30 Amazing Lesbian Wedding Suits to Look Stunning on Your Big Day

Are you looking for a bespoke lesbian wedding suit? Let us make you the best-dressed bride in the UK. Find the perfect outfit for your lesbian wedding!

Your wedding might be the most important and, at the same time, the most stressful event of your life. As a bride, you want to look your best, making wedding attire one of the key elements to consider. The rule is that you should always feel confident in your wedding outfit. And who says it has to be a gown?

A two-piece brings power and nonchalance. It offers more coverage than a dress; it is more comfortable to dance with or go to the bathroom. You’ll also feel less nervous when you walk down the aisle, and you will wear it again. Better yet, renting a suit can also help you save a few bucks!

Yet, the question is, with so many amazing suits on the market, how can you choose one for your gay wedding? We are here to help! From classic cigarette trousers to mix-and-match pieces in all colours, we’ve handpicked bridal suits, jackets, and trousers that will fit every body type and make you feel like a million dollars on your big day!

Lesbian Wedding 3-Piece White Tuxedo Pant Suit Set with Shirt and Bow

Let’s start with the basic LGBTQ community wedding formal attire – the white tux. The lesbian wedding 3-piece set consists of a tuxedo pant suit set with a shirt and bow made of premium cotton.

The suits are custom-handmade, meaning they will fit your body perfectly. You can also get matching accessories, including lapel pins, bow ties, narrow ties, broad ties, cufflinks, socks, shoes, belts, and pocket squares.

A white tux is suitable for any wedding party, regardless of time and location. More importantly, you can easily accessorize such women’s suits or match them to your future spouse.

Get more info on: Lesbian Wedding 3-Piece White Tuxedo Pant Suit Set with Shirt and Bow

White 3 Piece Bridal Pantsuit

Yet another classy look; this 3-piece wedding suit includes loose pants, a vest, and a blazer. You can also substitute the pants with shorts to show your legs. Yet again, an all-white look is pretty easy to style with jewellery and will look exceptionally well with your hair up. 

This look is a bit more casual, so you can style it with sneakers. 

Get more info on: White 3 Piece Bridal Pantsuit

White Belted 2-Piece Wide Leg Pants Suits

The white belted 2-piece wide-leg embellished belted pants, and blazer suits are a bit more classy and high-end. The simplicity of the combination accounts for impeccable elegance, suitable for all body types. It’s ideal for brightening any dull spring/summer/fall day weddings.

Get more info on: White Belted 2-Piece Wide Leg Pants Suits

White Pant Women’s Wedding Suit

You like lavish wedding dresses, yet prefer master tailor suits for women. We have the perfect lesbian wedding outfit for you!

The minimalist v-neck blazer-cape suit will make you look bold and unique on your special day. It’s an unusual bridal look in an eggshell shade of high-waisted ankle-length skinny pants and an elegant long-sleeve jacket. The company also allows you to purchase each item separately and will make any necessary alterations so that you get a suit that fits all the right places. 

Get more info on: White Pant Women’s Wedding Suit

White Long Sleeve Wedding Outfit With V-Neck Wedding Top

Yet another eggshell shade, minimalist look; this gown with flared pants, puffed sleeves, and decorative flounces is made for brides who appreciate fashion and craftsmanship.

You’ll get natural waist pants, floor length, with hidden zipper and fabric flounces at the left, plus a wrap style non-corset top with belt. Its soft lines and high-quality crepe fabric are a really pleasant touch!

Get more info on: White Long Sleeve Wedding Outfit With V-Neck Wedding Top

Stand Collar Jacket and Wide Leg Pants Set of Two

This wedding suit comprises an elegant white jacket and wide crepe silk pants. The jacket is made of matte velvet satin, original cut with a stand-up collar and straight sleeves, raised by small folds in the shoulders. The pants-skirt is sewn from white crepe silk, making it very light and pleasant to the body. The cut is wide with deep folds high belt of 8cm. The best part is you can personalize it both front and back and even get a handmade inscription embroidered with the beads on the belt.

Get more info on: Stand Collar Jacket and Wide Leg Pants Set of Two

Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Jumpsuit for Women

If you don’t like something off the rack for your wedding, you can always get a custom-made outfit. But you don’t like dresses or suits. What happens, then? Fortunately, you have the right to wear whatever you like on your big day. So, why not consider a jumpsuit instead?

The elevated bridal pantsuit is made to measure. It consists of a top without cups, high-waisted cigarette pants, and a puffed skirt with a wide belt.

It’s the perfect wedding look that you can also wear long after your big day has passed.  

Get more info on: Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Jumpsuit for Women

Women’s 2-Piece Double Breasted Ivory Slim Fit Luxe Suit

This 2-piece double-breasted ivory slim fit luxe suit is a dress in power. It allows for a sophisticated and polished look and a comfortable fit. It features long sleeves, a fitted waist, side pockets, gold embossed buttons, a jacket, and a long skirt.

It will grant you a feminine feel while also feeling bold and in control!

Get more info on: Women’s 2-Piece Double Breasted Ivory Slim Fit Luxe Suit

Ladies’ 2-Piece Pants and Blazer Suit Set

This 2-piece pants suit is made from high-quality worsted polyester fabric. The pants are slim-fit and above ankle length, while the blazer features folded sleeve design.

The combination is pretty sharp and modern and makes for excellent formal wear. 

Get more info on: Ladies’ 2-Piece Pants and Blazer Suit Set

A Women’s Steampunk Vest Tuxedo

Are you looking for a custom suit that will flatter your body? Here’s a good example of a company that specializes in custom made attire and lets you choose the lining, the pocket style, the fabric, and all the remaining details.

You can get any piece in any size, including this vest style with inverted flap pockets, wide-notch double-breasted lapels, and silver metal buttons and pants featuring curved piping pockets, pointed belt loop tabs, and a cuff flap, and tab.

Get more info on: A Women’s Steampunk Vest Tuxedo

White 3-Piece Formal Suit with Blazer and Pants

This chic 3-piece set of high-quality worsted polyester and spandex fabrics allows you to choose between a waistcoat, a blazer, or both.

It features a two-button blazer, a 4-button waistcoat, and regular-sized zip-up pants. With the blazer, you get the flexibility to style casual or formal looks, while the waistcoat works with any setting. You also get superior functionality since the pants have comfortable pockets and belt loops.

Get more info on: White 3-Piece Formal Suit with Blazer and Pants

3-Piece Wedding Suit with Wide Leg Pants

This wedding set from a female founded company is effective, elegant, and exclusive. The casual suit is both comfortable and affordable, including trousers, a blazer, and a vest. The wide-leg pants make it a good choice for just about any bride. 

Get more info on: 3-Piece Wedding Suit with Wide Leg Pants

Elegant Woman Pantsuit Set

But what if you don’t want to wear white? Well, it’s a simple answer; you can wear any other colour (as long as it fits your style, your partner’s outfit, and the overall wedding theme).

This minimalist suit jacket and pants are simple yet elegant. The set would work best if your future spouse wears a tuxedo and you don’t like to match. 

Get more info on: Elegant Woman Pantsuit Set

Cream Women 3 Piece Linen Suit

This cream women’s 3-piece linen suit is a dream come true for beach weddings by the sea. It also works well for spring and autumn weddings with the right accessories.

The jacket is a two-button closure with a double-vented back and pockets. The waistcoat has a four-button closure with two working front pockets and an adjustable clasp for better fittings in the back. The trousers are hemmed with a button, a hook closure, and a working zip with two pockets at the front and two at the back.

And since the product is finished, they can dispatch it on the same day!

Get more info on: Cream Women 3 Piece Linen Suit

Custom 3-Piece Single-Breasted Premium Cream Cotton Formal Wedding Set

A more classy cream alternative, the 3-piece single-breasted premium cream cotton formal wedding set is a made-to-order garment for a custom experience.

You can easily style it with heels, sandals, sneakers, gold, silver, or no jewellery. You can wear it with a shirt or without; either way, it looks amazing. It’s also a great piece since it’s easy to balance with your partner; say she goes for a bold look, and you don’t want to appear cliché – cream is the way to go!

Get more info on: Custom 3-Piece Single-Breasted Premium Cream Cotton Formal Wedding Set

Beige Double-Breasted Blazer Suit, High Waist, Wide Leg Pants

This crisp double-breasted blazer with a waist-defining O-ring belt and graceful lines delivers a sophisticated look. The smooth pants with flared hems create a leg-lengthening silhouette that will shape and slim.

It’s an excellent suit for autumn outdoor weddings, and it can also find other uses.

Get more info on: Beige Double-Breasted Blazer Suit, High Waist, Wide Leg Pants

Beige 3-Piece Plain Suit with Blazer, Waistcoat, and Pants

A more traditional light brown suit with a blazer, this women’s wedding suit is made from a high-quality, worsted polyester and spandex fabric blend.

You can easily style it, choose to wear it with or without a tie or a bowtie, add heels, or even a colorful buttoned-down shirt. It will suit perfectly with a white or black shirt underneath as well!

Get more info on: Beige 3-Piece Plain Suit with Blazer, Waistcoat, and Pants

Khaki 3-Piece Plain Suits with Blazer, Waistcoat, and Pants

If you opt for a world of style in one suit, this one matches you. The khaki set is a regular fit that goes perfectly on a black or white base. The double-breasted 6-button waistcoat and zip-up pants account for a timeless look that you can easily style with shoes and other accessories. For a more chic look, you can add moccasins or heels instead.

Get more info on: Khaki 3-Piece Plain Suits with Blazer, Waistcoat, and Pants

Khaki 3-Piece Women’s Suit With V-Neck Vest

Who said you have to wear a shirt? You can find a suit for your wedding day that allows you to go shirtless. How? With the proper vest!

This formal 3-piece women’s suit with a v-neck vest, blazer, waistcoat, and pants is a masterpiece in itself. It allows you to feel good about yourself on any occasion without investing too much time or effort. The best part is that you can wear it with flats and forget about your legs hurting all party long.

Get more info on: Khaki 3-Piece Women’s Suit With V-Neck Vest

Female Brown with Red 3-Piece Tweed Suit

Tweed suits are timeless. This bespoke suit features a brown with red windowpane pattern. It’s made of 60% wool, 10% silk, and 30% mixed other, while the tweed pattern is herringbone, making it perfect for an outdoor wedding in autumn. 

Get more info on: Female Brown with Red 3-Piece Tweed Suit

Jacket & Waistcoat Women’s Blue 2-Piece Tweed Set

Yet another tweed set, shipped from a small business in the UK, this 2-piece consists of a jacket, waistcoat, and trousers, made from 60% wool, 10% silk, and 30% mixed other.

It makes a good fit for androgynous individuals, and it’s pretty easy to style with all colours. 

Get more info on: Jacket & Waistcoat Women’s Blue 2-Piece Tweed Set

3-Piece Lesbian Premium Wedding Attire

This lesbian wedding 3-piece premium cotton set comes in multiple colours, from beige to peanut brown, teal blue, forest green, silver grey, harvest gold, and more. It features a single-breasted jacket, vest, and pants.

Its wide range of colours is easy to customise for all occasions and times of the year. You can easily style the set with shirts, ties, and bowties as well.

Get more info on: 3-Piece Lesbian Premium Wedding Attire

Customised 3-Piece Formal Tailored Suits

If you want to go further with the plain colours and designs, you can always order custom-made suits with different patterns. All you’ll have to do is wait a while for the customised 3-piece formal tailored suit to get to your address.

Get more info on: Customised 3-Piece Formal Tailored Suits

Velvet 2-Piece Pants Suits

Velvet wedding suits are on the rise, especially for night parties or disco weddings.

This velvet 2-piece set is available in navy blue or burgundy red. The blazer features a double-breasted design and a contrasting shade on the lapel, while the pants are finished with a stylish buckle.

It would be a nice touch for you and your future spouse to get matching suits in different colours. 

Get more info on: Velvet 2-Piece Pants Suits

3-Piece Tuxedo Wedding Suit

If you opt for the ultimate classic look, you can always go for a black tuxedo. Fortunately, you have a variety to choose from. This wedding tux is made of a high-quality, lightweight, soft, and smooth fabric that allows you to breathe freely with neat stitches. It comes with several nice add-ons, such as the contrast on the vest and the jacket itself.

Get more info on: 3-Piece Tuxedo Wedding Suit

Women’s Cotton 2-Piece Double-Breasted Black Tux

This all-timer, little black tux comes in various sizes and colour options. You can even customize your own design by providing the company reference pictures, and they will create custom sketches accordingly. We are speaking for a young Indian brand that offers customized and skillfully crafted bespoke suiting and unisex wardrobe for all generations. 

Get more info on: Women’s Cotton 2-Piece Double-Breasted Black Tux

2-Piece Black Wedding Pants and Blazer Suit

If you opt for an all-black look but want something unique, this 2-piece suit set made from high-quality worsted polyester, and spandex fabric blend is the perfect match.

You’ll get a modern double-breasted blazer with glittering embellishment on the shoulders and a wide-leg pant design, perfect for weddings, especially if you are sick of the same old designs. 

Get more info on: 2-Piece Black Wedding Pants and Blazer Suit

3-Piece Single-Breasted Premium Black Cotton Formal Wedding Set

Yet another suit made to order! Does it look familiar? That’s because you saw it in beige. The product was so good that we had to add the black version to the list as well!

Get more info on: 3-Piece Single-Breasted Premium Black Cotton Formal Wedding Set

Designer Deluxe Velvet Black Pantsuit

As we come down the list, we are left with fewer choices, so we have switched to more luxurious appealing alternatives. This slim-cut shape stylish pantsuit features a strong Asian style pattern design and soft and high-quality materials. It’s very comfortable and at the same time eye-catchy and unique.

You can wear it with the belt or without it for a more classy appeal.

Get more info on: Designer Deluxe Velvet Black Pantsuit

Women 2-Piece Suit Set Hand Beaded Single-Breasted Cocktail Attire

Last but not least, you can always get this remarkable women’s 2-piece single-breasted suit with hand-beaded rhinestones to be the life of the party. Mix and match with your spouse-to-be, and enjoy your wedding party to the maximum!

Get more info on: Women 2-Piece Suit Set Hand Beaded Single-Breasted Cocktail Attire

A Well-Tailored Suit

The second most obvious choice, appropriate for balancing the princess gown, is a sharp, well-tailored suit. Have no doubt; there are plenty of lesbian wedding suits available on the market. Yet, not all of them satisfy the criteria of elegance and femininity.

Two-pieces represent power and nonchalance, which makes the suit the perfect choice for an LGBTQ+ wedding outfit. What’s more, the suits are much easier to have fun with, dance during the entire wedding at the wedding party.

A lesbian bridal outfit doesn’t always include sequins, fussy tulle petticoats, or frothy meringue layers, as there is an excellent substitution for this outfit. Apart from comfortable, a wedding tuxedo offers a bit more coverage, making women of all ages feel confident on their special day.

Get more info on A Well-Tailored Suit

The Trendy Corset Suit

Generally, corsets are incorporated into wedding gowns. The corset design can instantly make the bride look much slimmer, but only if it is designed and fitted appropriately. Even so, who says you cannot wear one as part of your lesbian wedding white suit?

Wedding suits have gained enormous attention in the last couple of years, as they offer much more comfort and coverage than the traditional wedding gowns. What’s more, suits are much more casual, which means you will be able to wear the wedding outfit further on in the future. It is also an excellent way to complete your partner’s outfit and make a statement of your own, but still shop together at the same time.

After all, you may feel underdressed with a wrong choice of a suit. That’s why designers came up with the back detail, which eventually combines couture and subtle tailoring techniques. You can always add a black tie to clash it with the white jumpsuit. It’s the perfect easygoing look, structured for a woman’s body.

Get more info on The Trendy Corset Suit

Long-Sleeved Jumpsuit

No matter if your wedding takes place in chillier weather, or you are merely aiming for a pared-back alternative for your bridal dress, this contemporary jumpsuit design might be the perfect choice for your big day.

It’s made from a gently draping satin or velvet fabric and thoroughly designed to comfort and highlight the woman’s body best features. More exactly, it incorporates a keyhole back opening, as well as a waist tie that cinches in the waist for a form-flattering silhouette.

Furthermore, the long sleeves are completed with sophisticated narrow cuffs and fabric-covered buttons to cover all the insecurities you have regarding your arms. After all, the wide-cut legs provide a dramatic finishing touch, so a few simple accessories and a good pair of heels would account for a finished, elegant look.

Get more info on Long-Sleeved Jumpsuit

Minimalist Bridal Jumpsuit

Another one from the minimalistic designs, this bridal jumpsuit takes elegance to a whole new level. It is carefully made, featuring a flared leg and side slits, a flared cape, halter neckline, open back, and a princess seam bodice. This lesbian tuxedo is designed in different colours with a two-layered setting from the highest quality materials, making it the perfect choice for the classy ladies with impeccable style.

Like any other wedding jumpsuit, the setting allows for better comfort than the over-accessorized wedding gowns. In other words, it will grant you the freedom of movement during the ceremony, as well as on the dancefloor. What’s more, it’s the perfect option to balance your partner’s outfit out, especially if she goes for the princess lesbian wedding dress, with lots of tulle, hue and sparkly additions.

Get more info on the Minimalist Bridal Jumpsuit

Final Words

While the options for wedding dresses are endless, the choice of suits is more limited. Getting your attire from a queer-owned company would be best, but if that’s not an option, the next best thing is to get it custom-made or at least adjusted to your measurements. This way, you’ll ensure your gown fits your silhouette the best way possible. 

Three Brides Wearing Lesbian Wedding Suits Talking With Someone
Photo by Brides.com

It is important to know your exact measurements so you can get the proper fit. At the same time, it’s crucial to match your outfit to your style, preferences, and your partner’s outfit as well!

Our lesbian wedding suits are easier to dance in and to go to the bathroom in. This way you won’t have to drag all of your bridesmaids in the toilet with you to hold your dress :)

Prospect Park Picnic House Brooklyn Wedding Eileenmeny Photography Via Gay Wedding Guide 1024X684 1 2 - 30 Amazing Lesbian Wedding Suits To Look Stunning On Your Big Day Gay Wedding Guide
Photo by Bindle & Keep

Sometimes the best outfit for your wedding day doesn’t involve sequins, fussy tulle petticoats or frothy meringue layers. In fact, there’s no rule that says that you have to wear a dress at all.

Two Casual Lesbian Brides Walking By Bridge Via Gay Wedding Guide 2 - 30 Amazing Lesbian Wedding Suits To Look Stunning On Your Big Day Gay Wedding Guide
Author: Cosmin

Frequently Asked Questions

What are professionals saying about lesbian wedding suits?

Wedding suits can be sometimes tricky if you ask the founder of Bindle & Keep, Daniel Friedman, who is a bespoke tailor in Brooklyn, New York.

He has developed a method to fit female-assigned bodies for gender-neutral, androgynous suits.

Friedman, who starred in an HBO documentary that’s called Suited and talked about his largely LGBTQ clientele, says that it’s not only the tailoring but that there’s also psychology in bridal suits.

Everyone has different triggers regarding their bodies and the fitting of the clothes they wear, so you need to really sit down and investigate how people feel about their bodies.

Choosing a lesbian wedding suit can be a challenge, so how can you achieve a look that’s both elevating and affirming of your unique identity?

You should close your eyes and ask yourself this

Will it be a jumpsuit with a matching cape or a minimalistic blazer and pants?

Your fashion choices shouldn’t be dictated by cultural gender constructs, because what you want to wear is your choice and you shouldn’t look to appease other people.

What are 100 million online shoppers saying?

Lyst conducted a research (https://www.lyst.com/data/wedding-trends-2020/) through analyzing the behaviour of more than 100 million online shoppers over the past year who bought and browsed fashion from 12,000 stores and designers online.

The results showed that searches for white jumpsuits have gone up 36%, while searches for white blazers have gone up 19%.

Alongside the twists for unconventional locations and venues and bold accessory choices, their data has shown that the brides and grooms have increased purchases of pieces that are more affordable and relaxed, and that can be re-worn after the wedding.

Sophisticated and charming, nothing can suit your body shape better than a tailored wedding suit.

Why choosing a lesbian wedding suit is the right choice for you?

Among women of all ages, suits are actually a very popular option.

They tend to be more comfortable, offer a bit more coverage than a dress would. You won’t have to worry so much about adjusting the hem of your skirt, appropriate undergarments or pulling at the neckline so your cleavage is good.

You can feel confident attending your wedding in a suit outfit if you have the correct fabric, the right accessories, and a few details. You will feel a lot less nervous when you walk down the aisle and you will definitely wear it again.

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