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We've filmed weddings all over the country, in all kinds of venues, for people with all kinds of budgets, and we’ve always loved how a couple’s personalities can be threaded through the day; sometimes these things are planned, like your theme for the table names or your music choices. But it’s also things like the quiet shared moments with your nearest and dearest in the build-up, or the thing that didn’t quite go as planned but made you laugh anyway, or the no-nonsense bridesmaid getting unexpectedly choked up. These are the things we’ll be looking for when we’re making the film of your special day.

We get a lot of compliments about how unobtrusive we are on the day, and we take great pride in the fact that we are often asked back to work for friends and relations of previous couples - it’s always lovely to see familiar faces from past bookings.

What is included in the wedding package?

We take tremendous pride in our work and our prices are based on the time and care we’ll be putting into the finished product. We don’t have rigid price packages, we prefer to be more flexible so that you get a video or series of videos that are tailor-made for you and capture the parts of the day most important to you.

We have two options which we use as a jumping-off point; you tell us if there’s anything you’d like adding in, changing, or taking out entirely, and we will put together a price for your totally bespoke video package…
Option one: £1015*
  • Full-length ceremony video
  • Full-length speeches video
  • Highlight video (roughly 5 minutes long)
  • Aerial footage of the venue**
  • 3 copies on eco-friendly USB sticks, with upgrade options
  • Online video hosting
  • Option to add pre-wedding time capsule video
This option includes the ceremony and speeches in full (we believe these are a must-have!) plus a 5 minute highlights video with shots from the whole day. I arrive at 11am-ish, ready to capture the atmosphere and excitement of you and your guests, and I’ll stay until 9pm-ish. You’ll get three copies of the finished videos on eco-friendly USB sticks (with the option to upgrade to personalised wooden USB sticks and matching gift box), and the videos will also be hosted online to make it easier to share with friends and family.
Option two: £1800*
  • extended pre-ceremony preparations video
  • Full-length ceremony video
  • Extended reception video
  • Full-length speeches video
  • Extended evening reception video
  • Longer Highlight video (roughly 10 minutes)
  • Your music choices for the highlights
  • Sneak preview of the highlights video
  • Aerial footage of the venue**
  • Second camera operator
  • Online video hosting
  • Option to schedule a watch-along premiere
  • 3 copies on eco-friendly USB sticks, with upgrade option
  • Option to add pre-wedding time capsule video
This option includes the morning preparations, the ceremony, the reception, the speeches, cutting the cake and the first dance. You’ll get a highlights video (roughly 10-15 minutes and set to your music choices) plus an extended video bundle with full length versions of the speeches and the ceremony, as well as a longer look at the preparations, reception and evening reception. This price includes aerial footage of the venue**, plus a second camera operator (which means we can get better coverage of the most important parts of your day).
As with option one, we arrive at 11am-ish and stay until 9pm-ish, and you’ll get three copies of the finished video on eco-friendly USB sticks (with the option to upgrade to personalised wooden USB sticks and matching gift box). We’ll host the highlights video online along with any of the extended films you'd like us to upload to make it easier to share your special day with friends and family. You also get a first-look sneak preview of the video before the full version premieres, and we can even schedule an online watch-along for your friends and family when the video premieres.
*These prices are for weddings within a 50 mile radius of York. Prices may also vary during Christmas.
**Aerial footage is dependent on favourable weather and permission from your venue.
Bespoke packages (and something for the nostalgia-heads)
As we said, these prices are a jumping-off point and it can all be tailored to you. We’re happy to arrive and leave at whatever times suit you. Maybe you are having fireworks in the evening that you’d like us to stay for. Maybe you’re not bothering with any speeches. Just let us know and we’ll put together something that’s fully customised, just for you. Another service we offer is pre-wedding interviews; these are great fun to watch back in years to come, and a perfect addition to a wedding video package! These cost £265 if you book them in advance of the wedding day, or £165 if you’re able to schedule them for the day itself.
If you have a real soft spot for the wedding videos of the 70s, 80s or 90s our Super LoFi videos could be right up your street (we’re assuming your street still has a Blockbuster on it). These cost £520-£650 and are full of VHS flavour!

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