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Our Unique Story

The Lowdown

Where: Location 18, East London

Colours: Spring Blues, Yellows and Whites

Photography: Paola De Paola Wedding Photography

The Planning

Choosing the location for its airy space and large roof terrace overlooking East London, Alex and Audrey's wedding had a distinctly urban theme with a fantastic flourish of blue, yellow and white spring hues.

The (Actual) Wedding

This beautiful lesbian couple set the tone of love and happiness of their special lesbian wedding through everything from their stationery to their reception. Using vivid blues and yellows and pretty white florals throughout, it was a celebration of their love for each other and their same sex marriage.

It was a cool and sunny day in London, and in the spirit of the love their share with each other, Alex and Audrey got ready for their big day together. Dressed it bold blue tailored suits with brightly coloured braces and ties, they walked down the aisle and said their very heartfelt vows in front of their close friends and family. Photographer, Paola De Paola, admits that the vows were so moving, she shed a few tears alongside guests! The beautiful humanist ceremony culminated in the release of a host of blue and white balloons, floating up into the East London sky a touching symbol of liberation and same sex marriage equality. Take a look at the photos below we think they're a fantastic reflection of this gorgeous lesbian wedding day.

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