Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

Believe or not, not everyone likes cake. Dietary constraints and differing personal tastes can dictate a “no” to traditional wedding cakes. But if you don’t have a wedding cake on your big day, what are you to cut instead? Well, fear not; here’s our round-up of the best sweet and savoury wedding cake ideas to help you find your perfect alternative wedding cake to make that symbolic incision into.

Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas: Sweet Treats

Cupcakes and Macaroons
They have been around as an alternative to wedding cakes for a while, but that doesn’t make them any less gorgeous or delicious. These mouth-melting delights can be easily customised to match your colour theme, and you and your betrothed can opt for as many different flavours as your hearts’ desire.

If you fancy something a bit more ‘out there’ doughnut pyramids are a relatively new and eye-catching phenomenom. You can dress these frosted babies up to the nines: gold leaf, gems, glitter; you name it, it works.

Or, if you’re a massive cookies and cream fan, an Oreo tower could be the perfect choice? Or any kind of cookie for that matter.

If you’re a big fan of breakfast, why not consider a stack of pancakes or crepes? Clever frosting and glaze techniques can make them look stunning.

Croquembouche & Meringue Kisses
For a wedding cake alternative that’s a little more timeless, why not turn to the classics. A croquembouche tower finished with sugar work never fails to impress and a stack of meringue kisses, piped in colours to suit your theme, always looks dreamy and romantic.
Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas: Savoury Sensations
If you never order dessert after a meal, or you’re gluten/sugar/lactose free, then neither a cake nor any other sweet tidbit are suitable options for you. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss the cake cutting moment altogether.

Tiered Cheese Wedding Cakes
A cheese tower can be styled to look surprisingly elegant and gives you the opportunity to choose your favourite flavours and pile them high, one on top of the other. Any anyway, who wouldn’t want to slice off a big old wheel of Winnimere with their wedding knife?

Pie Towers
If you and your other half are particularly carnivorous, you might consider going for a tiered pie tower: start with a classic pork; experiment with favourites like steak and ale, and a luxurious beef or salmon wellington; or opt for a mixture showcasing different flavours on every tier. Dressed up with herbs and ivy and you’ll have a wedding pie fit for a king (or queen).

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