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  • Pam & Paul Wrightson

    This is just a quick email as we will be in touch with each of you individually. But we couldn’t wait, now we are back from our Honeymoon, to send a very huge and heartfelt Thank You to each and everyone of you for making our special day so very special. It was amazing beyond our wildest dreams and all of our family and friends are still on a high, as are we, from the day and there have been so many wonderful comments on just how amazing it was. And of course, apart from the weather which was out of all of our control but how lucky were we, everything else was down to all of you.

    So we really do thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

    We will be in touch throughout the week,

    All the Best and kindest regards

  • Gemma & Robert

    Jon and Nikki were our toastmasters on 14th Sept, Port Lympne, before the wedding, Jon and I spoke on the phone for a hour to go through the plans of the day, he was very detailed, and made sure he got everything written down, which helped ease my nerves, knowing I was in safe hands. They were absolute stars on the day, helping get us ready, making sure everyone knew their roles, keeping an eye on the time, and moving around 135 day people to where they needed to be. Nikki even supported the photographer in helping get the lighting right for some of the romantic photos.

    We were so appreciative of everything they did, and they were a joy to be around with so much energy and enthusiasm, the guests loved it when they came out in safari ranger gear before we went on the trucks. Would highly recommend them. Thanks

  • Joanna and Tom Dixon

    Dear Jonathan and Nikki,

    Thank you for your email, we hope you are both well. I am sorry it has taken us so long to reply, we have been busy preparing for our new arrival, as baby Dixon is due in October!

    Please see below our testimony regarding our wedding day on Saturday 6th of October 2018. I hope this is okay but please contact us if you require any adjustments or additional details.

    “We had the pleasure of having Jonathan and Nikki as our toastmasters on our special wedding day at Port Lympne Mansion on Saturday 6th October 2018. Both Jonathan and Nikki were extremely professional but also approachable throughout the day and it made a huge and positive difference having them there. They went above and beyond to provide us with excellent service and we truly appreciate everything they did for us on the day. They helped relax us as they kept guests informed of the day’s events and many guests from the day contacted us after the wedding with numerous compliments directed towards the pair! From helping to organise our guests for the group photos to standing out in the wind and rain to direct our guests onto the safari trucks, it was clear that nothing was too much for the pair. Thank you, Jonathan and Nikki, for being such a memorable and pleasant part of our day” – Mr and Mrs Dixon.

    Thank you again,

  • Claire & Richard

    Sorry it’s taken so long.. wishing you both a fantastic 2019.

    Originally we had not thought we would need toastmasters for our wedding as we didn’t want a very formal affair, however Jonathan and Nikki were an absolute Godsend!

    Nikki was the first person to come and see me on the morning of our wedding to make sure I had everything I needed and to ensure I knew what was going to happen before and during the ceremony. She had also gone to see the groom and ensured him and the wedding party were all ready – the suit co had forgot to include the handkerchiefs for the suit pockets, so Nikki worked her magic with napkins! From start to finish Nikki and Jonathan ensured we were all where we needed to be, that the wedding was running on time, that guests were looked after and that myself and the groom were ok. Their style is relaxed, friendly and very professional and I have to say they ensured our day went smoothly and to plan! I don’t think the day would have gone so well without them! They are fantastic!

    A huge thank you to both of them ….

  • Mr & Mrs Wallace

    Dear Jon & Nikki,

    Thank you so much for everything you did for us to make our day truly unforgettable and special.

    Your organisation meant that we didn’t have to worry about anything on the day. Everything was seamless thanks to all of your hard work.

    We really couldn’t have done it without you and we feel privileged to have had you there.

    All our love.

  • Amy and Nick

    I want to say how incredibly grateful we were to have Nikki and Jonathan as our toastmasters on our special day. We had 125 guests in the day and can honestly say, it would have been an unorganised mess if it wasn’t for them! Even my Nan says ‘those in the red jackets made so much effort with me and helped me loads’. Now just hearing that from my Nan makes me realise straight away we made the right decision in asking them to be our toastmasters.

    Not to mention Nicks ushers wouldn’t have a clue what to do or where to start! I was so worried about how stressed out I thought the day was going to be for me, but having Nikki and Johnathan there to calmly guide us through the day really did put me as ease, in fact the only part I was stressed at was right at the beginning getting ready – and they weren’t hired for this part!

    My highlight was walking down the aisle and seeing them both standing there with our favourite drink in their hands at the end – now if that isn’t 5 star service, I don’t know what is!

    They didn’t just make the day a lot more organised, they made the day all about Nick and I. The one thing it should always be.

    Thank you so much to you both and we certainly will never forget the effort you put in for us and our friends and family.

    Much love

  • Josiah & Rachel Taylor

    Nikki & Jonathan,

    Thank you so much for being a part of our special day and for keeping everything running smoothly.

    You were wonderful and really helped us to just enjoy the day.

    All our love.

  • Ben & Arisha

    Nikki & Jonathan did a wonderful job for us and we are very grateful for their expertise.

    The whole day went so well and our guest all commented on how amazing they both looked and the professionalism you showed.

    Nikki made Arisha feel that she was in complete control and therefor helped removed any concerns about the day.

    We cannot thank you enough for being a big part of making our wedding day run so smoothly.

  • Pam & Paul Wrightson

    Dear Jonathon & Nikki,

    Where do we begin and what can we say!!

    These two are the most amazing couple who are an absolute must at any wedding.

    From the first meeting we had with them both Paul and myself felt so comfortable with Jonathon and Nikki and immediately felt that they would take care of everything and that our day would run smoothly. They both have the most wonderful calming nature that makes you feel you could trust them with anything.

    You see our wedding had a little twist as well, the guest’s thought they were coming to a Summer Party, not a wedding. We wanted to keep it casual and relaxed with no worries about outfits and hats or speeches or bridesmaids wearing dresses they didn’t want to be in. So even as the guests arrived at our amazing venue of Port Lymphne Hotel and Reserve they weren’t to know. So I, the bride, appeared in a normal summer dress and the groom in trousers and shirt. All the doors were shut to the ceremony and wedding breakfast room and Jonathon & Nikki were dressed as safari rangers so no-one knew they were actually toastmasters. They had been a great help with suggestions of how we could do things to keep the secret going for as long as we could. I carefully disappeared up to my room to get changed and then Paul disappeared to put his waistcoat and jacket on. My poor Dad had ended up in A & E at 6am on the day of the wedding and of course thinking it was just a party was just saying “it’s ok I’m alright and we will be there but a bit late so just start without us”!! Which of course I didn’t want to do as I wanted Dad to walk me down the isle – even though he didn’t know he was doing it! But Nikki & Jonathon (and the hotel staff) were amazing – arranging food and a cup of tea for him for when he got there (being in A & E and having a two hour drive to the venue had meant he had had no breakfast), it was the hottest day of the year

    28 degrees) but they made sure the whole situation was calm, the ceremony delayed until he felt ok to come out of his room, they kept me calm and at no point did I feel any stress – just a bit worried about Dad but everyone assured me he was ok. They even looked after Dad again a bit later as he had a bit of a funny turn with the heat and probably all that had happened that day by taking him to his room for a lay down.

    We had so many comments from our guests about how amazing they were, how friendly, fun, organised and on the ball with everything. They made sure Paul and I had water to drink through the heat of the day, as well as bubbles too of course! And we really felt that we could just leave them to ensure all the little details were taken care of.

    We really can’t recommend these two lovely people enough, you honestly wouldn’t be disappointed if you have them as part of your Wedding Day, they will ensure that everyone is happy and everything is running smoothly, and if anything doesn’t go quite to plan you would barely know as they will take care of it. They are so easy to get on with and really make you fell that your day is how you want it to be with just some helpful tips along the way.

    We wish them both the very best and look forward to talking to Nikki about our next holiday (she is a Travel Consultant as well!)

    Kindest regards and many Thanks

  • Rachel & Joel Wright

    We got married on the 3rd August 2019 and initially we were unsure we wanted toastmasters but we can’t express how pleased we were that we did and also how lucky we were to have Nikki and Jonathan.

    They looked after us incredibly well throughout the duration of the entire day, ensuring that we were enjoying our special day and not fretting about the logistics, as we were confident that they had it covered. They made sure that we both always had food and drink; in particular a special plate of canapés, preventing us from missing out on the food we chose as we were greeting our guests. Plus it was safe to say that our glasses were never empty all day – Rachel blames Nikki for her hangover!

    Nothing was too much for them as they were both incredibly conscientious. They ensured that the wedding party was suitably attired, from attaching the buttonholes to helping Rachel with her dress. When several of our guests were covered in fluff from blankets that were used during the evening safari, they rushed off to find a lint roller. It was those small touches that really meant a lot and showed how much they cared for everyone there.

    Our guests have mentioned to us on so many occasions how helpful Nikki and Jonathan were in helping them check in for their on-site accommodation and sorting out their bags.

    It was also mentioned to us that they must be magic as they directed our guests to Port Lympne from the church, our guests left before them and then Nikki and Jonathan were already at Port Lympne ready to greet them. This meant that the close wedding party could remain at the church for our photos without worrying that our guests would be unattended at the reception venue – they were always in safe hands.

    When it came to our special day, we had some very tight timings that we knew we would be worried about and thought that we would have to push everyone along, but Jonathan and Nikki took all of our stress away by ensuring they were in constant dialogue with us even before the wedding day. This allowed us to concentrate on spending the time with our friends and family rather than worrying about how long we had until the next celebration.

    They were nothing but professional, friendly and highly skilled and our incredible memories of the day couldn’t have been made without everything they did for us. We couldn’t be more grateful and would highly recommend them to anyone getting married.

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Nikki and Jonathan are a husband and wife team that offer twice the service at all events. Their attention to detail begins at the first meeting and continues until the event has taken place.

Their professionalism has been recognised by the industry as they have been a multiple award winning duo since 2013.

Why do you want to work with LGBTQ+ couples?

As your wedding toastmasters Nikki and Jonathan will attend your wedding rehearsal (if available) and be at your actual ceremony an hour before it begins. Your toastmasters will support you, your wedding party, family and guests throughout the day until your first dance.

What is your creative approach to weddings?

Having a good working relationship and rapport with numerous suppliers and venues enables everyone to enjoy the special day. Jonathan and Nikki always have a smile on their faces and pride themselves on having empathy with whoever they work with. All events should be pleasurable and are even more so if well organised and run according to plan.

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