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6 Reviews on “Floral Menagerie - Same-Sex Friendly Florists Wedding Supplier in Glasgow, United Kingdom - Gay Wedding Guide”

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  • D

    Floral Menagerie made my wedding bouquet for our elopement in August this year and it was absolutely stunning! I didn’t have a colour theme but what Lisa created was beautiful and so unique, I honestly could not have picked a better florist! If you are looking for an amazing artistic, creative wedding florist look no further. Highly recommend.

  • Veila Wray

    I spent 2 days training with Lisa and I couldn’t have asked for a more nurturing, positive and considerate teacher. She has such a warm manner and I genuinely left feeling that, with just a little more experience, I could have my own career in the wedding industry.

  • Lou Murphy

    Such a beautiful space with a gorgeous selection of faux flowers, gifts & curiosities.
    The staff are all lovely & super helpful. Best to book an appointment in advance to see the florist as fresh flowers are made to order.

  • Kate Dunbar

    Lisa is lovely and extremely talented – I had a fabulous day of training with her. I would highly recommend her for training or beautiful wedding flowers

  • Steph -Bygone Booth

    Floral Menagerie is AMAZING!!!

    I’ve admired Lisa’s work for years so when it came to my own wedding I had no doubt who to book.

    Super talented with a unique point of view and those colour pallets!!!

    We wanted a zero waste wedding and Lisa was so accommodating. She used locally sourced, organic, seasonal flowers with some foliage from her own garden.

    The end result was stunning!!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you

  • J Lorcan

    What a stunning shop! It has caught my eye for months every time I passed, I had put off going in thinking there would be nothing for me in there as I hate watching cut flowers decay, as such I keep live plants and faux flowers.

    This is a florist who caters in artificial flowers and moreover, obviously, has a discerning eye. I loved the colors, textures and quality. The lady generally makes wedding arrangements but has other wonderful nick knacks on offer; cards drawn by a local artist, skull candles and more.

    A very friendly service in a beautiful shop, I could not ask for more. I met the proprietor before she opened when she was photographing some ladies with some details from the nail artist next door and some wedding bouquets, they looked fantastic and were so friendly when my toddler wanted to ‘meet the fairies’, Lisa even gave her a flower.

    I’ve added some pictures and the last on the roll was my small arrangement from the shop at home. Im sure Lisa would have made a nicer arrangement but they are a few that I could not leave without.

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