We’re all in this together

Hope you and your family are safe during these atypical times.

We’re all in this together as a family

As business owners and managers, we are especially feeling the effects of COVID-19 as we navigate a slowdown in spending, events getting cancelled and trying to figure out how to promote our business when everyone is paying attention elsewhere.

How can we help?

We asked ourselves. How can we help our fellow members during these stressful moments?

And we think we’ve came up with a good solution.

We will be freezing all our active subscriptions.

Short summary: the earliest documented transmission within the UK appeared on 28 February 2020; all of the cases detected previously had been infected abroad.

By 1st March, cases had been detected in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

On 11 March, the WHO declared the outbreak a pandemic and on 12 March, the UK risk level was raised from moderate to high.

For how long will subscriptions be frozen?

We froze all our active subscriptions on 1 March and we’ll keep them this way until UK’s risk level goes from high back to moderate and businesses start their usual activity.

So, for example, if everything goes back to normal by the end of April, we’ll automatically extend your subscription by two months.

What does this mean for me?

All our listings will remain live and we’ll continue promoting them on our guide and social network profiles.

We’ll continue to accept payments as normal and if your subscription is due soon, you will get a separate message for that.

We’d love if you’ll renew with us and keep your subscription active.

Why is this important?

We currently haven’t had any subscription cancellations so we’ll take this chance to thank you for not cancelling on us.

And because of this we’re also accepting profile update requests for all our active members.

It looks like people are using this time to catch up on all sorts of things so it’s not all terrible which we’re very grateful for.

We are here for you and we’d love to work with you on this.

What’s planned ahead?

While at the very least this is distressing, we wanted to assure you that our business and we are prepared.

We’ll take this ‘work from home’ break to focus on our long-term strategies and improve our guide in order for you to receive more enquiries from us.

If you have any kind of questions, please feel free to reach us by email or phone.

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