20 Most Amazing Lesbian Wedding Rings That Signifies Never-Ending Love & Commitment

Is there anything more exciting than shopping for lesbian wedding rings? Well, if you have already found your soul mate, the answer is probably not!

Besides, lesbian wedding rings have no blueprint. This means that both you and your partner will be able to express yourselves fully.

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding lesbian couples is who should be the one to propose? Thus, who gets the ring?

First of all, no rules apply to this issue. And secondly, this refers to the engagement ring or the one you give when you propose.

But wait?! Have you chosen your engagement rings yet? We’ve bundled a list with the most dazzling gay engagement rings & lesbian engagement rings out on the market.

Another important question you should ask yourself is whether you will buy the rings individually or together with your partner?

Are you going for a diamond or a custom-made ring?

And finally, the most frequently asked question, whether your wedding rings are going to match?

So should the same-sex wedding rings need to match? No set rules apply for wedding rings in modern times, especially for same-sex couples. Thus, you decide whether you’ll buy rings individually or together with your partner and if the rings will match or not.

When at the ceremony, you and your partner exchange the wedding bands. However, you may choose matching or different rings; they may be tapered or otherwise designed, classic, or custom-made.

In continuance, you can find the 20 best lesbian wedding rings appropriate for all members of the LGBTQ+ Community. But if you’re looking for something else, we’ve also made a list for the most jaw-dropping gay wedding rings out there.

1. Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamond Lesbian Wedding Ring

Back to Marilyn Monroe eternal words’ A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend!’!

The first choice on our list for female same-sex wedding rings features dazzling round brilliant cut diamonds. To be more specific, it’s a lady’s eternity ring crafted in 18ct white gold, presenting a stunning plaited band design.

Apart from its one-of-a-kind, unique look, the eternity ring also has an underlying meaning. For centuries, these types of wedding bands have been known as infinity rings. They symbolize never-ending love and are usually given to spouses. Hence, it’s a perfect way to mark your promise to spend your life with your significant other. Even more, it’s the most stylish and eye-catching way to do so!

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2. The Exceptional Blue Sapphires

Our next choice for same-sex marriage rings incorporates the highly precious, coloured gemstones of the Corundum mineral family, or the blue sapphires onto its design.

This particular handmade half eternity ring is crafted in platinum 950 diamonds and blue sapphire. But, it’s adjustable and can be modified to your preferences. More exactly, the band may be designed in gold, platinum, rose-gold, or white gold. What’s more, the design includes recycled materials, so it’s great for the environmentally-friendly couples.

After all, the main focus is on the sapphires, known as the most powerful and fastest acting gemstone in Vedic astrology. To be more specific, blue sapphires are believed to bring instant wealth, fame, and success to the one who wears them. Hence, they might be the perfect way to seal your promise of eternal love and the beginning of your new journey.

Check more details of ‘The Exceptional Blue Sapphires‘ lesbian wedding ring on Etsy.com

3. Traditional Yellow Gold Bands

After all, we must give our appreciation to the traditional wedding ring design. This particular classic wedding band is handcrafted in solid 18-carat gold. Thus, it provides for an everlasting, high-class look.

What’s great for the long-established, yellow gold rings is that they will never go out of fashion. They have been the most popular choice for a wedding ceremony for centuries now. Even so, they will remain as notable and acclaimed for many years to come.

Furthermore, traditional yellow gold bands can be easily incorporated into different types of events. So no matter what you choose for your wedding theme, you may find the gold bands as the perfect addition to the ritual.

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4. Delicate White Gold

Similar to the previous example, this particular same-sex marriage ring provides an elegant and aristocratic appearance. After all, some couples prefer white gold over the yellow one.

So, even though it resembles the traditional wedding band design, this solid 18-carat white gold ring is unique and chic. Even more, its simple craft provides an opportunity to convince your partner to get matching rings.

What’s more, the ring is a great and discreet fit. You can surely match it with your everyday style and appearance. In the end, it’s better to get a ring which you will be able to wear daily, simultaneously expressing the promise you have made. You are certain of your love, so why shouldn’t you let the world know of it?

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5. Heart-Shaped Matching Rings

One of the cutest and delightful wedding rings on our list is this exact heart-shaped design. After all, we are all aware of the underlying meaning of this craft. The heart shape has always been used to express love, liking, and friendship, as well as romantic feelings.

Thus, this handmade ring is the perfect way to seal your promise of eternal love and commitment. However, the ultimate effect may be achieved only if you get matching rings with your significant other.

This exact double shank diamond wedding band is crafted in 14k gold and features a unique diamond gemstone. Anyhow, the craftsman is open to suggestions and may modify the bands to your liking.

Check more details of the ‘Heart-Shaped Matching Rings‘ lesbian wedding ring on Etsy.com

6. Wishbone Wedding Rings

For years now, wishbone rings have been among the most popular choices for wedding ceremonies. But have you ever thought of the reason behind this trend?

Generally speaking, a wishbone is a symbol of luck. However, the combination of this shape with diamonds is believed to signify long-lasting luck and bring happiness to its wearer. That’s why many couples have chosen wishbone rings as same-sex marriage rings, or to mark other significant events in their life.

To be more specific, this is an 18ct white gold eternity ring featuring 17 Round Brilliant Cut diamonds in a classic claw setting. Due to its unique design, numerous ladies have chosen it both as an engagement and a wedding ring over the years. After all, it’s a matter of style and preference. So, feel free to assign your own meaning to this piece of jewellery!

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7. Chic Textured Bands

If you are one of the ladies who appreciate simplicity but aim for a luxurious wedding ring, you might consider purchasing a textured band. First of all, it features the traditional round shape, which makes it a great and comfortable fit.

However, the ring is crafted in 9ct white gold and provides for an extravagant look. Hence, it’s a great balance between fashion and convenience. Even more, you can easily achieve a compromise with your future wife and get matching or similar rings.

What’s important for textured bands is their unique and striking appearance. Because after all, handmade jewellery has always been more eye-catching than the traditional or smooth same-sex wedding rings.

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8. Unique Black-Gold Combo

As mentioned before, there are no limitations of any kind when it comes to same-sex marriage rings. So, if you want to wear a black band on your special day, you may as well purchase one.

The particular wedding ring we have chosen is a piece of unisex jewellery crafted in 18kt gold and oxidized sterling silver. Hence, it’s one of the most unique and remarkable designs on the market. Its exceptional composition provides for a comfortable fit and striking appearance.

Even more, the gold details add to its luxurious character. So, it may be the perfect choice for lesbian wedding rings, androgynous wedding rings, queer wedding rings, transgender wedding rings, or any LGBTQ+ community members in this sense.

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9. Luxurious Rose Gold

The next eternity ring on our list is crafted in rose gold, featuring a slight wishbone design. Its soft composition is completed with 17 Round Brilliant Cut diamonds arranged in a traditional claw setting. Hence, there are numerous reasons to purchase this band for your wedding ceremony.

First of all, eternity rings symbolize eternal or continuous love. Next, rose gold has been one of the most widespread trends in the last few years. And when it comes to diamonds, we all know they are the ultimate sign for elegance and luxury.

Besides, the designer is willing to adjust the wedding ring to fit perfectly with your engagement. This means that you’ll be able to wear both rings simultaneously and ensure they impeccably click together.

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10. Classy Irish Claddagh

Have you ever heard of Irish Claddagh? The Claddagh ring is a traditional, Irish descendent one. It was first produced in the 17th century and is a symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship. So, it stands for everything connected to marriage and commitment.

This particular design is crafted in 9ct white gold, which adds to its luxurious and everlasting appearance. Thus, we can say that the Claddagh adds meaning to any form of jewellery. And you definitely must not be Irish to wear one!

After all, the Claddagh makes for a perfect Celtic wedding ring. Yet, you should remember to wear it on your ring finger with the heart pointing toward your wrist. This way, you will be able to show the world that you’ve found your soul mate and ultimately married her.

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11. Diamond Knot Claddagh

Due to its impressive underlying meaning, we have chosen one more Claddagh ring for our list. Only this time, the design features a diamond knot crafted in 9ct two-tone gold.

Imagine this; it’s your wedding day, and you have spent months preparing for this day. But finally, you get to the ritual. You stand in front of your significant other, and you exchange your wedding rings, both of which incorporate the Claddagh symbol. And is there anything more romantic than this?

What’s impressive about these wedding bands is that you can match them in any type of ceremony. Hence, no matter if you prefer a garden wedding or a ball, they might be the perfect solution for you and your future wife.

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12. Vintage All The Way

Another huge trend in the LGBTQ+ community is vintage rings. For years now, many couples have recognized the value and have chosen vintage as their same-sex civil partnership rings. And it’s for a reason!

Generally, a vintage ring is second-handed. However, the ring may also be old and unused. To be more specific, any piece of jewellery older than 20 years in age is classified as vintage. Hence, you have a pretty wide base of rings to choose from.

Our particular suggestion is a vintage from the 1990s. It is crafted in 18ct gold, and it features a heart-shaped band design. Thus, it comes with an underlying meaning, as well as a stylish and chic appearance.

Check more details of the ‘Vintage All The Way‘ lesbian wedding ring on Etsy.com

13. Elegant Cross over Style

The next item on our female same-sex marriage rings is this exquisite cross over style setting. More exactly, it is an eternity ring that incorporates round brilliant cut diamonds into its composition. Hence, it provides for one of the most elegant wedding bands on the market.

The combination of 18ct yellow gold and diamond stones is certainly one of the most luxurious jewellery pieces. Apart from the stunning appearance, the ring is also extremely comfortable and allows for a great fit.

Due to its specific structure, the ring is also associated with certain types of engagement rings. At the end of the day, there are no limitations as to what you and your significant other can choose as wedding jewellery. But make sure not to overlook such extraordinary choices!

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14. The Mirror Finish

Another ring that skips the society’s norms as to what qualifies for wedding jewellery is the following mirror finish wedding band. More exactly, the ring is crafted in solid tungsten but presents one of the most unique designs on the market.

Its faceted mirror finish adds much elegance and high-class style to the wedding ring. Yet, its traditional shape allows for a suitable fit and comfort.

All things considered, this particular design is excellent for same-sex wedding rings, especially if you decide upon matching bands. It’s the perfect accessory for a ball wedding, a traditional ceremony, or even a garden one. Besides, it’s one of the rare designs that suits winter weddings or icy settings.

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15. Hearts on Fire Platinum Bands

Another ring that highlights the importance and beauty of simplicity in the following platinum band. This particular suggestion features a polished finish and is crafted in court style. What’s more, it is designed in a way to fit or complement your engagement ring perfectly.

Like any other wedding ring, this Hearts on Fire platinum wedding ring is designed for a lifetime of love and everlasting commitment. And if you are confused by the price of platinum, you must understand the value behind this precious metal.

To be more specific, platinum is much rarer than gold. Also, it’s denser, which makes a ring weigh significantly more when it’s crafted in platinum than in gold. And generally, all precious metals are priced according to their weight.

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16. The Signature Look

Designed in collaboration with Hayley Paige, the wedding dress designer, this particular ring is crafted in 18ct gold. Besides, it’s one of the most uncommon wedding band shapes you can choose for your ceremony.

If you are one of those couples who love to show the world their uniqueness and eternal love, this signature shape might be the perfect way to do so. And there is no need to highlight the lasting quality of the material. After all, gold has been and will probably remain the most common material used for wedding jewellery.

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17. Combined Yellow & White Gold

The following suggestion on our list is a modern mix between yellow and white gold. Thus, it’s perfect for the lovers of gold who cannot decide upon the colour of their wedding jewellery.

To be more specific, this glamorous ring is made from 9ct gold and white gold diamonds. Hence, it features a beautiful, flowing, and eye-catching design. Apart from its breathtaking appearance, the ring structure fits great with engagement rings. Hence, it might be the perfect choice for a matching ring for you and your future wife.

After all, you should never be afraid to choose a spectacular ring for your special occasion. And what a better way to grasp everyone’s attention than this extraordinary combination of white and yellow gold?

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18. Antique Diamonds

We’ve come to the most expensive ring on the female same-sex marriage rings list. To be more specific, it’s an antique Edwardian diamond, full eternity ring, crafted in 18ct gold. So, there’s a reason for its price!

Antique jewellery refers to any piece that has crossed 100 years of age. Our particular suggestion dates back to the 1910s, which certainly explains the Edwardian style. If you are not introduced to this period, the Edwardian era took place between 1900 and 1915. At the time, society reached the peak of elegance and sophistication. Thus, this old fashioned piece of jewellery holds a lot of history in its design.

It’s perfect for couples who appreciate the value of the past. Even more, it’s a great choice for the lovers of diamonds, and the underlying meaning of full eternity rings!

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19. Open Wedding Bands

Another specific design on our list is this open wedding band craft. More exactly, our suggestion is a handmade, diamond open wedding band featuring an aquamarine gemstone. It’s personalizable, hence can be made of gold, platinum, rose-gold, stone, or even white gold.

In the last couple of years, open wedding bands have become extremely popular due to their low profile or discreet appearance. They are the perfect choice for a trendy, yet minimalistic individual. What’s more, such rings can easily be modified to fit perfectly with your engagement ring and everyday outfits.

Check more details of the ‘Open Wedding Bands‘ lesbian wedding ring on Etsy.com

20. One-Of-A-Kind Aquamarine Bands

The last item on our list is an aquamarine, full eternity wedding band. Also known as blue beryl, aquamarine stands for the bright ocean colour. It’s a symbol of both communication and courage. More exactly, the gemstone is used in wedding ring designs as a reminder to express love to your significant other. You can do this through words or actions. But remember to do it daily!

The design features an emerald shaped stone, a white band, and a blue gem. However, it’s a handmade wedding ring so that you may incorporate your suggestions onto the composition. Your material options are yellow, rose, and white gold. After all, the ring will be extremely luxurious, no matter what you choose as its base.

Check more details of the ‘One-Of-A-Kind Aquamarine Bands‘ lesbian wedding ring on Etsy.com


In the end, we would like to mention the general rule that applies within gay and lesbian communities.

Have you ever thought about what makes a piece of jewellery an indicator of a monogamous relationship?

Wearing your ring on the right hand is the recognizable marker for same-sex marriage and everlasting commitment.

Furthermore, do you aim for a discreet look that stems from minimalistic designs? Or you are one to prefer extravagant features and symbols with underlying meaning?

No matter the case, make sure to take your time and review our above-mentioned suggestions. After all, we’ve tried to incorporate the most assorted designs, appropriate to anyone’s style or preference.

Thus, you and your partner may express your appreciation for one another by wearing your same-sex marriage rings this way.

After all, you are certain of your love, so why not let the world know of it?

Frequently Asked Questions

In continuance, we have answered the 10 most frequently asked questions regarding the wedding day within the LGBTQ+ community.

Who Pops The Question?

‘Who should propose’ is probably one of the most frequently asked questions in the LGBTQ+ community.

Yet, it is equally annoying as having to answer ‘Who’s the man and who’s the woman in the relationship’

Simply put, there is no right or wrong way to propose. You are the one who decides upon everything in your life, as well as your relationship.

So, you should be the one to decide whether you are going to propose or wait for your partner to do so.

Generally speaking, it is usually the braver partner or the more financially stable one to propose. Yet, there are always exceptions. So, feel free to do as your heart and mind desire!

Do We Have To Get Matching Wedding Rings?

The only rule you should follow when choosing a wedding band is to focus on your dream ring. More exactly, you get to wear whatever you want.

And just like any other couple, you are not obliged to like the same things as your partner.

Of course, there are high chances for you to like the same jewellery. After all, you can wear matching rings, but it is not mandatory to do so!

Make sure to choose a wedding ring that highlights your style, your uniqueness, and individuality. In the end, you are the one who’s going to wear it, so get one that you can love and appreciate daily.

What Metal Should Our Wedding Rings Be Made Of?

The idea behind a wedding ring is for you to wear it for the rest of your life. Thus, you need to choose the metal that you like best.

There are no limitations as to what is considered as a wedding ring and what is not.

However, you need to choose a metal that is both durable and long-lasting.

That’s why most couples have chosen gold over the years. Platinum is another, more expensive version, considered as the luxurious upgrade of gold.

After all, you should always dedicate special attention to your wedding ring.

No matter which metal you choose, all bands require certain care and long-term treatment to prolong their life. Finally, you should try to match the ring to your lifestyle and consider any allergies in this sense.

How Long Before The Proposal Or Wedding Ceremony Should We Shop For Rings?

Certain individuals own a wedding ring from the time they were kids. Some have inherited jewellery pieces from their family, and some have purchased a ring just because they have fallen in love with it.

However, some individuals purchase the ring a day before they plan to propose or get married. After all, neither of these scenarios is wrong.

What you should do is find the person with which you plan to spend the rest of your life and don’t dedicate special attention to this issue.

You should always do what feels right for you, no matter if this means purchasing the ring the day, a month, or years before the wedding ceremony.

How Much Should We Budget For?

This is simply one more question with no appropriate answer. Many would say that the engagement ring should value as much as three months’ salary. But after all, you should set the budget for your rings.

When it comes to wedding bands, they are usually considered as part of the overall ceremony expenditure.

Hence, you and your partner are the ones to determine which portion will be dedicated to the jewellery.

Make sure to consider all expenses related to the event. A great tip is to browse online before you start shopping to get an idea of items or their approximate prices.

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