30 Chic Lesbian Wedding Dresses That Make Your Bridal Look Authentic

Explore stylish looks and get inspiration for your same-sex lesbian wedding outfit. These bridal dresses, suits, gowns, jumpsuits, and more are sure to inspire your same-sex wedding attire…

From the youngest age, every woman dreams about her wedding. Everything plays a specific role in the overall event, starting from the partner, the venue, colours, and vows. However, the centre of attention is always the lesbian wedding dress itself. It sets the tone, style, and emotion of the event.

As a bride, you make a statement with your look. But just as there are millions of brides, millions of available bridal dresses also exist. You may go for the traditional white Disney princess dress or envision yourself in a fabulous pantsuit. No matter the case, it’s your special day, so your wedding outfit should make you feel as comfortable and perfect as possible. As a bonus, you’ll make your guests’ jaws drop!

Lesbian Wedding Dress Collage

Let’s go over what we think are the best 30 same-sex wedding outfits, including floor-length, midi, and mini dresses. After all, walking down the aisle and saying I DO to your significant other is one of the most remarkable moments in one’s life. So, why not look as stunning as you feel?

The Ultimate Princess Dress

The first choice on our list is the traditional white, Princess, or Cinderella wedding dress. The ball gown is the one girls dream about from the youngest age, making it one of the common choices for a lesbian white dress.

Remember how you used to imagine yourself walking down the aisle? If you were a fan of Sleeping Beauty or Belle, you were undoubtedly dreaming of this model with plenty of layers and a well-tailored, tight corset.

Years went by, and now is the moment to realize your dream. So, why wouldn’t you go for it? However, you must be cautious with this one. It is always best to balance the outfits with your significant other, as the princess dress makes a statement on its own. Luxury is excellent, but the rule applying, in this case, is ‘less is more.

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Off The Shoulder Perfection

Another popular option is the off-the-shoulder model. Usually, these models come with a tight corset as the only way to hold the entire gown down. However, you must feel comfortable when trying on the dress, as this is the critical element of the wedding look.

Off-the-shoulder are among the most elegant and lavish choices for many brides. However, sometimes it may be difficult to pull off the off-the-shoulder sleeve. A good option would be to add spaghetti straps to hold up the dress, simultaneously providing two different looks for the reception and the ceremony. This way, you will be able to maintain your elegant look and dance all night with your beloved guests.

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Backless Is the New Cleavage

In the last couple of years, many people have declared open cleavage tacky instead of sexy or confident. This event’s main reason is that many women couldn’t distinguish between revealing and only cheap-looking cleavages. So, backless wedding dresses came in and instantly dominated the lesbian bridal dress scene.

The backless action is a great way to expose your sexy back or simply reveal a bit of skin without over-exaggerating the effect. It provides an elegant, lavish look, making it the perfect choice for an engagement or a wedding fit.

What’s more, there is a vast diversity of these wedding dresses on the market, starting from the most straightforward designs to feather lace embroidered, long train ones. No matter the case, a strapless, adhesive bra is ‘a must’ when it comes to backless wedding dresses.

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The Feather Effect

If you are looking for a unique design to seal one of the most memorable moments in your life, the finishing feather effect may be the most suitable dress choice you want to wear on your big day.

A fanciful feather gown is an excellent option if you don’t feel content with the minimal mermaid gown or classic lace wedding dress. It takes drama to a new level, especially if your spouse-to-be decides to wear a tuxedo. What’s more, heavyweight bridal designers have also recognized the importance of this delicate design, so they have included the feather effect into wedding gowns on the bridal runway over the last couple of seasons.

Considering fully feathered wedding gowns are undoubtedly bold, wedding dress designers have also lessened the effect by incorporating certain parts of the dress, such as the skirt. Our suggestion is a plunge neck, slim-fit dress with adjustable cami straps, a close-fitting cut, a zip-back fastening, and a feather-effect blush finish.

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The Sexy Open Slit

Do you want to add an edge to your big day? If you have nice legs that you want to show, then a slit is the go-to solution for you! It’s revealing yet floor length, meaning you get the best of both worlds.

Our particular suggestion is a beautiful sleeveless minimalist satin wedding dress with a slit, the perfect balance between classy and bold. It’s handmade, entirely out of satin. From the back, it’s a simple white. Yet, from the front, it’s where all the fun begins. It incorporates shiny beads and an accompanying belt. It’s a dramatic look, especially if you raise your leg!

However, if you are to shop together for your black tie event with your partner, make sure you get separate looks. While the slit dress is minimal, it’s a statement on its own, so you don’t want to clash with your appearance.

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The Embellished Cape Look

We all know that not all superheroes wear capes. But this doesn’t mean you should skip this detail for your wedding attire. In recent years, bridal capes have become a modern alternative to the traditional veil, as they offer a wide range of benefits.

First off, bridal capes are the perfect way to inject some drama into your personal style wedding day look. It also provides good coverage, making it suitable for the chillier weather. Moreover, bridal capes have become a massive trend for LGBTQ dresses. So, you will look and feel good and make a fashion statement with the proper choice of a cape.

Our particular suggestion is a long, soft, chiffon half-circle cut cape with a train. It’s comfortable and, at the same time, exquisitely beautiful!

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The Fairytale Floral Dress

When it comes to fairytale weddings, we cannot oversee the importance of a lavish, floral design. After all, flowers are the ultimate addition to a wedding gown, having looks and styles in mind. Well, only if they are adequately designed and elegantly positioned.

This particular dress is designed in a boho wedding style. It is an A-line backless, floor-length, princess lesbian wedding dress with a 3D Flower design and spaghetti straps to hold it down. In other words, it is a stunning feminine structure and the perfect way to express your high-end fashion sense and enjoy the event in a comfortable setting.

Get more info on The Fairytale Floral Dress

Minimalistic Laced Pastel Corset

A laced corset has always been considered one of the sexiest, most revealing designs for an LGBTQ dress. This particular setting is risky, as you would probably want to maintain a classy look instead of a tacky or cheap appearance.

This design is a delicate yet appealing choice, as you can match it with all kinds of skirts. You can choose from an off-white or vanilla hue. It even provides you with the opportunity to change between the wedding party. For example, you can add a bridal cape for the ceremony and leave the dance floor’s laced corset after the reception. The bridal corset is combined with a floor-length, simple skirt in this scenario. However, you can also go for the excellent princess skirt or a mini one for the ultimate party look.

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The Flying Satin Skirt Set

If you are one who aims at a dramatic entrance, one that makes all the guests jaws drop, then look no more. You have just found the most elegant, attention-worthy, red carpet lesbian white wedding dress.

The flying satin skirt set is a unique see-through design that simultaneously reveals your legs and creates an elegant, lady-like appeal. However, combined with a deep V-neck and an open back ensemble, the satin material might be a risky choice, especially if you are one with curves. So, make sure you feel comfortable and confident in the dress.

In the end, walking the aisle and saying ‘I do’ to your partner is a memorable moment in a woman’s life. So, feeling insecure in either your dress or suit shouldn’t be a concern on your special day.

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The Ruffled Tiered Dress

Tiered dresses have always been popular within the wedding community, especially for those who want to escape all the volume. More specifically, A-line gowns are minimalistic designs fitted through your natural waist. Then, they flare out softly to create an “A” shape.

This particular design combines the best of both worlds, the classy open-back minimalism with ruffles for a dramatic appeal, giving this piece the ultimate feminine feel.

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Pleated Sleeve Off The Shoulder

Once again, we have included an off-the-shoulder design on our list. It is feminine, highlighting the woman’s best features. After all, not all ladies aim for the princess gown, an elegant substitute.

Many women have chosen an off-the-shoulder bright white wedding design, as the setting does wonders to one’s shoulders, arms, and neck. This particular design highlights the upper body in a classic yet sexy way.

What’s more, off-the-shoulder wedding dresses aren’t new to the bridal world, as many world-recognized designers have run rampant with the concept, creating the most incredible yet diversified dresses. One such design can help you make a powerful statement on your special day.

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The Asymmetric Goddess Look

Are you one who aims at a Greek-style wedding fashion where you and your bride-to-be would wear matching, Goddess-looking outfits? Then, look no more, as we have found the perfect wedding dress for the occasion.

The asymmetric wedding dress design can lighten up the entire wedding and especially fit the warmer days. This particular bohemian lace dress is handmade by a small UK business, so no two dresses are exactly the same.

It would be the perfect choice for a beach wedding or an aristocratically styled event. No matter the case, this bridal dress is stylish on its own, so it doesn’t require excessive accessorizing.

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Long-Sleeved Fishtail

Finally, the fishtail dress setting as one of the most popular choices in the bridal world. As mentioned before, the mermaid shape is a minimalistic yet extremely beneficial setting, as it highlights the woman’s body’s best features.

Not only does the fishtail shape highlight your curves, but with the appropriate combination, it also provides a superior, elegant look. The dress is made in a sweetheart-bandeau design with floral embroidery and a cut-out back in our particular suggestion. The design also features a round neck and a strappy-tie, zip-back fastening. Thus, it’s the perfect balance of classy yet sexy and revealing.

What’s more, this design can easily be adjusted to any type of event and combined with a wide range of LGBTQ wedding outfits for your future bride, including jumpsuits.

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The Lace Beach Bohemian

Perfect for a beach wedding, this unconventional design is everything a bride can ask for. From the open back to the long sleeves and minimalistic, laced boho overlay, this simple rustic design takes elegance to a new level.

In the last couple of years, brides have frequently skipped the traditional ball gown designs. Boho designs allow for a wide range of affordable accessories with different jewel tones, such as floral designs, for a matchy-matchy look.

Now, imagine this; you are walking down the aisle, ready to say ‘I do to your significant other. Can you imagine wearing anything other than this at your gay wedding? Probably not!

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The Fishtail Dress

Speaking of the special day, we cannot help but mention the fishtail design, one of the most obvious ideas for highlighting your silhouette. Also known as the mermaid dress, the fishtail design is form-fitting through the torso and hips setting with a floor-length flare, or the fishtail.

Considering the fishtail dress highlights the woman’s best features, it has been among the most popular choices for walking down the aisle for quite some time. So no matter the style or the materials, fishtail bridal outfits are wedding winners.

Our particular suggestion is a sweetheart neck, strapless design with zip-back fastening, padded cups, and inner gripper tape, providing a secure fit. Moreover, the dress incorporates floral embroidery through the bust and hips, a mesh fishtail hem, and a close-fitting cut. So, not only you’ll look good, but you will also feel comfortable moving around during your ceremony and reception.

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The Wrap Kimono Sleeve

There are many ways to express the parts you feel most confident of or your best features. For many women, the neck area and the collarbones are the sexiest body part of a woman’s body. That’s why bridal designers have tried to develop a design that reveals these particular details.

After all, there is a classy way to show your cleavage without appearing tacky or distasteful in front of your guests. A great example is the kimono sleeve dress, as a setting that covers the bride’s arms, simultaneously drawing attention to the neck and cleavage area.

This particular wrap kimono dress is designed in a hippy style and features an open back. It accounts for a comfortable fit and a chic and sexy appearance.

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Velvet Simplicity At Its Finest

Wedding gowns don’t always have to be over-accessorized. On the contrary, sometimes, the most uncomplicated design can make the most significant impact or leave the best impression. So, a sleeveless square neckline may sometimes be what you need as a lesbian wedding dress.

First, these designs are relatively neutral, so you can easily combine them with your partner’s outfit and the overall event setting so that neither of you feels out of tone. Whether you organise an indoor ceremony or a rooftop wedding, this long-flared skirt is ready to get you the ultimate freedom. Even more, it will not get in the way of your first dance.

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The Classic V-Neck

V-necks have always been among the brides’ favourites regarding their special day outfits. More precisely, the V-neck simultaneously accounts for a timelessly flattering yet sexy look. It balances out the classy look with a chic twist.

What’s more, the ever-evolving neckline can easily be adjusted to the fresh and modern takes on current bridal trends. In other words, there are plenty of v-neckline options, such as curved, plunging, and sweetheart.

Our suggestion is a bodycon fit with an open back, one with a lace insert and adjustable cami straps, tail hem, and button details to reverse. Considering it’s a tight cut to the body, this same-sex wedding dress design is perfect for confident ladies wearing white and willing to make a powerful statement walking the aisle.

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The Over-Embellished Design

Who is there to say that a wedding dress or a wedding suit can be over-accessorized? While there is always the risk of appearing tacky or distasteful, you can also correctly walk down the aisle in an over-embellished wedding gown. The critical point is to always balance out your overall look with a suitable hairstyle, heels, accessories, and your future bride’s outfit.

Our particular suggestion is a long pearl dress with white crystals. What makes the overall design great is the appropriate balance between the shape of the dress and the sparkly detailing. The ultimate result is neither too tacky nor straightforward but the perfect representation of elegance, sexy, and chic.

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The One-Of-A-Kind Midi Dress

It is not common for brides to go for the midi dress, as most choose floor-length or concise designs. Nonetheless, we cannot overlook the uniqueness and classiness of the midi dress. After all, we’ve seen the most elegant crown ladies in history wearing wedding dresses such as these, so why shouldn’t you choose one for your special day?

This particular dress is made of satin and incorporates bow details on the shoulders, making it perfect for a modest wedding. It also features an a-line, making it the perfect choice for the ‘classy ladies’ walking the aisle. It will make the perfect fit if your significant other chooses to wear a well-tailored retro suit or only a good pair of pants with a chic blazer.

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Laced Coordinated Set

Another excellent option for an outfit is a well-coordinated set of a skirt and a cut-off top. Not only is this a delicate-looking choice, but it is also far more comfortable than the traditional wedding dress, which requires a lot of effort for dancing or only going to the bathroom. Luckily, you will be able to give your bridesmaids a break with this advanced boutique design.

The skirt and the co-ord modest long sleeves, rounded funnel neck top, are designed in decadent scalloped lace when it comes to our particular suggestion. What’s more, the top sits elegantly just above the skirt, forming a duo with a signature twist. This particular combo is perfect for a country wedding and any other outdoor event with flourish designs.

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The Stylish A-Line Midi

Midi wedding dresses are on the rise! It’s a trendy design suitable to celebrate your holy matrimony. Midi models are stylish and like a sip of fresh air. You can select anything in midi length to shield you from bad weather, starting from A-line to minimalist, Princess, sheath, etc.

Our particular suggestion features a sleeveless, non-transparent corset with an inner bra and a midi skirt with a flounce on the edge of the skirt. The front part is decorated with buttons. You can get it in standard sizes or make it to your measurements. It goes perfectly with gloves, a cover-up made from the same material, and shiny sandals. 

Get more info on The Stylish A-Line Midi

Minimalist Tea Length Midi

Silhouette midi dresses are excellent for pointing your figure in a classy manner. They are convenient and elegant, yet effective.

We suggest a tea-length, classic sheath wedding dress in light ivory. Better yet, it comes in different shades, meaning you can also get it in white. It features an off-the-shoulder neckline to highlight your collarbones and neck. You can also get wide and long straps. Yet, its most attention-grabbing element is the decorative bow on the backside; you won’t need to accessorize much; it’s enough on its own!

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Puffy Sleeves City Hall Vintage Midi

Are you a laid-back bride looking to have a wedding at home in the backyard, city hall, or an intimate venue? We have the perfect short midi dress for you!

It features a stunning draped bodice with a V neckline, a modest back topped with long puffy sleeves, and an A-line airy skirt. The design is fitted at the bust and waist to highlight the best aspects of your body. Yet our favourite detail is the dotted lace fabric making it especially unique.

The dress comes in off-white but can also be personalized according to your request.

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Delightful Puffy Sleeve Bolero

What about a bolero? Who said they were off the limits? Bolero’s fashion dates back to the 1850s and 1860s. Since about that time, it was carried to the crinoline. Back in the day, a bolero referred to as a waist-length jacket with long sleeves in different colours, open in front and decorated with borders.

Today, bolero fashion has progressed significantly. Our suggestion is a delightful set consisting of a midi-length dress and a removable bolero. The off-the-shoulder design delivers a delicate feminine look, ideally combining a stretch crepe-made waist-length corset with a fluffy skirt decorated with an openwork guipure at the bottom. Yet, as mentioned, the best part is the dotted net bolero with short puffy sleeves, carefully tied with velvet ribbons into delicate bows. Similar to the skirt, the bolero also features guipure elements.

This dress is perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings. It’s a timeless look that any bride would wish for. More importantly, it will go well with any chosen suit look your spouse selects!

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Bright White Satin Wrap-Around

The simplest way to describe the following design is as the perfect lesbian wedding dress to say ‘I do.’ Starting from the plunge neck, split front, and zip back to the chic twist detailing, this elegant setting is everything a woman can dream of.

The entire dress is designed in satin, as an elegant and luxurious glossy surface. Along with the revealing V-neck and the elegant slit, the wrap-around wedding dress certainly highlights a woman’s best features.

What’s more, the unique colour allows for contrasting accessories, as well as heavier makeup. As one of the brides, it would be best to coordinate your complete look together with your future half, as couples wearing this particular design mix and match all kinds of adjustments and combos.

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Open Back Midi Slip Dress

Even though midi dresses aren’t the most obvious choice for a wedding dress, they indeed account for the most ladylike, classic looks in history.

First, the midi wedding dress provides a trendy, unique appearance that highlights the woman’s shape without oversexualizing the body. It also represents a good base for combination with the broadest range of accessories in all forms and colours.

Our particular suggestion is an open-back, plunge neck design with a zip-back fastening. The spaghetti straps hold the entire dress down, while the elegant embellishes account for the superior chic appearance.

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The Posh Bride

Do you want something out-of-the-box, not the princess dress, not a silhouette midi, or puffed sleeves? What can you get? Do you love pastel colours, garden weddings, or high-class indoor ones? It might sound too good to be true, but it’s not. An asymmetric dress works for all these occasions and more.

Speak of uniqueness! This asymmetric dress is made of silk organza. It’s fully lined, top with an inside corset, and features disproportional details on the front of the dress and the hip area. A UK seller makes it, and you can have it done to measure to fit you perfectly.

Get more info on The Posh Bride

An Audrey Style Wedding

We cannot help but mention the iconic Audrey Hepburn when we think of elegance and statement pieces. Starting from stylish trench coats to slim black pants and chic statement dresses, Hepburn was a lady who knew how to make a statement with the easiest of pieces.

That’s why wedding dress designers have been inspired to aim for signature pieces that never go out of style or represent simplicity and class. So, if you are one who seeks a minimalistic yet chic lesbian dress, make sure to take a look at this mini dress with a nipped-in waistline contrasting against a huge hemline with pretty open back detail.

Apart from the beautiful stretch tailoring, the dress has a perfect handle and draping to create the best outline. What’s more, you can easily combine it with all kinds of accessories, add some trainers or adjust it to your partner’s outfit.

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The Fun Cocktail Dress Idea

Last but not least, let’s go over and beyond limits! Do you want to have the most fun on your special day without having to worry about your floor-length dress, dance around without stepping on it, and simply forget about your looks? There’s no better way to have fun than the short cocktail dress, suitable for all types of events.

It’s affordable and fun yet classy and modern. The best part is you can wear it long after your big day, so it’s as convenient as it gets!

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More Lesbian Wedding Outfit Inspiration

Starting from the minimalistic mermaid shape to the lavish princess gown, the mini and midi designs, and the well-tailored suit, being a bride comes with a difficult decision. In other words, there is a wide range of choices that are appropriate for a lesbian wedding dress, androgynous wedding dress, queer wedding dress, or transgender wedding dress.

As mentioned before, each detail plays a crucial part in the wedding ceremony and the reception. However, the primary attention is always on the brides, so logically on the outfits and overall appearance. So, it is essential to determine what kind of statement you are willing to make on your special day. Are you keen to be remembered as a lavish queen or a powerful woman wearing a well-designed suit? Nonetheless, this is only the start of your process.

Ready to get married?

Once you decide what you are looking for, you will have to review all available materials of the sort. Well, at least if you haven’t already done so. Ultimately, you will have to balance out the outfits with your future bride-to-be, as you don’t want to appear tacky or cheap.

In the end, you have to remember that as the bride, you have the complete freedom to do as you wish regarding your outfit. Generally, brides choose white colour, whether it’s a white jumpsuit or a dress. But this doesn’t always have to be the case. If you have imagined yourself walking the aisle in a pink or green suit or other different colours, make sure to do so!

Author: Cosmin

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Both Brides Wear Dresses?

The most straightforward answer to this question is 'either, neither, or both,' just as in a straight wedding. More precisely, as the brides, you are the ones to determine the rules and overall atmosphere regarding your wedding event. Both of you can go for the ball gowns for minimalistic designs, mini or midi dresses.

You can also go in different directions, balancing each other looks out. What's more, both lesbian brides can wear suits if they find this outfit more comfortable.

Another option is to have two different outfits per person, one for the ceremony and one for the reception. This way, you will be able to wear an elegant dress or a full ballgown in the cathedral ceremony, as well as a more comfortable outfit to bust a move on the dance floor at your reception.

In other words, you can do as you please regarding your lesbian wedding dress.

Will The Brides' Parents Walk Them Down The Aisle?

Many straight couples choose different ways to proceed with their ceremony, and the same applies to same-sex couples. Generally, the bride's father is the one to walk her down the aisle. So, what happens when there are two brides involved? Well, the answers entirely depend on family relationships. More precisely, both dads can choose to walk their daughters down the aisle.

What's more, even a third person can take the place of the father. However, some lesbian brides don't want to be escorted but walk solo down the aisle. The brides can also choose to walk down the aisle separately or at the same time. So, there is a massive variety of how to walk down the aisle. In the end, it all depends on the bride's preferences.

How Should I Address The Newly Married Couple?

As the number of individuals who don't identify as either male or female is on the rise, many individuals find themselves confused about addressing a genderqueer person who is getting married. The basic rule is that a genderqueer person will probably guide you on how they want to be addressed.

However, to avoid confusion, you can address the newly married as 'them, they, or their'. For instance, you can say, 'They invited me to their wedding.' Even though these pronouns are plural, you can also use them to refer to one genderqueer person.

You can also use the title 'Mx' when addressing a card without punctuation. So, unless the person refers explicitly to themselves as a bride or a groom, you should avoid these terms, as someone may find it offensive.

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