20 Most Incredible Lesbian Engagement Rings For Bounding Two Soul Mates

Are you ready to pop the question ‘Will you marry me’?

This moment will most probably be the most remarkable one in your relationship.

So, it would be ideal if you get ready for the proposal. To be more specific, you must gather the courage, as well as purchase an engagement ring for your partner.

No matter, if you are looking for gay engagement rings or lesbian engagement rings, you have a far wider choice as a female. More precisely, the market is overfilled with rings for women, so you will undoubtedly find one of your dreams!

No matter the case, you should always take into consideration your preferences and the ones of your partner. Engagement rings symbolize the love, devotion, and fidelity, a couple is going to share. Even more, certain shapes, stones, and designs add additional meaning to represent your relationship and commitment.

In continuance, you can find our suggestion for the top 20 female engagement rings.

1. Impressive Aquamarine-Diamond Combo

Well, we all know the famous saying ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. And apparently, it’s for a reason!

The first choice on our list is this oval cut, natural aquamarine diamond ring. If you are not familiar with it, the aquamarine is the blue to a blue-green member of the beryl family. Named after the colour of seawater, the aquamarine is one of the most widespread choices for engagement jewellery.

This precious stone symbolizes tranquillity, serenity, clarity, and harmony. However, it also represents transformation and rebirth, so it’s a great way to mark the entrance into a new phase of your relationship. What’s more, this particular ring is designed in 9cr white gold, which adds to the elegant and lavish look of the design. So, can you ask for more in a ring?

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2. To Infinity And Beyond

Is there a better way to add meaning to your engagement ring than by incorporating the infinity sign in its design? The answer is probably not! However, it all depends on your style and preference.

Infinity rings have become quite a trend in the last couple of years. More exactly, several ring designers have focused on creating the most diversified infinity ring designs, ones to satisfy the most varied tastes.

As the name implies, an infinity ring is associated with a promise of everlasting love and commitment. Thus, it is usually given on proposals or special occasions, such as anniversaries.

This particular ring is designed in two-tone 9ct gold, featuring a unique vintage style and a high finish polish. Hence, it presents a lavish, extraordinary look, in addition to its hidden meaning.

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3. The Heart Shape

Another greatly recognized trend regarding same-sex engagement rings is the heart-shaped stone. To be more specific, the heart-shaped engagement rings date back to the 16th century when they were used as a symbol of shared love and lifelong connection. Years went by, but this hasn’t changed, as couples still purchase this design for proposals. And the heart-shaped ring certainly remained as one of the most unique and rare ring designs there are.

Our particular suggestion incorporates a pink heart-shaped gemstone into its half eternity diamond setting. Half eternity rings have stones set across ½ or ¾ of the top of the ring. That’s why many individuals find them more comfortable and practical than full eternity rings. What’s more, there is a possibility for a 14K yellow or white gold band, in addition to the rose gold combination presented on the picture.

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4. Classic Oval-Cut Diamond

Classic Oval-Cut Diamond Lesbian Engagement Ring

Generally speaking, the oval cut diamond is an elongated version of the brilliant round cut. However, the appeal of the oval cut goes much deeper.

If the diamond is shaped properly, the oval cut can appear far larger than the traditional round one. What’s more, it is a more unique and rare shape, one that is fashionable, as well as trendy. Individuals also prefer the oval cut because it might make one’s fingers look longer and thinner. Hence, it’s a great fit for a wide range of hand shapes and sizes.

This particular diamond engagement ring is developed in solid platinum and features a channel-set diamond band, in addition to the central oval-cut diamond. Hence, it’s the perfect choice for individuals that intend to dazzle forever!

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5. The Claddagh’s Hidden Meaning

The Claddagh design may be the one with the deepest underlying meaning. More exactly, it consists of three parts, each of which has an assigned signification. The hands holding the heart represent friendship; the heart itself stands for love, whereas the crown is the symbol of loyalty. Thus, it’s the ultimate combination for making a promise to spend your life with your partner.

Can you imagine a more romantic proposal than one that displays the Claddagh design? Most probably not! Apart from its hidden message, the Claddagh design also has a lavish, extraordinary look. More exactly, this particular ring is crafted in 9ct rose gold and features a well-shaped diamond in the middle of the heart. Hence, we can say that it’s the perfect choice for a romantic soul that loves diamonds, and appreciates a bit of luxury!

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6. Iconic Gold- Swiss Blue Topaz Combo

Over the years, ring designers came up with the most diversified ring shapes and designs. But nothing can ever replace the traditional, iconic gold. It can solely add to its design, and this particular ring is here to prove us so!

Starting from the natural Swiss blue topaz, heart-shaped gemstone, to the 9ct solid gold band, this ring is everything a woman can dream of! And if you are not familiar with the stone, the Swiss blue topaz is generally associated with understanding, learning, inspirations, and peaceful communication. So, it’s a perfect way to promise your partner mutual comprehension for a lifetime!

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7. Vintage Natural Pearls

Natural pearls are widely accepted symbols for harmony, as well as perfection and purity. That’s why many couples consider them as a meaningful and unique option for same-sex engagement rings.

This particular vintage design is crafted in French Art Nouveau, an ornamental style of art that took place between 1890 and 1910. What’s more, it is designed in 18K yellow gold, which means the design will certainly pass the test of time!

However, you must be aware that wearing a natural pearl ring on a daily basis may lead to a complete disaster. More specifically, the chemicals that your ring comes in contact with can strip its nacre away. This means that if you are willing to purchase this exceptional design for yourself or your partner, you must be prepared to take care of it.

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8. Three Diamonds Claw-Set

The question is ‘What is better than a diamond’? And the answer is quite simple, because ‘It’s three diamonds’!

The three diamonds claw-set have recently become trendier than ever. And apart from their luxury look, the reason behind this occurrence is the underlying meaning. More exactly, each diamond stands for a different point in time or the past, present, and future of a relationship. Another popular interpretation is that a three-stone diamond ring symbolizes friendship, love, and fidelity you have for your partner.

This expertly-crafted design combines an elegant 18ct yellow gold band with a diamonds claw-set in platinum. The centrally positioned diamond is cushion-shaped, whereas the two smaller diamonds surrounding it are faceted, brilliant-cut ones. So, if you are into mixed materials and colours, as well as a lavish and everlasting look, this exact ring is the perfect choice for the occasion!

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9. The Classic Solitaire

If you are uncertain as to what kind of ring your partner may want, you cannot mistake by choosing the classic solitaire design, as it is a timeless and luxurious look.

To be more specific, the term solitaire refers to any piece of jewellery with a single diamond. This particular ring, for instance, combines the stylish princess cut held beautifully in place with the eye-catching four claws setting in a twisted split band. To add to the elegance, the ring is crafted in 18ct white gold. Yet, the manufacturer offers the options of other materials, such as rose gold or platinum.

The design provides an exquisitely remarkable appeal because of its clean lines and remarkable composition. Hence, it’s the perfect choice for classy, yet adventurous couples, individuals that aim for unique or lavish same-sex engagement rings.

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10. Unique Pink Sapphires

What is the ultimate symbol for love, if not the heart-shaped pink sapphire? In the last couple of years, heart-shaped ring designs have become one of the most beloved choices for LGBTQ+ engagement rings. And we cannot say if it is the unique, luxury composition or the underlying meaning of the heart.

Since we were kids, we all drew hearts as symbols for love. So, it’s quite obvious why females tend to choose the design for their proposals. When it comes to this particular ring, it is crafted in solid 9-carat white gold in cluster style, featuring one large stone surrounded with a group of stones of equal size.

Hence, it’s the perfect engagement ring for the ladies who aim for an extravagant look, what that combines a bunch of diamonds and a huge pink coloured gemstone! After all, what more can you ask for in a ring?

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11. Branded Vintage Ring

Our next suggestion is for the lovers of luxury, name brands, as well as vintage jewellery. To be more specific, this particular ring is from Chanel’s Baroque collection. Before the Baroque period jewellers designed rings using coloured enamel. However, once they became more skilled in cutting the stones, they started crafting jewellery that we can describe as a pure masterpiece.

For example, the ring is crafted in 18k yellow gold, which accounts for its durability and high quality. It features cultured pearls, as well as round brilliant cut diamonds. Hence, it’s the ultimate best combination of class and excellence.

As mentioned before, pearls symbolize loyalty, integrity, generosity, and purity. Thus, these designs are the perfect choice for same-sex engagement rings, as they are unique and more affordable choice than diamonds to commit to everlasting love.

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12. Unique Pear-Shaped Aquamarine

Crafted in 9ct white gold, this ring design is one of the most unique creations on the market. More exactly, the pear is quite an uncommon gemstone shape. Thus, women who choose it for their engagement ring are considered strong individuals.

Another way to interpret this design is to consider it as a teardrop shape, one that indicates tears of joy within a relationship. Thus, it is either given or worn by a romantic individual. When it comes to the aquamarine gemstone, it’s associated with calm feelings, trust, clarity, and harmony.

After all, we can say that same-sex engagement rings featuring the aquamarine diamond stone, as well as the teardrop shape, are the ultimate combination of luxury, extravagance, and significance. What a better way to promise your partner serenity and protection, along with a lavish lifestyle than by giving her this exact ring?

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13. The Exquisite Halo Shape

The halo shape refers to a ring setting that features a centred large gemstone encircled with a collection of micro-pavé diamonds, which can either be coloured or not.

Our particular suggestion is a stunning cluster diamond ring that features a dazzling oval cut centre stone. And as we can notice, the halo setting makes the high-carat diamond look enormous, as well as lavish. What’s more, the classic claw setting beautifully holds the diamond, which is simultaneously surrounded by sparkling round brilliant cut accent stones on both sides.

Hence, we can say that this simple yet dazzling ring is a sophisticated combination of 18ct yellow gold and diamonds. It’s the perfect choice for individuals willing to sparkle from every angle. After all, the manufacturer also offers the possibility of other materials. So, if you are not a fan of yellow gold, feel free to explore other options for your LGBTQ+ engagement rings.

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14. Ruby Gemstones

Ruby refers to a pink to a blood-red coloured gemstone, one that is used in all types of jewellery, either as a centrepiece or to complement other gemstones, such as diamonds. But what makes the ruby as popular as it is today, is its accrued special and symbolic meaning.

To be more specific, ruby gemstones symbolize nobility, purity, and passion. And that’s why starting from ancient times up until today, individuals have chosen it for their lesbian engagement rings, as well or same-sex engagement rings in general. What’s more, there is a widespread belief that wearing a ruby ring on your left hand can bring you good fortune.

This particular ring is crafted in 9ct white gold and features a three-stone setting. More exactly, it presents the ruby stone as the centrepiece, one surrounded by well-defined, smaller diamonds. Hence, it’s the perfect lavish choice for the ones seeking an additional layer of meaning to their rings.

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15. The Emerald Cut

Because of their elongated shape and large table, emerald cut diamonds may come at a lower price per carat. More exactly, they appear larger than other shapes, even if they contain the same carats. However, only 3% of diamonds worldwide are emerald cut. Considering they are extremely rare and hard to find, emerald cut diamonds may also be priced higher.

This particular ring is crafted in 18ct white gold and features a stunning, centred emerald cut diamond, one that is surrounded by ten exquisite round brilliant cut diamonds. In other words, this brilliant cluster style diamond ring displays all diamonds in the classic claw setting, which accounts for its durability.

What’s more, the manufacturer offers the option of platinum, or a combination of yellow and white gold, for the band. So, not only you will get a luxury, unique design, but also one that is guaranteed to pass the test of time.

View more details about the ‘The Emerald Cut‘ lesbian engagement ring on PurelyDiamonds.co.uk

16. Remarkable Diamond Daisy Ring

Is there a more iconic combination than one of yellow gold and diamonds for an engagement ring? Well, most probably it’s this vintage ring that combines the materials and dates back to the 19th century.

To be more specific, it’s a daisy ring, one that features an antique cushion-cut diamond surrounded by 12 other, smaller diamonds of the same type. Without a doubt, we can say that the mounting is delicately perforated. Furthermore, the ring is crafted in 18 karats yellow gold and is covered with chisels on its half.

Generally, daisies are associated with innocence and purity. More exactly, they date back to the old Celtic legend where Freya, the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, presents the daisy as her sacred flower. Ever since, daisies are accepted as symbols for childbirth, motherhood, and new beginnings. Hence, they are the perfect way to mark the beginning of your new relationship phase.

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17. Powerful Tanzanite Gemstone

Have you ever heard of tanzanite? It’s the gemstone that got its name by Tiffany & Co. after Tanzania or the country where it was discovered. More exactly, it refers to a blue and violet variety of the mineral zoisite, one that symbolizes higher consciousness, stimulates intuition, and perception.

Over the years, tanzanite developed the reputation of a stone that can give its wearer the gifts of eternal truth and honesty. In other words, it can transfer the knowledge of higher spiritual love and light. Because of this, many individuals found the gemstone as the perfect choice for LGBTQ+ engagement rings.

This particular design is developed in 9ct white gold and features an oval cut natural tanzanite. Hence, it combines extravagance with an underlying meaning, making it the perfect choice for individuals willing to escape the traditional ring shapes and materials.

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18. Handmade Boho-Styled Ring

The most important fact regarding an engagement ring is that it should reflect the individual that is going to wear it. For instance, you cannot buy a huge, claw-setting diamond to a nonconformist, or an individual that appreciates it’s a free spirit. It will simply not fit into her lifestyle or outfits.

This particular bohemian design is an extraordinary combination of solid material and a diamond gemstone placed in a three-ring set. More specifically, the central diamond is surrounded by turquoise coloured stones. What’s more, it’s a handmade ring, meaning you can choose among 18k yellow, rose, or white gold for its band.

View more details about the ‘Handmade Boho-Styled Ring‘ lesbian engagement ring on Etsy.com

19. Elegant Rose Gold

As we come to an end, we cannot help but mention the elegance of the rose gold material. More exactly, it’s an alloy, or a common mix of gold, copper, and silver, which strengthen the metal and account for its colour. And even though it’s not as timeless as yellow gold, rose gold has become extremely popular because it’s complementary to frilly shades, as well as neutral colours.

Our suggestion is a ring crafted in 9ct rose gold, one that features the trillion cuts natural morganite diamond. The trillion cut refers to a triangular shape comprised of three equal sides and 31 or 50 facets. What’s more, the triangle-shaped stones tend to appear much larger because of their shallow cut. So, it’s the perfect choice to achieve that lavish look, even if you are on a budget!

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20. The Ultimate Combo

Last but certainly not least, we have decided to include this golden-diamond combo on our list. To be more specific, it’s a handmade, halo setting ring, designed in mid-century style.

The mid-century, or the period 1950-1965, is when jewellers changed the ’40s masculine or military-style designs to a more elegant, feminine-looking ones. Thus, they created bold, modern looks with stunning confections of glistening gemstones, such as diamonds.

This particular ring is crafted in 18k solid yellow gold, so it will pass the test of time. Even more, it features a central, huge diamond surrounded by smaller colourless stones. Hence, it’s the perfect choice for same-sex engagement rings or individuals that aim for a lavish, aristocratic look.

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After all, lesbian engagement rings can range among the most diversified styles, shapes, materials, and colours.

There are no limitations as to what kind of same-sex engagement rings you should get for yourself and your partner.

What’s important is to take your time and explore your options. We have tried to incorporate the most varied LGBTQ+ engagement rings on our list, so it’s a great place to begin your search. But what should you do next?

In the end, you should discuss with your partner or one of his/her friends.

It’s always better to predict what your partner may prefer for an engagement ring than completely ruin the surprise with the wrong ring design.

Make sure to take your time and prepare well, as the proposal, along with the LGBTQ+ engagement rings, will remain in your memory forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

In continuance, we have answered the top 3 questions regarding lesbian engagement rings within the LGBTQ+ community.

Do Both Partners Get An Engagement Ring?

When it comes to same-sex engagement rings, as well as wedding bands, there are no limitations as to who is going to propose or how he/she is going to do so.

Generally, the one who proposes gives the engagement ring to the other partner. This is usually the partner who is more financially stable or simply braver to pop the question. However, if the one proposing feels left out for not getting a ring, he/she may get one for themselves.

What’s more, there are certain situations where both partners can decide to propose at the same time. This usually happens on special occasions or trips to tropical and extravagant locations. So, if you want to experience the ultimate romance, you may as well schedule an exciting event for you and your partner. Imagine asking the question just to understand that your partner was going to propose as well. Quite remarkable, isn’t it?

Which Finger Does A Gay Engagement Ring Go On?

Another frequently asked question in the gay community is on which finger the proposal ring should be worn. Once again, there isn’t a proper way to do so.

Generally, gay couples tend to wear their engagement rings on the ring finger on the right hand. However, this applies to countries where straight people wear the ring on their left hand. It’s a unique way to signal that a person is divorced, widowed, or gay.

However, we advise you to do what feels right. Many gay couples wear their engagement rings on the left hand, embracing the traditional practice. Even more, there isn’t a rule stating that the finger next to your pinky is the only place suitable for a ring. After all, you are the one to set the rules of how you will symbolize your love and commitment.

Do Civil Partners Wear Rings?

A civil partnership refers to the formal arrangement that gives you, as a same-sex couple, the status of a married couple. Thus, it’s the same thing as asking whether gay or lesbians get an engagement ring. Yes, they do!

As explained before, no one can set rules regarding lesbian engagement rings, gay engagement rings, androgynous engagement rings, queer engagement rings, or transgender engagement rings. It’s all a matter of taste and preference! So, feel free to choose the material, stone, style, and setting for the engagement ring, you will propose with your civil partner.

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