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What Makes Us Unique

In a nutshell

We are a wife and wife team who are trying to promote LGBTQ+ wedding suppliers. We are actually queer, so we aren't just trying to tick an LGBTQ+ box. We want to make an impact and really promote love in all its forms.

We adore what we do. A South African blonde and her British Rose, your day will be filled with laughter and bad accents. We have a reputation of becoming much loved at weddings, and you'll probably see us at the next big family gathering - because we become family.
We love taking pictures that really capture your bond and the love you share. These spill out into your photos, along with the big belter laughs which come from true happiness. We offer two professional photographers, celebrancy and will even help you with the planning of your day.

Why do you want to work with LGBTQ+ couples?

Well... Firstly, as mentioned in the previous box, we are LGBTQ+ ourselves, so we know the struggles. We aren't just trying to tick a box for socials. We genuinely care about our Community. We are trying to gain a foot hold in an industry that doesn't have equality running through it just yet when it comes to LGBTQ+ owners. So we would appreciate being able to be part of your day - but also to help promote love in the LGBTQ+ Community.

What is your creative approach to weddings?

WE BRING THE VIBE! No, really... We do. Whether its loading the car to get all the guests to the venue, helping the bridesmaids put on their shoes or just general bad jokes. We try to blend in as much as possible and get to know you too. This helps us capture photos in a naturally artistic way. We like capturing those intimate moments, but also just the silliness that comes from the love you and your other half share. It is more important to have photos that really represent who you are to one another... you appreciate those special intimate moments in photos more than the staged ones, that aren't you at all. Those quiet moments stolen when you think we aren't actually looking - those make for the best memories. We want you to whip the album out in a few years, pour a glass of red, and get all teary when you think about how much you loved your partner, before they started being a pain and leaving the toilet seat up!

What do you love about what you do?

That whole cliche about loving what you do, so it doesn't feel like work. We are those cliche beings.

Honestly, it feels like such an honour to be part of someone's wedding day. There is no better feeling knowing that we are capturing such a big momentus moment and bottling it up for you. For when those rainy days hit - we got you! Whether it be celebrancy or just photography, we adore doing this job... and because of this, the trust from couples, means the world to us. No pressure.

What is included in the wedding package?

Okay - so... Depending on if you want celebrancy too - our basic wedding packages include:

  • Two photographers with a total of 3 cameras and 6 lenses to cover multiple angles and lots of happy tears.
  • 24/7 access to your wedding plan and gallery, with the ability to add or edit your ideas or any small details you may have forgotten or want to amend after your consultation.
  • Photographers who will climb into or onto near enough anything to get the shot (except festival toilets. Never festival toilets).
  • 24/7 Access to your digital gallery.
  • A guaranteed fantastic time.
  • Transportation to different spots for photos.
  • Help finding that perfect spot for photos/your ceremony that suits your personalities.
  • Terrible Scottish accents upon request (unless you're not Scottish, in which case, it's incredible)
  • Free help with finding local vendors to take some of the weight off those shoulders.
  • Our presentation boxes and USB's are currently ordered from the Ukraine in order to help support locals during the current war.
  • We offset all of our carbon emissions by planting trees and supporting conservation projects, namely those involving keystone species. Providing essential support to our ecosystems.
Lush right? You should get in touch so we can tell you about the rest...

Do you cover more than one wedding a day?

As a wife and wife team, we capture your whole wedding day. From the beginning to the end. So, we only cover one wedding a day.

We document a more relaxed, candid feel when it comes to our photography.
We even offer packages with celebrancy. As Diane is also a qualified wedding celebrant who can make your ceremony bespoke and specially catered to you. As she is an independent celebrant, she does not belong to any belief system like humanists etc. She is completely independent - so can make sure your story is all about you and your love.

Do you charge per hour or per event?

We charge per hour - but also have bespoke packages that we can alter to fit your needs. As we know not everyone would like the same thing.

We have a drone too, if you want some extra footage to make your friends jealous. Especially those girls in the office!

Do you need specific materials or conditions to offer your service?

We don't have any specific conditions - except maybe that you want to be photographed. If you didn't and hired us, we might have a slight issue. We are not the scary stalkers from next door, so... permission is a must. :)

What forms of payment do you take?

As we can get busy, we do request a deposit on initial booking. You do get an invoice and contract to protect you.

The balance is usually due 10 days before the event. :)

Where are we?

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