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Hi there, I’m Eddie. In 2018 I discovered the world of being a celebrant. I learned that a celebrant was genuinely a thing. I wished I had encountered this as my vocation sooner.

Nonetheless, I’m here now.
Over the last few years, I’ve delivered tailor–written and bespoke wedding ceremonies for couples enjoyed and witnessed by their friends and families. Having spoken recently to a newly-wed I did a wedding ceremony for, and they told me that even two years later, people still talk of their day, especially the part where I spoke of how they got together as part of their love story when I broke out into the Fresh Prince of Bell-air rap to deliver it.
I actually surprised myself that day.
So, if you’re looking for a vibrant celebrant that will give you and your guests a day to remember, then I’m the celebrant you have been searching for all this time.
Let’s make your day a day to remember together. Like I say to every client I work with.
“It’s Your Day, So Why Not Have It Your Way.”
Click my website or email link below. Contact me, and let’s get your special day booked.

Why do you want to work with LGBTQ+ couples?

I believe that anyone who wishes to get married would love to have a ceremony that is different from what is deemed as being the norm. My ceremonies are totally bespoke, tailor written and mare importantly about the couple and what they want. hence my saying " Its your day so why not have it your way".

What is your creative approach to weddings?

Everyone just loves a good wedding don't they? . Why not have others recall it every time they think about your wedding. A wedding should be fun, personal and capture the fu friends and family. ll and whole essence of the couple getting married in front of their. I just love being a part of achieving that.

What do you love about what you do?

I feel as a Celebrant I bring to a ceremony everything I love about being the celebrant.  From the intial meeting, hearing and suggesting ideas, to going away and writing it all up and producing a tailor written bespoke ceremony that is personal from start to finish all about the couple. injecting laughter and funny quotes that make the guests laugh too and shed a tear of happiness for being part of a truly wonderful and special day.

What is included in the wedding package?

Whilst I do not have levels of packages, I am led by the couple as to what they require.

generally I would conduct an initial conversation by phone, email or video call, then arrange to time to formally meet.  that way we all get a sense of feeling if I am what you you are looking for and what you are wanting.
I would ideally, like to meet again and go through this more finer points such as colour schemes, any family tributes, music, wedding rituals etc
I would then send you a questionnaire to obtain the information of your journey love to date as a coupe, How you met?  When,  The proposal, Where and When and How.
The ceremony would start with an initial introduction and welcome.
Followed by the reading and telling of your love story, this information comes from your questionnaire. Of course any funny accolades and stories along they way all add to the ceremony. I would also look to include your children as part of this section of the ceremony, when they were born and how special they are to you, and what this day forward means to you as a family.
Next we have the actual ceremony part where you take your vows. These can be written totally by you, use the standard or I can help you with these too,  Vows can be as you want them, plain. standard, humorous or totally lovey-dovey. You decided.
The acknowledgement of your vows taken and of course the inevitable kiss xxxxx
Then we can have any family readings or tributes from friends and family.
We can then do a special element of the ceremony for handfasting, jumping the broom etc or one of your own. All with an element of humour involved too.
Following on from here with the Celebrants blessing
Then you can take a trip back up the aisle past all your friends and family as they wish you well on your start of the next chapter of your journey.
We can have some music as you go, and then go to have your photos taken with your family and friends.

Do you cover more than one wedding a day?

Not usually, I prefer to commit to just conducting just the one wedding in a day. So therefore should the ceremony you run late in starting for whatever reason, then there is no pressure to feel that a your ceremony will be rushed or cut short as I have to leave to get to another, or I have to arrive late to yours from conducting another previously..

Do you charge per hour or per event?

No my fee is my fee whether I am at the ceremony for 20 minutes or 4 hours.

Do you need specific materials or conditions to offer your service?

All materials required will be supplied by myself and are included in your fee. The only thing two things I need is. the information to write the bespoke service, and for you relax and enjoy your day.

What forms of payment do you take?

Online Bank payments

After our initial conversation by either telephone . email or video call, I will arrange a time to come and see you where we can briefly discuss in person what you are wanting for your special day.
Then if you are satisfied that you wish for me to conduct your ceremony, then a deposit of £250 is required which is non-refundable. This ensures that your chosen day is secured into the diary and includes an follow meeting with yourself and your other half to discuss what is needed, I will then send you a questionnaire to obtain the information I need to write your tailor-written ceremony . I will then send you a draft of the ceremony online for you to view. when any amendments are made and ready to be printed ready for you special day, then the remaining balance will be required.

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