20 Most Charming Gay Engagement Rings To Match Your Style

The most common question regarding gay engagement rings, in general, is which partner should ask the question. Thus, who gets the ring? What’s more, many individuals have doubts as to whether gay couples exchange rings.

First off, it’s ridiculous to assume that rings or even jewellery have anything to do with genders. Nowadays, LGBTQ+, as well as straight, couples are not bound by any rule or tradition when it comes to the engagement or the wedding ceremony.

For instance, many individuals choose to wear an engagement ring, as well as a wedding band.

Thus, if you are the one who is going to propose and you feel a bit left out, feel free to purchase an engagement ring (or an alternative to engagement rings) for yourself as well. This way, both you and your partner will end up with two rings marking your everlasting love.

What’s more, you can choose to wear the rings on the same finger, as well as separately, or even on different hands. Also, do you want to get matching rings or mix metals?

Once again, feel free to do as you please. After all, you are the ones taking the next step in your relationship, so you and your partner should be the ones to set the rules for it.

When you resolve all the concerns as mentioned above, you will be ready to choose the engagement ring/s for the proposal (find our how to plan the perfect proposal).

At this stage, you can browse all different types of rings, starting from the classic solitaire or giant diamond, to a vintage ring from the 1930s, custom heart-shaped one, or a simple platinum band.

In the past, it wasn’t easy to find male engagement rings, as the man was the one to propose in straight coupes.

However, as time went by, many companies have designed LGBTQ+ engagement rings. So, today we have a wide variety of gay engagement rings, as well as androgynous engagement rings, and transgender engagement rings.

In continuance, you can find our suggestion for the top 20 best gay engagement rings.

1. Matching Claddagh Rings

As a traditional Irish ring, the Claddagh is a symbol for love, loyalty, and friendship. And that’s why we have chosen this exquisite white gold design as the first suggestion on our list.

The Claddagh was first produced back in the 17th century. Over the years, many couples have chosen it for their proposals because of its hidden meaning. To be more specific, the heart represents the love between you and your partner, the hands are symbols for your friendship, and the crown stands for loyalty.

This particular ring is crafted in solid 9ct white gold. So, if you are one of those couples that appreciate elegance and luxury, as well as the additional layer of meaning, you may as well consider the Claddagh. After all, you mustn’t be Irish to wear this design, as it is a well-recognized, universal symbol. And just imagine getting matching same-sex engagement rings!

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2. Representative Pride Rainbow

The rainbow flag, also known as the gay or LGBT pride flag, is the universal symbol for LGBTQ social movements, as well as peace. So, it’s only appropriate for us to include the following design into our list.

Each colour of the flag has its appropriated meaning. More precisely, hot pink is the symbol for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, turquoise for art, indigo for harmony and the violet stands for spirit.

This extraordinary design combines the traditional round shaped diamond stone with unique pride rainbow gemstones. What’s more, it may be crafted in platinum, palladium, yellow, rose, or white gold. The ring design also includes recycled material, making it perfect for environment-friendly couples or individuals.

View more details about the ‘Representative Pride Rainbow‘ gay engagement ring on Etsy.com

3. The Elegance of White Gold

As stated by The Knot 2019 Jewelry and Engagement Study, the average cost of an engagement ring is $5,900. And even though this particular design is way below the average price, it certainly doesn’t look like it!

To be more exact, this unisex diamond vintage ring is designed in 9ct white gold. And many individuals seem to be concerned regarding the quality of white gold. Well, to simplify, you should be looking at the karat number, as it determines the presence of pure gold.

The main difference between yellow and white gold is the metal mixture that’s used to make them. More specifically, white gold contains approximately 25% nickel and zinc, which makes it more reliable and more durable than yellow gold. That’s why many couples choose their same-sex engagement rings to be crafted in white gold.

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4. The Pear/ Teardrop Shape

Rather unique, the pear or teardrop-shaped gemstones are becoming trendier than ever. But have you ever accessed their hidden meaning?

Apparently, individuals who wear these designs are considered quite strong because of the uncommon pear shape. What’s more, the teardrop symbolizes the upcoming tears of joy within a relationship, which makes the wearer a traditional romantic. Apart from its hidden meaning, many couples choose this unique design because of its elegance and richness.

This particular engagement ring is crafted in 18K yellow gold, but it may also be designed in rose or white ones. What’s more, it features an aquamarine gemstone or the stone of eternal youth and happiness. The ring is personalizable and includes recycled materials. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

View more details about the ‘The Pear/ Teardrop Shape‘ gay engagement ring on Etsy.com

5. Titanium Eternity Ring

At first sight, the eternity engagement ring always leaves the impression of being simple. Yet, many individuals find it as the perfect choice for a proposal, as it combines durable quality because of the precious metals, one-of-a-kind design, and significant meaning.

Also known as the infinity ring, the eternity ring is crafted in precious metal, such as solid titanium in our suggestion. The design is completed with a continuous line of identically cut gemstones, or usually diamonds. This never-ending cycle stands for the endless love between the partners. Due to these reasons, many individuals choose the design for same-sex engagement rings.

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6. Vintage Sapphires

The main question is ‘Who doesn’t love vintage’? Lately, people all over the world have developed full recognition, as well as an appreciation for marriage proposal rings older than 20 years in age. This means that vintage engagement rings are usually second-handed. However, some certain exceptions or rings are old and unused.

This particular ring dates back to the 1970s and is crafted in gold. More precisely, it is designed in the mid-century style and features a blue sapphire gemstone. The symbolism behind the magnificent, holy sapphires is wisdom, virtue, good fortune, and holiness for royals.

So, if you are willing to feel as aristocratic as the Ancient Persians, you may as well consider sapphires for your same-sex engagement rings. What’s more, the sapphire is the stone of new love and commitment, one claimed to encourage faithfulness and loyalty. So, it’s perfect for a proposal!

View more details about the ‘Vintage Sapphires‘ gay engagement ring on Etsy.com

7. Pretty in Pink

Our next suggestion is this cabochon ring designed in sterling silver. To be more specific, cabochon rings feature a gemstone that hasn’t been faceted but shaped and polished instead. The result is usually a rounded or convex obverse with a flat reverse.

But what makes this specific ring unique is the pink colour itself. All over the world, pink is a colour of delight, one associated with romance, happiness, innocence, and tenderness. Have you ever thought of pink and associated it with a bad emotion? Probably not!

So, what a better way to express your love than choosing pink rings as gay engagement rings or same-sex engagement rings in general?

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8. Cushion-Cut Diamonds

For centuries now, diamond rings have been considered as the traditional choice for an engagement. However, with time, ring designers have crafted diversified shapes and styles to satisfy the varied preferences of individuals.

The cushion-cut combines a square-cut diamond with rounded corners. The result is a shape resembling a pillow, which pretty much explains the name. Generally speaking, the cushion cut is less brilliant than the round one. However, it often has a better fire and is approximately 25% less expensive.

This particular engagement ring is handmade and personalizable. It can be crafted in traditional yellow, rose, or even white gold. What’s more, it features a colorless diamond gemstone and recycled materials. So, it’s perfect for all individuals aiming for a lavish look, one that is extravagant, yet unique and green!

View more details about the ‘Cushion-Cut Diamonds‘ gay engagement ring on Etsy.com

9. Powerful Green Gold

As mentioned before, you can choose among a variety of same-sex engagement rings, materials, and styles. Even more, you can mix metals to get to the ring of your dreams.

For instance, this particular design combines green gold with platinum or 14K white gold. If you have never heard of it, green gold refers to 14 to 18 karat gold that employs silver, silver plus cadmium, or zinc as the alloying metal. And as the name implies, the material is greenish. More precisely, its mass tone is intense brown-green, whereas the undertone features a vibrant yellow.

Furthermore, the design is crafted in a brutalist style and features a trillion shaped stone. Brutalism is generally related to roughly finished, unique, and exceptional pieces. And if you are not a fan of green gold, but still love this composition, you can choose the option of 14K white mixed with rose gold. No matter the case, you will end up with an advanced ring design!

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10. The Traditional Solitaire

The Traditional Solitaire Gay Engagement Ring

As we all know, solitaire diamond rings are the most popular, accessible option for an engagement ring. More precisely, this ring style features a single central diamond mounted in a plain setting. What’s more, the structure is very likely to stand the test of time.

That’s why many couples have chosen the solitaire design as their same-sex engagement rings. To be more specific, the solitaire ring is a classic and exquisitely elegant setting, as well as a timeless option. For years now, solitaire diamond rings have been the most beloved choices for a proposal, and most probably they will maintain their reputation in the upcoming future. People love to wear solitaire daily, as it is easy to combine with most outfits.

This particular design is crafted in solid 9ct yellow gold. But what is important for the traditional solitaire is that you are usually paying the diamond, and not the band itself.

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11. Simplicity at Its Finest

There is no rule as to whether an engagement ring has to feature stone or a diamond. That’s why we have chosen the following design. It’s the perfect choice for the lovers of simplicity and class.

To be more specific, this engagement ring is crafted in 18ct white gold. However, the manufacturer offers the options of platinum, yellow gold, palladium, as well as lower carat materials. But what makes the design extremely appealing is the bold styling and modern design.

The ring features an elegant inner band, as well as brushed finish outer edges, and a high polish finish. After all, the devil is in the details, and this mixed finish design with a striking contrast is here to prove us so!

View more details about the ‘Simplicity at Its Finest‘ gay engagement ring on PurelyDiamonds.co.uk

12. All The Way Vintage

Once again, we have included a vintage engagement ring in our selection. Only this time, the design features an opal gemstone or the birthstone for October. However, you must not feel bound by it, as opal is considered a universal symbol of love, passion, desire, and eroticism.

Historically speaking, opal has always been considered as a seductive stone that can intensify emotions, as well as release inhibitions. Hence, it makes the perfect sense to choose this gemstone for your LGBTQ+ engagement rings. What’s more, opal gemstones are believed to bring faithfulness and loyalty. And what more can you ask for in a ring?

Apart from its underlying meaning, this particular design offers a lavish and exquisite look. It is crafted in 18 karats yellow gold combined with 1.80-carat Australian opal. It dates back to the French 1900s, thus it has a royal or aristocratic appeal.

View more details about the ‘All The Way Vintage‘ gay engagement ring on OpenForVintage.com

13. Double-Banded Rings

Who said that one band is enough? If you are willing to take your same-sex engagement rings to another level, feel free to do so with the double-banded rings.

To be more specific, the design incorporates two diamond stones, each of which is colourless and squared. Considering the unique shape and positioning of the diamonds, the double-band is suitable for individuals that appreciate the long proposal history of diamonds but are not completely satisfied with the traditional solitaire shape. After all, two diamonds are always better than one!

Now, back to the design of this particular ring. The manufacturer offers the possibility to craft your gay engagement rings in platinum, as well as yellow, rose, or white gold. What’s more, the design incorporates recycled materials, making it eco-friendly, in addition to being classy and lavish!

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14. The Ultimate Princess Cut

A princess-cut is the most sophisticated way to upgrade your simple engagement ring to an appealing and luxury design. More exactly, it’s the perfect choice for individuals that prefer discreet diamond features, as opposed to shaped diamond stones.

This particular ring features a vertical channel setting that incorporates a trio of dazzling princess cut diamonds. The band presents a mixed finish design or a centre row with two well-polished outer edges. So, the comfortable inner court will provide you with the perfect fit, whereas the classic flat-top design is responsible for the unique appearance, as well as profile.

This beautiful male ring is developed in 18ct white gold. Yet, you may choose platinum, palladium, or even a combination of two materials, such as yellow and white gold, or the mix of rose and white. No matter the case, you will end up with an eye-catching, timeless design!

View more details about the ‘The Ultimate Princess Cut‘ gay engagement ring on PurelyDiamonds.co.uk

15. Iconic Emerald Cut

Also referred to as the step-cut, the emerald cut refers to a rectangular shape with cut corners. More exactly, the diamond incorporates a characteristic wide, flat plane. So, when you view the ring from the top, the stone will appear as a stair. Quite a unique illusion, isn’t it?

This particular design combines rose and white gold with a colorful gemstone. However, the rings are personalizable, so you may as well choose different materials for your LGBTQ+ engagement rings. When it comes to the ring style, we can say that it’s a minimalist one. Thus, it’s great for individuals that aim for a one-of-a-kind look, but still want to remain to discreet, well-defined gemstones.

View more details about the ‘Iconic Emerald Cut‘ gay engagement ring on Etsy.com

16. Back To 19th century

If you are a fan of the 19th-century style, the one where men wore top hats and three-piece suits, you may as well consider the following ring design. After all, themed-weddings are best when combined with an appropriate engagement ring.

This particular craft is developed in 18 karats rose gold and 1.20-carat garnet bangle. Thus, it’s the perfect way to associate with the Victorian period. The unique vintage design and engravings genuinely add to the royal look. What’s more, these are durable materials, meaning your same-sex engagement rings will pass the test of time. After all, vintage jewellery can never go out of style. So, if you like the ring design, you may as well purchase it right away!

View more details about the ‘Back To 19th century‘ gay engagement ring on OpenForVintage.com

17. The Absolute Simplicity

This one is for the simple couples, the ones with refined taste, and preference for luxury. After all, a ring must not feature a stone, or a bunch of accessories to appear luxurious or eye-catching.

To be more specific, this particular engagement ring is designed in 18ct white gold. It’s a modern design with bold styling that may also be crafted as a combination of two solid materials, such as 18ct yellow and white gold.

What’s more, the highly polished inner court provides for the ultimate fit. This means that you will be able to easily wear your engagement ring daily. When it comes to its profile, the ring design incorporates a brushed or matt flat-top design. Hence, it accounts for a remarkable, striking appearance that you can combine with all outfits and different occasions.

View more details about the ‘The Absolute Simplicity‘ gay engagement ring on PurelyDiamonds.co.uk

18. The Crown Shape

When it comes to engagement rings, nothing classifies as not enough or too much. It’s all a matter of preference! So, if you want an extravagant look, you may as well consider the crown-shaped ring design.

Lately, crown-shaped rings have become more popular than ever! The reason behind this trend is the additional layer of meaning they add to engagement rings, as well as their lavish appearance. More exactly, the crown shape is associated with power, legitimacy, victory, or honour. So, it’s a great way to glorify your partner on the proposal.

This particular ring is designed in 14K yellow gold and features a multitude of colored gemstones. Considering it’s handmade and personalizable, you may choose the colors yourself, and even incorporate the ones from the pride rainbow. After all, crown-shaped engagement rings are the perfect choice for LGBTQ+ engagement rings, as they present an elegant and at the same time discreet look.

View more details about the ‘The Crown Shape‘ gay engagement ring on Etsy.com

19. The Lucky Horseshoe

Have you ever heard the story of the blacksmith and his dealings with the devil? Ever since it came out, the horseshoe has been considered as a superstitious symbol, one that is believed to bring good luck, protection, and fortune.

That’s why many ring designers have decided to craft engagement rings with this specific symbol. After all, most couples aim for pieces with an underlying meaning or even ones they can wear as a talisman.

This particular ring is designed in solid 9ct white gold, features a multitude of minimalistic, well-defined diamonds and a high-polish finish. Hence, it’s the perfect ‘lucky ring’ for individuals that prefer the discreet diamond look over huge stones or ring accessories. After all, it’s a lavish yet comfortable design that is easy to combine.

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20. The Trillion Shaped Stone

Our last suggestion for male same-sex engagement rings is this trillion shaped stone design. Unlike the previous example, which was designed in the brutalist style, this one is gothic.

To be more specific, this particular ring is a handmade, personalizable design that combines the unique trillion shape with solid material for the band. The manufacturer offers the possibility of platinum, white, and rose gold, as well as a combination of the two.

After all, trillion shaped stones are relatively rare and modern cuts. What’s more, the trillion cut appears more massive than a round cut of the same carat. Hence, it’s the perfect way to achieve an affordable, yet eye-catching look for your gay engagement rings.

View more details about the ‘The Trillion Shaped Stone‘ on Etsy.com

Final Words

Well, first off, you must decide on the material, right? Do you love the traditional yellow gold or you are more into white or rose gold?

Even more, are you willing to completely skip gold materials, and focus on sterling silver, platinum, or palladium?

Once you decide upon the ring material, you should consider the stone. Do you want to add an additional layer of meaning to your same-sex engagement rings?

Then, you should review all the above-explained stones, as well as diamond cuts and styles.

However, you must not feel pressured to do so, as many individuals decide upon simple ring designs, ones that are easy to incorporate in everyday life and outfits.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve also compiled a short list of most frequently asked questions regarding gay engagement rings within the LGBTQ+ community.

Do Gay Men Get An Engagement Ring Too?

Asking whether gay men get an engagement ring is as irrelevant as asking who is the male and who is the female in the relationship. Of course, gay men give and receive engagement rings, just like any other couple on the planet.

Once again, we want to highlight that there are no boundaries regarding same-sex engagement rings. So, one partner may propose to the other, both of them may get engagement rings, or simply skip this step. Over the years, many individuals have committed to everlasting love without exchanging rings. What’s more, many couples have chosen other forms of jewellery, such as a necklace or a bracelet, to mark their entrance into a new phase of the relationship.

However, there are also the ones who love the tradition of proposing with a ring, as well as exchanging bands at the wedding ceremony. It’s completely up to you to decide what you are going to choose as gay engagement rings, or if you are going to get anything at all.

How Do Gay Engagement Rings Work?

In many countries around the world, both gay partners get engagement rings. However, certain couples appreciate the traditional proposal. So, they tend to get one engagement ring for the partner being proposed to.

Gay engagement rings come in all shapes and colours, starting from a plain band to precious metals and aristocratic designs. It’s entirely up to the individuals to decide what suits their lifestyle and personality.

What’s interesting for gay couples is that many individuals who have gotten two engagement rings tend to transform the jewellery into wedding bands. This way, they can save lots of their wedding budget, as well as stick to their primary choice for precious metals and significant stones.

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