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Luke Noude started his business in a quite unexpected way…  we find out more and talk vintage inspiration, music’s emotional impact, and his newly launched collection of LGBT Vinyl CDs wedding invitations and favours…

I designed a range of Vintage Vinyl CDs for my own wedding, to complement our vintage wedding. People really seemed to love them, and liked having something to keep in their cars to listen to, and remind them of the great day they had.

Funnily enough, I actually never intended it to become a business – it happened naturally! As people saw and shared our Vintage Vinyl-look Wedding CDs, they asked where they could get them and the orders began coming in!

A vintage vinyl CD is something different and memorable. And it allows you to personalise them with all the best music from your wedding. And as we all know, music is an essential part of any wedding!

Vinyl is universally loved by all. Black classic vinyl is most popular with the vintage vibe, but we can do gold vinyl CDs for Gatsby themed weddings, or platinum-look vinyl CDs if you want a bit more shimmer!

LGBT weddings seemed underrepresented sometimes, especially in regards to really fun ways to bring your wedding to life – with the majority of wedding sites focusing on traditional weddings. We just thought it seemed right to give the issue a greater focus, in any way we can.  Love is love!

We’ve had people order them for things other than weddings too – bar mitzvahs, 50th, 60th birthday invitations, you name it!


Enjoy free customisation on any order in the next 30 days. Just mention the Gay Wedding Guide and Vintage Vinyl will make you something amazing!

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