20 Jaw-Dropping Gay Wedding Rings For Your Perpetual Love & Happiness

Looking for gay wedding rings is equally stressful and fun. Discover the best wedding bands and custom rings for men for same-sex couples in the UK!

Your wedding ring is one of the most important pieces of jewellery you will ever buy in your life. It symbolizes everlasting love and commitment to your spouse.

Today, the market is overflown with rings for men. And since the customer is always right, you can wear whatever feels right, whether it’s the traditional yellow gold, white, black, or a diamond-encrusted wedding ring.

Discover our suggestions for the best gay marriage rings for all members of the LGBTQ community. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for inspiration or have left the choice of rings for the last minute; our list might be of great help for your big day. Wait?! Have you chosen your engagement rings yet? We’ve bundled a list of the most dazzling gay engagement rings & lesbian engagement rings out on the market.

Iconic Gold & Diamond Combo

First on our list is the timeless gold-diamond duo. We suggest a simple wedding band with a single brilliant princess cut colourless moissanite or natural and conflict-free white diamond. It’s made in solid 10k/14k/18k rose gold, but you can also choose yellow or white gold, as well as a shiny vs matte finish.

What we love the most about this design are its simplicity and elegance. It’s a convenient choice for anyone opting to stay classy yet add a drop of uniqueness.

Married In Roman Style

Purely Diamonds Married In Roman Style Gay Wedding Ring Front View 2 - 20 Jaw-Dropping Gay Wedding Rings For Your Perpetual Love &Amp; Happiness Gay Wedding Guide

Both love and desire between males were frequently-used themes in Roman literature. Thus, many gay couples decide on roman style matching wedding rings due to their deeper meaning.

You can get a custom Roman numeral inscription, meaning you can choose the letters you want to be featured. It can be the date you met your soul mate, the day you fell in love, or the wedding date itself.

No matter what you choose to be written on your bands, it will undoubtedly result in a timeless and elegant creation. Apart from being eye-catching, your rings will always remind you and your partner of one another. And, of course, engraved rings always go better in pairs.

Modern Greek

Modern Greek Gay Wedding Ring

You must have heard of Mykonos. And even though the Greek government hasn’t legalized same-sex marriages, the island is by far the top among the gay locations.

Now, you may not be able to get married in Greece, but you can bring the Greek motive to your wedding. For that cause, you can choose handmade, laser-engraved bands for you and your future hubby.

This classic choice is made of yellow gold; thus, it incorporates the traditional wedding ring design. It’s perfect for religious LGBT couples or ones who are into Greek mythology. Anyhow, we cannot say that it’s a vintage design. But it surely incorporates unique ideas from ancient history.

Engraved Gold Rings

Etsy Engraved Gold Gay Wedding Ring Front View 2 - 20 Jaw-Dropping Gay Wedding Rings For Your Perpetual Love &Amp; Happiness Gay Wedding Guide

Engraving might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Still, it is a great way to capture a memory, a particular date, or a moment.

Unlike the previous example, this one features a more up-to-date design. To be more specific, it’s yellow gold, laser-engraved wedding ring with a classic engine-turned motif.

Moreover, it’s made-to-order, and the manufacturer is open to collaboration, meaning you can include personalization details in the composition. So, feel free to take your time and create the ring from your dreams.

Simplicity at Its Finest

Beaverbrooks Simplicity At Its Finest Gay Wedding Ring Front View 2 - 20 Jaw-Dropping Gay Wedding Rings For Your Perpetual Love &Amp; Happiness Gay Wedding Guide

Not everyone aims for the most beautifully decorated jewellery. If you are an individual who appreciates simplicity, a well-defined platinum ring may be the perfect choice you’ll want to wear.

First of all, the platinum band is a classic, everlasting look. It cannot go out of fashion nor become kitsch over time. Next, it goes well with both everyday outfits and special occasion ones. Thus, you don’t have to take it off your hand, whether going by the pool or at a cocktail party.

In the end, the platinum design is especially suitable if you want matching commitment rings with your partner. It doesn’t include unique stones or textures of any kind. Hence, it is the right balance for different tastes or personalities.

To Infinity And Beyond

Purely Diamonds To Infinity And Beyond Gay Wedding Ring Front View 2 - 20 Jaw-Dropping Gay Wedding Rings For Your Perpetual Love &Amp; Happiness Gay Wedding Guide

The symbolic meaning of a ring’s shape is never-ending love and commitment. But you can always expose this connotation further by incorporating the infinity sign.

We suggest an elegant, highly polished flat court band featuring a modern detail or an inset brushed Celtic weave design. The ring is made of white gold but contrasts with the striking detailing. Thus, it is a simple yet chic design.

Similar to the engraved date or numbers, the infinity sign further highlights the meaning of love and marriage. Hence, it’s perfect for couples who appreciate romantic gestures and the ones who want to let the world know of their promise.

The Ultimate Princess Cut

Purely Diamonds The Ultimate Princess Cut Gay Wedding Ring Front View 2 - 20 Jaw-Dropping Gay Wedding Rings For Your Perpetual Love &Amp; Happiness Gay Wedding Guide

Now, we get to the princess cut, the ultimate representation of elegance and beauty. More precisely, the stunning channel setting on the stylish band is completed with a flat-top design. Hence, the sleek diamond set provides a striking profile.

What’s more, the inner court offers a comfortable fit. When it comes to the overall design, it is crafted in palladium. Hence, the band is exceptionally stylish and pleasant to wear.

It is perfect for avant-garde couples, ones with exceptional fashion and lifestyle. It also goes great with royal, all-white, or luxurious wedding settings. But remember that it stays with you even after the ceremony. So, make sure to adjust it to your style and way of life!

The Classic Gold

Beaverbrooks The Classic Gold Gay Wedding Ring Front View 2 - 20 Jaw-Dropping Gay Wedding Rings For Your Perpetual Love &Amp; Happiness Gay Wedding Guide

Today, we have all kinds of available designs and progressive styles. But nothing can ever replace the traditional yet extravagant yellow gold wedding ring.

Of course, there are countless variations. For instance, this particular design presents a bold look that may signify your fearless character, courageous relationship, or spirited bond. Even though the band is crafted in a simple way, its shine adds to a striking and lavish look.

After all, too many details might appear kitsch or unsuitable for many individuals. And if this is your perfect ring, make sure to purchase it on time.

Delicate Rose Gold

In the last few years, rose gold has become one of the most popular choices for both heterosexual and civil partnership rings. It is nearly the same as gold, but it’s a bit trendier.

We suggest a solid 9ct recycled rose gold ring, hand-cold forged in a small workshop outside London. It delivers a more contemporary look than a traditional court ring due to its slimmer profile, but at the same time, it’s especially comfortable due to its softly curved edges inside and out. If you prefer a slightly smarter look, you can also choose to have the edges more square. You can also decide between a smooth or a subtle hammered finish.

The best part is that the discreet texture allows for various combinations and unique wedding settings. You can even convince your partner to match!

The Power of Black

Who said black was off-limits? If you are looking for a non-traditional ring, this is the way to go – not gold, silver, or platinum.

Black ceramic rings are incredibly hard, making them prone to damage. If you are scared of ruining your diamond ring, you might as well consider black ceramic instead. The biggest advantage of this material is that it’s black all the way through, meaning the black will never come off, even if you scratch it.

We suggest a sleek black ceramic ring featuring real meteorite shavings mixed with black emerald lab opal. It’s handmade in Hawaii, and the designer is open to customization ideas to shape the ring of your dreams.

Rustic-Looking Handmade Design

Are you looking for a rustic-looking ring that conveys a sense of spontaneity and individuality? We have the perfect match! The OOAK sculptural ring is made of solid gold of different colours with black rhodium plating over the white gold areas.

The seller handcrafts each ring using traditional metalsmith techniques – soldering, piercing, hammering, filing, texturizing, and polishing. Due to this, you can rest assured it will wear well and last forever.

Eternal Fantasy

Image this; you are having a garden wedding by the fountain. You are surrounded by flourishing and colourful designs, ready to say ‘I do’ to your soulmate. Then, you take out your wedding rings, which look like this. What a fairytale, isn’t it?

This knight ring is crafted in solid Sterling silver and features a turquoise stone, making it both chic and of lasting quality. It is perfect for couples who like to escape the universal standards and typical bands. Better yet, it can add a lot of originality to your everyday outfits after the ceremony.

Still, it’s a bit hard to blend in. So, make sure to consider your choice before you skip the tradition.

Discreet White Gold Design

In the past few years, white gold has greatly swung in popularity. It is an excellent balance between quality and glamour, thus the perfect choice for those aiming for a classy and everlasting look. The material is an alloy of gold and at least one white metal, such as silver, nickel, or palladium.

We suggest a men’s tri-band satin finish comfort fit ring in 9ct white gold.

The Ultimate Fleur-De-Lis Wedding Band

Have you ever heard of fleur-de-lis? Broadly explained, the decorative design, or symbol, dates back to France as a Catholic nation. Simultaneously, the emblem became political, dynastic, and artistic, mainly applied in the former royal arms of France.

However, the stylized lily also has rich religious and spiritual meanings. More specifically, the three petals represent the Holy Trinity in the Church, whereas the band at the bottom of the design stands for Mary.

We suggest a vintage-style wedding band Fleur-De-Lis in 14k or 18k gold. Apart from its exquisite appearance and hidden meaning, the ring can easily be adjusted to almost anyone’s style. It’s great for bold and brave couples and more discrete or elegant individuals. No matter your style, you can always turn to such bands with your understanding of their more profound meaning and significance.

The Trinity Knot

Once again, we have a design with underlying meaning. The trinity knot, also known as the triquetra, is one of the best-known symbols in Celtic culture. The triangular design consists of three interlaced arcs.

In general, the Celtic Christian church used the triquetra as a symbol of the Holy Trinity. But, as time went by, different cultures invented various representations of the same character, each with its own attached meaning.

Hence, the trinity knot might be great for religious same-sex couples but is not limited to this sole purpose only. Considering that it’s a historical symbol used in both ornamental design in architecture and medieval manuscript illumination, you may choose the trinity knot because of its incredible design.

Diamonds Are a Boy’s Best Friend

We all know Marilyn Monroe’s world-famous saying,’ Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But who said that diamonds couldn’t be a boy’s favourite as well?

Obviously, we are the ones supporting this interpretation. And now that diamonds are everyone’s best friend, we have chosen a platinum diamond 7-stone eternity ring to support the case. Hence, it appears as luxurious and as extravagant as possible.

Evidently, there is no more splendid mixture on the market. And if you appreciate the expensive style, this particular band might be the one to satisfy your needs.

Platinum Vintage Rings

Beaverbrooks Platinum Vintage Gay Wedding Ring Front View 2 - 20 Jaw-Dropping Gay Wedding Rings For Your Perpetual Love &Amp; Happiness Gay Wedding Guide
Platinum Vintage Rings

Of course, some couples appreciate traditional bands. Still, each design can be improved with a little twist of modern elements.

This platinum vintage men’s wedding ring is completed with a polished finish with intricately beaded edges. Hence, it’s the perfect balance between classic and liberal.

Considering its specific design, this wedding band may be perfect for controversial couples or ones with different priorities. For example, you may be into more traditional designs, whereas your partner may be into more dynamic compositions. After all, the point is to come to a compromise. And what better way to do so than to choose matching rings and a proper ceremony style?

Geometric Art Deco Men’s Ring

Yet another unique selection for your same-sex wedding is a two-tone, dramatic criss-cross design with two small diamonds on point. The seller offers many combinations of gems and colours, meaning you can let your imagination run wild.

Grand suspension bridges inspire Art Deco geometry. In turn, the design delivers a bold appeal and clean, modern lines. It’s the perfect balance for bisexuals looking for masculinity and elegance in one.

Diamond Half Eternity Rings

Diamond Half Eternity Rings 1 Gay Wedding Rings - 20 Jaw-Dropping Gay Wedding Rings For Your Perpetual Love &Amp; Happiness Gay Wedding Guide
Diamond Half Eternity Rings

Half-eternity rings have been popular for centuries now. More precisely, they signify eternal love and the forever bond between you and your soul mate. Yet, half-eternity rings have fewer stones, or in this case diamonds, than full-eternity rings. Thus, they are cheaper and more accessible to a large part of the population.

Apart from their underlying meaning, eternity rings appear quite extravagant and trendy. That’s why most couples choose them to commemorate special milestones in a relationship, such as the marriage ceremony, an anniversary, or even a new addition to the family.

Our suggestion is no other than this men’s diamond half-eternity ring crafted in 18ct yellow gold!

All About The Blue Sapphires

We saved the best for last. Blue sapphires have excellent symbolism and durability. They are said to bring luck, loyalty, happiness, and love. Some people believe the blue sapphire, also known as Neelam gemstone, helps in handling nerve-related tensions and neurological disorders and provide protection against theft, terror, accidents, and problems caused due to natural calamities. If you love astrology, blue sapphire is the way to go!

We suggest a luxurious, handmade, full eternity, princess-cut sapphire diamond wedding band made of 14k white gold and lab blue sapphire.

Final Words

To conclude, we can note that there is a wide range of available wedding rings for gay men, queer, and transgender communities. Starting from the most diversified materials, including traditional yellow, delicate rose and white gold, platinum, and silver, to the various styles and stones, the wedding band may be one of the most difficult decisions for your ceremony.

Thus, you need to take your time and decide on these issues. Are you one to appreciate the value of history, vintage or ancient rings? Or do you prefer modern design and the bravery that stems from the black wedding ring? Most importantly, always consult your partner and decide on the designs together – regardless of whether you will get matching bands or not!

Author: Cosmin

Frequently Asked Questions

Engagement rings, wedding bands, or both?

It depends on your preferences. Same-sex couples all around the world have made the most diversified decisions when it comes to rings. For instance, some have purchased both engagement and wedding rings for one another. However, others prefer only one engagement ring. Thus, whoever pops the question gets to wear only the wedding ring. Furthermore, some people prefer purchasing and wearing only one ring. So, they reuse their engagement rings at the ceremony. In conclusion, we can say that you get to do whatever you want to. If you have dreamt of an engagement ring, make sure to let your partner know. Even more, make sure to discuss your bands along with the overall ceremony.

Which hand and finger do we wear our rings on?

Wearing the ring on the right-hand ring finger is recognized as an indicator of a monogamous relationship in the LGBTQ community. However, it's not the only way we've seen people wear wedding bands. You have a multitude of options to wear your wedding ring. You can adapt the traditional way of wearing it on the left-hand ring finger. However, you may also use it on the right-hand ring finger. Finally, you can showcase it on any matching non-ring finger. After all, it would help if you did what seems right for you and your partner. So, feel free to wear your ring on whichever hand or finger you prefer.

Should we shop together?

You may but must not shop for wedding rings together with your partner. Yet, it would be best if you always discussed the wedding ring style with your partner to ensure that you are on the same page. You can decide on a surprise proposal. Evidently, this is the more exciting alternative. However, if you are unsure of your partner's preferences, it is always better to go shopping together. Even more, you can shop online from the comfort of your home. This way, you can browse for wedding bands and decide upon the style together with your partner. You can also visit your local jewellery stores or outlets, but keep in mind that the best prices are generally found on the Internet.

How do I find out my partner's ring size?

In general, there are two answers to this question. If you go shopping for wedding rings together with your partner, there is no need for you to get involved in the measuring process. However, if you plan to surprise your soul mate, you can implement a few strategic tips. First of all, you can measure your partner's finger while they sleep. You can also take one of their rings that fit comfortably and take it to a jeweller to get it measured. Another thing you can do is ask one of your partner's friends to take them ring shopping and report the measures back to you. Finally, you can use a ring finger chart. In the end, you should know that you can always get the ring modified after the proposal. After all, the jeweller is always the best and most accurate way to find out your loved one's ring size.

Do we have to purchase rings?

Traditionally, wedding ceremonies have been sealed with the exchange of rings. The reason behind this issue is the underlying meaning of this piece of jewellery. More exactly, the round shape signifies never-ending love and commitment. However, there is no rule as to whether you should exchange rings as part of the ritual. In the 21st century, we can do whatever we want to. This means that you can choose another piece of jewellery, such as a necklace, an ankle/wrist bracelet, or even a toe ring. After all, what makes for eternal commitment is you and your partner, not the rings you choose to exchange on your wedding day.

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