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In the heart of Whetstone, London, Sean and Jim celebrated their love surrounded by the charm of a bustling city. Their wedding day was a vibrant gathering, with over a hundred cherished friends and family members joining in the festivities.

The (Actual) Wedding

I loved their complementing pastel suits and Sean arrived in style in a beautiful Rolls Royce - fabulous and just a bit of camp! I loved it and it really set the tone for a day filled with joy and laughter.


This was a day all about warmth and happiness, reflecting the fun-loving personalities of the couple. Laughter echoed throughout the day, creating a lively atmosphere that resonated with everyone there.


One particularly memorable moment was when Sean, overcome with emotion, struggled to speak his vows through tears of joy. It was a touching testament to the depth of their love and commitment to each other - and of course, it makes for a good photo!

This wedding for a first for me because Jim decided to use the occasion to get his staff headshots done for the new website! I had to laugh. "Well," he told me, "my staff are hardly ever in the same place at the same time, so it's a shame not top take advantage!" So, with Sean's blessing, I brought my portable studio and set everything up so that after the speeches and before the dancing started, the staff all came through for a formal headshot! Why not?!


One of my favourite shots from the day is the top table, like the last supper, with a gay twist. Sean's wearing his best-woman's hat kind of sums up the mood of the day.


As a documentary wedding photographer, my approach is rooted in capturing the essence of each person and the genuine emotions of the day. Drawing from my background in portraiture and street photography, I strive to anticipate and capture fleeting moments that tell the story of the wedding day authentically.


For Sean and Jim, I focused on candid shots that captured the natural flow of the day, interspersed with formal portraits that will become treasured mementoes for years to come. It's the blending of these styles that allows couples to relive the joy and excitement of their wedding day whenever they glance at their photos.

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