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Aloha, I’m Edmar, a wedding and intimacy photographer based in Honolulu, Hawaii. I love capturing real moments and witnessing in all its glory. Recognizing that these occasions will evoke recollection for you, not only of the aesthetics of your day but also, and more importantly, of the emotions experienced.

Why do you want to work with LGBTQ+ couples?

I am passionate about working with LGBTQ couples because I strongly believe in promoting love and acceptance for all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

My primary objective is to amplify their voices and celebrate their love by providing them with a platform for visibility and acceptance. I aim to capture genuine emotions, tender moments, and unique dynamics that exist between LGBTQ+ couples. By shedding ligth on these relationships, I hope to inspire others to embrace a more inclusive understanding of love.
By providing a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ couples, I aim to support them in navigating these obstacles and strengthening their bond. Together, we can work on improving communication, building trust, resolving conflicts, and fostering mutual respect within the relationship.
I also strive to help LGBTQ couples explore and celebrate their identities within the context of their partnership. This includes supporting the process of self-discovery, coming out experiences, addressing family dynamics, and creating a sense of belonging.

What is your creative approach to weddings?

My creative photography approach to weddings is based on capturing the authentic emotions, unique moments, and intricate details that make each couple's special day truly unforgettable. By blending traditional and modern techniques, I strive to create a timeless collection of images that reflect the couple's personal style and love story.

From the moment we meet, I invest time in getting to know the couple, understanding their vision for their wedding day. This helps me tailor my approach to ensure every photograph showcases their love and personality. I collaborate closely with the couple during pre-wedding consultations and include an engagement shoot as part of my package to establish a connection beforehand.
On the big day, my aim is to capture every aspect that tells the story of their wedding; from the bride/groom's nervous anticipation as he/she gets ready, to stolen glances between partners during the ceremony, candid laughter shared with friends and family, and all the heartfelt interactions throughout the celebration. I'm dedicated to making sure no special moment goes unnoticed.
Using a combination of dramatic lighting techniques and artistic compositions, I create captivating imagery that tells an authentic narrative. Whether it's utilizing soft backlighting during romantic portraits or employing unique angles for dramatic effect, I aim to create photos that evoke emotion and leave a lasting impression.
Post-production plays a crucial role in my creative process as well. With meticulous attention to detail, I enhance each image using advanced editing techniques while staying true to the couple's preferred style. The result? A cohesive collection of photographs that beautifully tell their love story with vivid colors, rich tones, and stunning clarity.
Ultimately, my goal is not only to deliver exceptional photographs but also provide a delightful experience throughout their wedding journey. From our initial meeting right through receiving their customized album or wall art prints, I offer unparalleled customer service combined with creativity and professionalism so couples can relive their cherished memories for years to come.

What do you love about what you do?

I absolutely adore photographing weddings because it allows me to capture one of the most cherished and intimate moments in a couple's life. There is nothing quite like witnessing two people exchange vows and documenting their love story through pictures that will be treasured forever. The excitement and emotions that fill the air on such an occasion are truly contagious, creating an atmosphere brimming with happiness and joy.

Every wedding I photograph is unique, filled with its own set of beautiful details, from the stunning floral arrangements to the carefully chosen decorations. These elements serve as a testament to the couple's personality and style, making each wedding a distinct experience for both myself as the photographer and, of course, the newlyweds themselves.
What I find particularly rewarding about wedding photography is being able to capture those candid moments that often go unnoticed - stolen glances, gentle touches, laughter shared between loved ones - all these little gestures hold so much meaning and are invaluable in documenting the genuine love felt during this significant day.
Not only do I get to capture the love, but also witness the bonds they share with their families and friends. Weddings bring people together from different walks of life who gather to celebrate this special union. This sense of unity always inspires me as I document relationships unfolding throughout the day - a comforting hug from a parent or a tearful speech given by a best friend; all these heartfelt interactions create timeless images filled with warmth.
Weddings also offer endless opportunities for creativity. The dreamy venue settings provide breathtaking backdrops that spark my imagination and allow me to artistically frame moments that will endure for years to come. Whether it's capturing a romantic sunset kiss or experimenting with lighting techniques during the first dance, each click of my camera presents an opportunity to create visually stunning memories.
Ultimately, what truly makes photographing weddings so fulfilling is knowing that I have played a part in preserving precious memories for couples. Images can transport us back in time, evoking the feelings and emotions experienced on that magical day.

What is included in the wedding package?

Gold: Capture the magic of your wedding day with the Gold Package. It includes an engagement photoshoot, premium prints, Hawaiian leis, and a high-res image gallery. Cherish your memories with two canvas, metal, or semi-gloss prints. Affordable elegance for your special day.

Platinum: Elevate your wedding experience with the Platinum Package. Enjoy an engagement shoot, Hawaiian leis, and a high-res image gallery. Preserve your love with two exquisite canvas, metal, or semi-gloss prints. It's the perfect blend of luxury and affordability.
Black Label: Experience unparalleled luxury with our Black Label Package. In addition to wedding coverage, it includes a 3-year journey capturing your newborn, maternity, and family moments. Receive Hawaiian leis, an engagement shoot, and premium prints. A lifetime of cherished memories awaits.

Do you cover more than one wedding a day?


Do you charge per hour or per event?

Per event.

Do you need specific materials or conditions to offer your service?

Wedding agenda at least two weeks prior to the wedding event.

What forms of payment do you take?

Payment can be made through Client Portal (Dubsado) via PayPal.

A signed agreement between both parties will describe the retainer, and when full balance must be paid.

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