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In 2019, my wife and I had our own Humanist wedding in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Humanist weddings had only recently been awarded legally-binding status in NI (something which Humanists UK are working hard to achieve for England and Wales, too).

I was raised Catholic in Northern Ireland, as was my wife, but neither of us have any religious beliefs. Therefore, we wanted to do something non-religious. A simple civil ceremony could have done the job, but we chose a Humanist ceremony after meeting our amazing celebrant. She told us how our wedding could be a genuine reflection of us as a couple, and contain our favourite pieces of music, literature and poetry, and we were sold!
Our wedding ceremony was honestly the best experience of our lives, and pretty much that day, I realised that I wanted to work with couples to help them realise their perfect wedding in the same way we had. After a huge amount of encouragement from friends and family, I finally took the plunge and in 2022, I completed the training with Humanists UK!

Why do you want to work with LGBTQ+ couples?

I am a passionate believer in equality. Everyone, regardless of sexuality, gender, race, creed, class, age or disability, has the right to celebrate their love in a personal, meaningful way, and for me, it is an honour and a privilege to have the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people to help them to achieve the wedding of their dreams.

What is your creative approach to weddings?

My approach is informal, fun, funny, romantic and relaxed. I have experience as a stand-up comedian, so I enjoy making people laugh! I think laughter at a wedding is a wonderful way to put everyone at ease, and to encourage people to smile, so in my scripts, I like to find appropriate opportunities to add in some humour.

I'm also a big romantic, so I love telling couples' stories!
I will find out as much about you guys as possible, then write it up into a fun, heartfelt script. Whatever tone you wish to strike with your ceremony, I'll work towards that. I am a published author and playwright, and outside of my wedding work, I'm an editor, so you can rest assured that my wedding ceremonies are well-structured, flow well and are written to a high standard!
My personal approach with people is very much based on relaxed, informal, friendly, warm conversation. I love working with and getting to know new people, and I am confident that I can put everyone at ease very quickly before and on your wedding day!

What do you love about what you do?

I love working with and getting to know people, hearing their stories, meeting their friends and families. It's a genuine privilege to work with couples and be trusted with such an important and meaningful job, and I would love the opportunity to chat to you about how we could work together to craft, perfect and deliver your dream ceremony.

What is included in the wedding package?

My main responsibility is to write a completely bespoke script for you, and deliver that ceremony for you.

In more detail, though, here's a summary of my services:
  • We'll have an introductory chat (either in person if in Liverpool, or online if further afield), where we'd figure out whether I'm a good fit for you guys and your wedding.
  • We'd then have a more in-depth meeting where I'd get to know you and we could start planning your ceremony.
  • We'd have ongoing contact throughout your wedding planning to ensure you're comfortable with everything relating to your ceremony (and we'll go through as many edits as are needed to make it perfect).
  • I'll offer any help with choosing readings and writing vows, or anything else I can help with!
  • I will deliver your ceremony in front of your family and friends, just the way we planned it.
  • After I've performed your ceremony, I'll give you a beautiful presentation copy of your ceremony script, to look back on in years to come!change email credentials

Do you cover more than one wedding a day?

No, on your wedding day, I'm focused completely on you. All of my ceremonies are bespoke, original and deeply personal. I want to make your celebration as unique as possible, and wouldn't feel that I'd be serving you by thinking about a ceremony I'm doing later in the day! So, if you hire me for your big day, that is my sole focus.

Do you charge per hour or per event?

Per event.

Do you need specific materials or conditions to offer your service?

I send out a standard contract for the couple to sign upon booking my services, so that you can be assured that the booking is completely secure and protected.

What forms of payment do you take?

Upon booking, I ask for a 20% deposit. The remaining balance should be paid around a week before your wedding (so that we're not discussing money on your big day)!

For weddings in Liverpool/Merseyside, 20% deposit = £81, and my full fee is £625. For weddings outside of Liverpool/Merseyside, we would discuss travel fees depending on where you are getting married.

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