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What Makes Us Unique

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You have booked the venue, chosen the Best Man and Bridesmaids, invited your family and friends and picked the wedding dress of your dreams. Everything is set for YOUR Big Day. But with the average UK wedding costing up to or more than £20,000, you want to make sure that your investment in time, care and money produces a day to remember. A stress-free celebration that runs as smoothly as possible, leaving everyone with happy memories. My historic livery of red tailcoat will provide a colourful and distinguished focus on your wedding day, the "go to" person who is intimately acquainted with all the arrangements and able to answer guests' queries.

Why do you want to work with LGBTQ+ couples?

Being a Toastmaster at any wedding is a happy and joyous occasions. I would like to bring those same feelings to any LGBTQ+ wedding.

What is your creative approach to weddings?

Every wedding is an individual event. It is so because every couple is individual, with their own respective wants and needs. My job is to ensure that the couple's wants and needs are not only met, but hopefully exceeded.

What do you love about what you do?

It is a delight to meet the friends and families of the happy couple, and of course, the couple themselves. It is a joy to watch their special day unfold just as they want it to, knowing that I, along with the venue staff, have been instrumental in making it happen.

What is included in the wedding package?

A pre-wedding day visit to the happy couple to discuss their plans for the day. A familiarisation visit to the venue if it is a new location to me. A full 8 hours (sometimes more) on the day itself. Liaising with the venue staff and photographer on the day. Ensuring the day runs smoothly and everything happens when, where and with whom it is supposed to happen.

Do you cover more than one wedding a day?

I only cover one event per day, so you will have my sole and undivided attention.

Do you charge per hour or per event?

I charge per event, and the charge also covers a pre-wedding day visit to discuss your plans.

Do you need specific materials or conditions to offer your service?

Nothing special is required.

What forms of payment do you take?

Cash, cheque or BACS, although BACS is preferred.

Where are we?

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