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I have always believed that every occasion in life should be celebrated to the full and have made sure that all family celebrations have been memorable and full of fun.

Humanist weddings give people with no religious belief the opportunity to celebrate the most important events in their life with their friends and family in a way that is joyful, memorable, meaningful and personal to them.
As a celebrant I aim to bring joy to the celebrations of other people.

Why do you want to work with LGBTQ+ couples?

I will discuss ideas with you and advise you on the content of your ceremony. A humanist ceremony does not have any religious content, but can include anything else that you would find in a traditional wedding.

You may want to include vows or affirmations, certificate signing, music, singing, readings, poetry, or symbolism such as ring exchange, hand fasting or candle lighting.
There are lots of possibilities! Based on what you tell me I will write your ceremony script and agree the final version with you.
I will conduct a rehearsal at the venue and of course your actual ceremony. I will provide you with a keepsake copy of your wedding script.

What is your creative approach to weddings?

For me humanism is about living life in a way that recognises that this is our only life, and that we should appreciate the beauty of the world we live in, value the people we share our lives with and do everything we can to make the world a better place for everyone.

As a humanist I put my faith in what the evidence of scientific discovery tells me rather than the words written in any one of many ancient unverified texts. And I try to behave well towards other people and the environment just because I think that is the right thing to do, not because I think I will be rewarded or punished for it in another life.

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