Top 10 Wedding Preludes

Defined as the music played as guests enter the ceremony space, think of a wedding prelude as the musical welcome to your wedding. As such, it should fit both the mood and theme you hope to translate throughout the big day. We asked wedding entertainment specialists Chloe Mullen (Freak Music) and Joey Burdon (Warble Entertainment) to name their top 10 wedding preludes.

1. All of Me, John Legend
“This particular prelude song works really well when stripped down to just an instrumental, played by either a harpist or wedding guitarist,” explains Joey. Chloe agrees, adding “It’s become a popular choice at many weddings now.”

2. Tenerife Sea, Ed Sheeran
“Ed Sheeran and weddings go together like cookies and milk,” smiles Joey. “The solo acoustic artist has absolutely dominated both the charts and the wedding industry in recent years. His modern take on the typical love song makes it one of the most popular prelude ceremony songs around.”

3. Here Comes the Sun, The Beatles
“For summer weddings, this classic from The Beatles is one of the most in-demand tracks to get things started at your ceremony,” says Joey. “Particularly with Yesterday hitting the big screen, The Beatles are an ever-popular music choice.” “It sets up a really nice, relaxed atmosphere for guests,” Chloe agrees, “and is also quite a versatile piece of music, lending itself well to different solo instruments.”

>4. Your Song, Elton John
“There is no surprise when hearing how popular this Elton John classic is at weddings,” comments Joey. Your Song is a particularly popular choice at the moment given the hit summer film, Rocketman.””Clients like to select songs that have a particular meaning for them,” says Chloe. Indeed, Elton John is a huge gay icon who has long-supported and campaigned for LGBT rights across the world.

5. Make You Feel My Love, Adele
Adele is a popular modern artist among weddings, and Make You Feel My Love is one of the most heard at ceremonies. “It has versatility, with the added benefit of both instrumental and vocal versions,” Chloe tells us.

6. Isn’t She Lovely, Stevie Wonder
Joey describes this as “a wonderful feel-good tune to begin your wedding ceremony.” It brings to mind the spring-summer season with those good ole’ ’70s vibes. “A choir can also be incorporated for a more traditional version,” says Chloe.

7. Ho Hey, The Lumineers
This acoustic hit will have guests humming along as they await your arrival at the ceremony. “It is soulful, and the perfect way to create a light atmosphere,” says Chloe.

8. Ave Maria, Franz Schubert
For a traditional prelude, Ave Maria is a hugely popular choice. “Most ceremony acts will work with clients on any song choices they have in mind,” says Chloe. “Couples can make classic pieces their own if they’re suitable for the style and capability of musicians.” As with modern choices, there are both instrumental and vocal versions.

9. The Book Of Love, Peter Gabriel
Known for songs such as Solsbury Hill, Games Without Frontiers and Sledgehammer, The Book Of Love is by far the most popular Peter Gabriel hit for a wedding prelude. “He has penned some incredible songs over the years, and this is one of his best,” says Joey.

10. A Thousand Years, Christina Perri
“Although most typically used as an aisle walk song”, remarks Joey, “it’s just as fitting during the prelude.” Fans of Twilight films will recognise A Thousand Years from the final instalment, Breaking Dawn. Romantic and meaningful, this Christina Perri classic tugs on the heart.

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More Details

Chloe Mullen works at Freak Music, a music agency that represents a huge variety of live bands and DJs from all over the UK and beyond. Joey Burdon is part of the team at Warble Entertainment, an entertainment agency that can provide everything from live statues, magicians and singing waiters to wedding DJs, music acts and circus entertainers.

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