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Originally built in 1689 for Thomas Wood, Littleton Park mansion at Shepperton Studios is a unique wedding venue in Middlesex that has its very own orangery (that once belonged to acclaimed band, The Who, private woodlands and a striking black and white marbled floor foyer. It also retains its original and highly ornate fireplace and sits at the heart of one of Britain's most iconic film studios. It's a film-lover's paradise.

A Mecca for Film-Lovers
Shepperton Studios has seen a lot during its three-century long life including a fire that left it devastated in the late 1800s. But it wasn't until 1931 when budding film-marker Norman Loudon acquired the Studios to house his production company Sound City that Shepperton truly began to make UK history.
It has made more than 150 big screen feature films; created a built-in tank which was used as the Great Lake in two Harry Potter films, housed a full-scale Batcave, and a life-sized replica of Sir Walter Raleigh's ship. Renee Zellweger filmed the 'vicars and tarts' party scene from Bridget Jones here, the woods were used in Sleeply Hollow and other Hollywood stars have filmed blockbusters here including the original Superman, Notting Hill, Gladiator and Star Wars IV.
The crew's prop-making expertise was used to help build replica aircrafts in the second world war which were placed on runways to confuse the enemy, and in the 1970s, The Who owned the Old House that now houses the Orangery and Coffee Shop. With so much history and popular culture heritage, Shepperton Studios is a truly unique wedding venue that is perfect for film-lovers to tie the knot.
It is always so amazing to build a rapport with our clients and being a huge part of the success when they've had the best day of their lives! When you see so much happiness and love it is the best feeling. Samantha Roake, Wedding Co-ordinator, Genuine Events

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