Lesbian engagement shoot in field photo copyright Michael Love lesbian wedding photographer Ireland 881x404 - How to: Plan the Perfect Proposal
Lesbian engagement shoot in field photo copyright Michael Love lesbian wedding photographer Ireland 881x492 - How to: Plan the Perfect Proposal

How to: Plan the Perfect Proposal

Love and individuality are worth celebrating and so when it comes to proposing to the person you love, we believe in making it special; not by following generic ideas you’ve seen on Google but by making it personal; tailoring it to your partner, your relationship and what makes you such a sublime match. Professional proposal planner, Daisy Amodio, shares her top tips for creating the perfect proposal.

  1. Make it personalised – it’s all about the detail. Think about why you love each other, where you met, where you shared your first date; your favourite film. It doesn’t need to cost the earth, just make it meaningful by putting some thought and effort into it. If your partner loves pink roses, then fill your home with them. If they love James Bond, mimic an iconic scene and weave your proposal into it.
  2. Choose the right location – There’s no point proposing at a football stadium if your partner hates football. Get the location right and consider the weather beforehand. There may be event happening or it may be raining on the day, so always have a back-up plan.
  3. Capture it on film – In this day and age, everyone loves pictures. Make sure you capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment so you have it to share with your friends and family (even you grandchildren) time and time again.
  4. Friends and/or family – you might want everyone you know at your proposal to celebrate with you but make sure that a) you know that the answer will be a “yes”; and b) that you rehearse what you want to say – just saying those four famous words is pressure enough without worrying about what the family think.
  5. Private or public – If your partner is a shy, then don’t put the on the spot in a public place in front of a thousand people with a singing flash mob! Make sure it’s private or somewhere where it’s just about the two of you. Likewise, if you want to declare your love from the rooftops then go for it: everyone loves to see a romantic proposal.

  About Daisy

Daisy Amodio is founder of The Proposers, a team of marriage proposal planning specialists that create uniquely tailored moments that perfectly set the scene and ambience for their clients to pop the question. To date, they have planned more than 1,500 proposals that have involved some elaborately thought out requests including bespoke songwriting, dressing cats as waiters, and flashing up a proposal on the screens of Time Square. Discover more about what they do, or get in touch direct at theproposers.co.uk

Image Credit: Image by Michael Love.

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