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Inspired by her mother, who first started making jewellery in their converted attic in rural Aberdeenshire and founded Highland Angel on the back of its success, Charlotte joined the business in 2011 – they now run the family business together, have seven employees and a dog called Mack, who is “no help at all!”

For us, less is often more – there’s no need to overcomplicate designs.We’re inspired by designs which are smart and simple – products which we feel proud to sell and would give as gifts to our friends and family. We strive to find the highest quality at prices which are affordable and reasonable.

We aim to make the ordinary extraordinary – rather than keeping up with the latest trends or worrying about what’s in fashion, we look for classic designs with a contemporary twist. We hope our customers will not only be delighted with their orders as soon as they arrive, but that our products become treasured keepsakes, memories of a special occasion that may even be passed down from one generation to another.

We provide a quick and friendly service. We’re always happy to offer advice on engraving and products and will often help customers with special requests to create a truly unique gift.

Many of our products are made with genuine freshwater pearls and sterling silver, which are classic materials and fit with our brand image. They’re timeless. A lot of our engraved items are either silver-plated or stainless steel – we use these materials simply because they work best when engraved with a diamond and will last forever.

If I could give one piece of advice to a couple planning to get married, I’d tell them to be true to themselves. Have the wedding they want – one that represents who they are and that they will enjoy. They shouldn’t feel under pressure to please anyone or be anyone other than themselves. It doesn’t matter if their dream day involves something which has never been done before, or has been done a thousand times. It’s their special day. The reason I’d offer this advice is that I’ve known many people feel stressed out or under pressure planning a wedding. They were desperate to keep everyone happy and often ended up compromising on what they really want.

When we got married, we were completely relaxed from start to finish – when we found something we liked, we picked it. We didn’t keep on searching, wondering if it was alright or what anyone would think. We were the first people to ever get married at our venue – we had cheese for our wedding cake and a ceilidh for our first dance. We didn’t care what anyone else thought – we chose what we thought would make the best possible day and had so much fun. Afterwards, many of our guests commented on how relaxed we were, that we couldn’t stop smiling and how much the day was a reflection of who we are as a couple. It wasn’t until then that I realised how important it is to make sure you design the wedding of your dreams, not anyone else’s. We loved every minute of it and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Pack your favourite clothes – that’s the advice I’d give to anyone packing for their honeymoon. They’re going to be taking hundreds of photographs, so they will want to look and feel great. And, as with any holiday, I’d suggest they take a good book!

View some of our favourite pieces from the Highland Angel collection.

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