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6 Reviews on “Paola De Paola - Same-Sex Friendly Photographers Wedding Supplier in London, Greater London, United Kingdom - Gay Wedding Guide”

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  • Alex & Audrey

    Paula is simply one of the kindest, warmest and most talented people we’ve ever meet. Our paths have crossed 7 years ago when Audrey and I decided to get married and started looking for a photographer for our wedding. The style of Paola’s work has immediately stood out amongst others because her pictures look so unique and warm, she is the true master of capturing those special moments and emotions. Also, she has already covered many same-sex weddings and celebrations so it was a huge bonus for us too, as we did not want to be trapped in certain cliches that other photographers follow. It’s really easy to bond with Paola, we’ve felt like she was part of our family just after a few hours spent together before the wedding. Many people (ourselves included) do not feel comfortable posing in front of cameras, but this unease disappears very quickly because Paola has a natural talent of calming people who are camera shy and whose nerves get the better of them on the big day.  
    Looking back, our wedding day was perfect, and Paola played a big part in it – the pictures turned out absolutely amazing, we still get so emotional when we look at them and remember every moment captured in those shots. We are so lucky to know Paola, both as a top professional and now a dear friend!

    1. Paoladepaola Post author

      Alex and Audrey,

      I still remember with a big smile on my face the wonderful day we spent in Brighton for your engagement shoot.
      It was absolutely amazing!

      The day was spent eating ice-cream, enjoy the seaside and taking pictures of ‘old’ friends.

      You have been in my thoughts and my heart ever since you left the UK for a new venture in Canada.
      I miss you and I really hope one day we’ll meet again.

      Maybe for an ice-cream in Brighton!

      With all my heart, I loooove you.

      Paola xxxx

  • Daniel

    We had our Civil Partnership in Jan 2014 and on meeting Paola everything for our special day came together.

    Poala’s values of respect, inclusion, diversity and equality shone through and we were so happy with the approach from how Poala mixed with our guests and the style of photos taken.

    Poala is well connected to her local community and the key players in the London wedding community. She connected us to many of the suppliers we used.

    We felt deeply cared about and are still in touch all these years later. Plus, the photos we a great reflection of the day, capturing the fun, the emotion and happiness.

    1. Paoladepaola Post author

      Lovely Dan & Matt,

      I can’t believe that so many years have passed by since your beautiful day. It feels like yesterday. I remember meeting you and taking pictures for your engagement shoot along the River Thames in London, what a wonderful day.
      You too have moved away from London and I miss both of you so much.
      But it is so wonderful that we still exchange messages and we still in touch.

      Thank you for your kind words and your support through all these years.

      I will never forget you and your wonderful guests and family.

      Sending a big big hug from London.

      Paola xxxx

  • Geoff Collins

    I first met Paola at the London Wedding Fair and straight away loved her personality and work.

    We arranged a meeting to discuss our thoughts and wishing for our New Year’s Eve wedding and Paola was just as excited as we where. Understood our vision and helped in the planning to ensure it happened.

    Everyone commented on the lovely photographer and how professional she was. The end result was truly amazing and she captured the grandness of our venue as well as the interment part of our wedding.

    Paola started as a service provider but ended as a friend. We have since moved north and miss her and have stayed in contact. She even sends birthday & anniversary messages xx

    1. Paoladepaola Post author

      Dear Geoff and Mark,

      How could I ever, ever forget your wedding?

      Soooooo many reasons, such an AMAZING day, the venue, the beautiful couple and their wonderful family and friends but your kindness and extended invitation to my family to stay for the fireworks at New Year’s Eve will stay forever in my memory. I really felt I was part of your family, and it felt so good and so special!

      Yes, I can’t wait to come and visit and taste all the cocktails that you’ve been preparing in your magical garden.

      With all my love.

      Paola xxxxx

  • Eva Guerra

    Paola was our wedding photographer and from the first meeting we felt in love with her. She is very professional and friendly. She helped us loads during the organisation of our big day. During the wedding we didn’t even notice her, and the guests were all super happy because they were able to communicate with her (we are Italians).
    If I had to renew my vows in Italy, I would pick her again and if any friend asks me for a brilliant photographer she is the only one that I name.
    She is brilliant at her job and she is also a beautiful person.
    We had two sessions also for our family photos and she just understood immediately the boys and their timings (which is extremely important when they are little).

    1. Paoladepaola Post author

      Lovely Eva,

      I still remember like it was yesterday, the first time I’ve met you and Ale, it was at a wedding fair I was exhibiting in London,the design centre in Islington.
      I can’t tell you, how wonderful it is to have been involved in your wedding first and your beautiful family after.
      You 2 will stay in my heart forever, there’s no doubt about this!

      I love your courage, your determination, and your ‘jeu de vivre’.

      I remember the beautiful time spent together. When we had dinner in Richmond near the fireplace. You two are a beautiful couple and I miss you so soooooooo much!

      With all my heart!

      Paola xxxxx

  • Federica

    If I had to pick a one word for Paola it would be genuine: a genuine person and a genuine talent.
    She is great at what she does not just for what she is able to deliver through her photos but also for how she delivers it: professional, inclusive, loving, friendly and genuinely caring.
    Her positive energy will make you at ease. She is able to capture little magical moment in such a natural way.
    Paola herself is an explosion of love and that’s what will exude in every shot.
    PS: Very likely you’ll gain a friend even if you tought you’d just be hiring a talented photographer!

    1. Paoladepaola Post author


      This message made me cry and no, it’s not a sad cry but a very happy one.
      Your words mean so much and I’m not saying this as a cliche’, I truly believe it.
      To be recognised is really rewarding and it makes me smiling to know that what I do can help people to treasure special moments forever.


      Con infinito affetto!

      Paola xxxx

  • Sara Brennan

    Paola was an amazing wedding photographer and I couldnt recommend her enough. Other photographers I met with I didnt feel comfortable wih. With Paola I felt as ease instantly and she was such a passionate advocate for same sex love I knew she had to be our photographer. Our wedding was abroad and Paola travelled for the wedding and helped out going above and beyond. Thanks Paola

    1. Paoladepaola Post author

      My lovely Sara,

      Your beautiful wedding in Italy at the Frassanelle Estate will stay forever in my heart.
      So romantic and gorgeous at so many levels.
      The ceremony in the woodland with harp music was truly a modern fairytale!
      So magical.
      Thank you for your kind words.

      Paola xxx

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