juice, 20ml Elderflower. Shake for 1 minute until very very cold. Strain into a martini glass. Serve with a lime wheel garnish. Delicious!

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