Wedding Music Super Guide: Everything You Need To Know

From the venue to the styling, you want your wedding to be practically perfect in every way… including the music.

But how do you decide what the best wedding music for your day (and your budget) is?

Wedding Music Infographic

Help is at hand, thanks to our friends at Freak Music, who have helped us put together this wedding music guide infographic to help you plan what kind of musical entertainment you can have at your ceremony, reception, and your evening keens-up, that fits in with your budget.

Need help working out what musicians you can afford in your wedding budget? Find everything out using our same-sex wedding music infographic.

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Download our wedding music checklist infographic (pdf) for free. Alternatively, share it online.
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How To Choose: Wedding Music Ceremony

Ow, but how do you choose the soundtrack to your wedding ceremony?

Should you go for classical music played by a string quartet, a pianist or harpist, or do you dream of walking down the aisle to the tune of your favourite pop song?

Charlotte Ricard, creative director at La Fête Bespoke Event Planning, believes that the right ceremony music will amplify and eternalise all the emotions of your day, so you need to get it right.

But, just how do you determine what wedding music to play to set the tone for your big day?

Charlotte gives her advice…

“Consider the atmosphere you want to create before choosing your ceremony’s soundtrack.

Today, weddings are all about the couple inviting their guests into their unique and intimate world, every aspect of the day, from the invitations right through to the choice of the plate, is an important element of this personalised world.

However, one of the main ones is the choice of music for the ceremony.”

says Charlotte

As Charlotte suggests, it is important to consider the atmosphere you want to create on your wedding day before you start choosing the soundtrack of your processionals (when you arrive at your ceremony) and recessional (when you leave).

“There are so many different options out there,” continues Charlotte, “and it can be easy to get confused when it comes down to having to make a choice.

But at the end of the day, I always tell my couples to go with what they have been dreaming of or have pictured in their mind before.

If you love classical music, then go for the classical harp and singer; if you are more into Indie music, go for an acoustic guitar.

Nothing will ever be wrong, so go for what makes you happy.”

In short, don’t be afraid to go off-piste. Do something that reflects you. It that means serene, hire some classical musicians; if it means rocking out, hire a band to play your favourite songs live, or have a chorus to sing for you.

“And remember, the recessional symbolises the start of your party, so pick something upbeat and happy.”

From ethereal classics and traditional processional to contemporary wedding song suggestions – view our best gay wedding music selection – create your own wedding music playlist.

Also, need help planning? Our free wedding planning checklist has all you’ll need to get your organised and planned to perfection.

Have you got a suggestion you think we should add? Tell us: share your wedding music choices.

About Charlotte Ricard

Charlotte Ricard is the founder and creative director of La Fête, a luxury weddings planner based in London.

Attentive and passionate, Charlotte works side-by-side her clients to ensure they make magical and everlasting memories on their wedding day.

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