30 Stunning Gay Wedding Suits You probably didn’t know they look Fantastic on you

Wedding days have always been both the happiest and the most stressful day for the espoused. And this is why most of us hire wedding planners, right? Even so, you will want to be involved in the planning of your special day at least in some areas.

One of the most important issues that require major attention is groomswear. You can tell that some gay wedding suits have always been a type of fashion show, right? Both the grooms and all the guests are obsessed with looking at their best.

So today we’ll show you our top 30 stunning gay wedding suits that will make you the best-dressed groom of all time.

Not everyone aims for a red carpet look, but for those that do, a gay wedding is the event of the year, so it certainly deserves extensive attention for the preparations.

The look that you are aiming to achieve should represent you as a person. It should highlight your style and best body features. It needs to match your skin colour and the outfit of your partner.

At the end of the day, you will be the centre of attention. Thus, you and your partner will be subject to each conversation. You must make sure to give your dearest ones a topic for positive criticism.

No matter the case, you have certainly pictured yourself walking down the aisle. But, have you worn in this scenario?

To narrow down your choice, we have gathered up 7 – 8 suits for each season. Hence, no matter if your gay wedding is in the following period, or next year, you will be able to gather up some inspiration from the following list.

Note that you may decide upon wearing the same suit with your fiancée. However, you may choose different outfits from the same season as well.

Spring Gay Wedding suits Collection

The weather at this period allows for the most diversified locations and designs. As a groom, you may choose from the most stylish looks, starting from colourful or pastel suits, to polka-dotted affairs, and classy bowties.

How do you picture yourself and your significant other when you are walking down the aisle and saying ‘I do’?

1. Identical Suits with Different Bowties

Identical Suits With Different Bowties - Spring Gay Wedding Suits Collection
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Our first suggestion for you and your future husband is to wear identical outfits. But as they say, the devil is in the details. To express your different tastes or personalities, you can finish your look with a colourful bowtie.

A great base for this look would be a neutral suit in stone colour. This allows for a wide choice of details or even designed shirts. You can top your look with an eye-catching yellow tie or a good pair of shoes.

Furthermore, do you want to wear matching suits with your future husband? Or do you aim for totally different looks depicting your contrasting personalities and style?

2. Classic Elegance

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If you are a classy couple that prefers neat combinations, you should focus on well-tailored pastels.

A great way to keep it simple is to avoid wearing a tie. Instead, you may unbutton your shirt and add a few accessories. A great way to top your look is to add a necklace or a designed pair of shoes.

When it comes to your partner, he can add to your look by wearing a similar suit in another bright color.

Another possibility to make a powerful entrance is for your fiancée to wear a multicoloured or a vibrant suit.

3. Same Black And White Tuxedos

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The ultimate classy appearance can be achieved by wearing matching black and white tuxedos.

One possibility is for you and your significant other to be dressed exactly the same. You can finish your look by adding red roses as boutonnieres or choosing well-polished, shiny black shoes.

You may also wear an all-black suit, whereas your future husband should focus on an all-white look.

In the end, it all depends on your preferences. This look is excellent for a traditional gay wedding and world-class photos at the altar.

4. Pretty in Pink

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Another all-time combination is the pink suit. This suggestion is great for both daytime and nighttime gay weddings.

It suits perfectly with a white shirt and a tie, as well as a colorful unbuttoned shirt.

If you decide on the white shirt option, you can finish your look with a proper pair of moccasins.

Additionally, you may top this look if your partner decides upon an identical purple suit.

Yet, always remember to match your tie and shoes, to avoid over-dressing and keep it classy.

5. Pastels

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The spring is perfect for pastels and neutral designs. If you are a calm couple who likes to have a Tiffany-style gay wedding, you should focus on classic elegance.

However, you may as well prefer more unusual pastel designs.

For example, you may combine a high-shine suit with some stylish kicks and a necklace. This style is great for a gay wedding at the bar or the disco.

If you are aiming for a fun event with a lot of dancing, this is the look you should be considering.

It’s a great tip to wear the same outfit with your partner but in different colours.

6. Polka-dotted Shirts

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Another great suggestion for the springtime are the polka-dotted shirts.

You can choose the same outfit as your partner, or wear the same shirts with different suits and details.

You may also match your shirt with the tie or the pants of your fiancée.

A great combination is a beige suit, with a polka-dotted shirt, a colorful tie, and a floral design.

This specific proposal is perfect for a gay wedding in a restaurant, an open garden, by a fountain or a pool.

7. Matching Light Blue and Navy Suits

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Blue colored suits are perfect for the springtime, especially if well combined.

A great option for you and your partner is to wear light blue and a navy suit. This way you will be able to match the accessories and make a unified appearance.

It’s a great and calm look that allows for taking the attention off your outfits. Hence, you will be able to highlight your surroundings and the overall atmosphere.

If you are aiming for a more relaxed or looser appearance, you can combine your light blue suit with sneakers.

Besides, you can substitute your shirt with a nice T-shirt or a blouse.

This look allows for wearing your daily accessories, so it is also great if you are on a budget.

8. Floral Print

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A great way to express your cheerful personality is to wear floral print.

And a great way to top this look is to add an unbuttoned white shirt, matching belt, and moccasins.

When it comes to your partner, he may choose a simpler, coral combination corresponding to your print.

This way, you will truly shine and be the star of the event.

Summer Gay Wedding Suits Collection

Most gay weddings take place in the summertime. And most of the summer weddings take place at the beach or in an open restaurant or a bar.

Thus, you should focus on wearing thinner clothes, or even a few layers that you will be able to take off. It is usually pleasantly warm during this period, so you might consider brighter colours as well.

9. White on White Looks

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The most popular look for the summertime is the white suit. Most grooms prefer this look because it is definitely an all-timer.

But as our first suggestion, we have chosen a more up-to-date version of this appearance.

As a groom, you can combine this chic white suit with a simple black blouse or a T-shirt.

As it is summer, sunglasses will be essential.

In the end, you may dress identically with your partner. Another possibility for your fiancée is to choose a shimmering suit, or a colourful outfit to break your flatness.

10. Lilac Suit with a White Shirt

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The main focus should be on the shoes. So, you may as well choose the shiniest pair.

As mentioned before, most grooms focus on bright suits during the summertime.

And a lilac suit can be a great base for accessorizing.

So, you will be able to choose a colorful tie, shoes, and even add some flowers to your look.

Your partner may also decide for a neutral appearance, or a look that is completely contrasting to your choice.

This lilac suit provides for a sharp look and is great for a classy gay wedding at the restaurant. It is also great for creating ever-lasting memories or pictures at the altar.

11. Corresponding Shoes and Tie

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The next great trend for gay weddings to match your tie with your shoes. However, everything else should be white-coloured.

This type of combination will significantly emphasize your accessories. Additionally, you will be able to save a lot of money by taking the attention off the suit.

If you are creative and persistent enough, you will be able to find the most attention-grabbing additions.

Another great tip is to match them with your surroundings or create a complete contrast to the overall wedding design.

12. Match the Sea

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If you are having a beach wedding, you may as well choose a suit that is appropriate for the occasion.

Wearing a light blue suit is also great for gay weddings by the pool, or in open roof restaurants.

Considering that your wedding will be during the summertime, you may substitute your traditional shoes with modern moccasins.

Besides, it is a great tip to avoid the tie and slightly unbutton your shirt.

If you choose a white shirt, you may finish your appearance with florist additions. However, you might also aim for a more colourful, vibrant shirt, and completely skip the vest and flowers.

13. Stripes and Suspenders

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Another great trend for the summertime and suspenders. If you are a fun and vibrant couple, this is an excellent choice for your gay wedding.

First of all, you should choose a more neutral, or a white-coloured suit with stripes. This way, you will be able to add the suspenders and a tie without exaggerating your look.

The next thing you should consider is whether you prefer long pants or shorts.

If you decide on the long ones, you may add a tie to your look. However, if you favor the shorts, a bowtie is the right choice for your appearance.

A wide-spread trend is grooms with identical outfits and different bowties. So, you may as well consider it.

14. Shirtless for the Beach

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I know I know – What?!

Actually, this is one of our favourites and it’s extremely avant-garde. Yet, it can be worn anywhere after the wedding’s over with the right attitude.

If you are willing to spice things up at your beach wedding, you should simply skip the shirt. However, you must make sure to choose a remarkable suit to make up for it.

This suit looks perfect on well-built individuals, with good accessories and exceptional pair of shoes.

Yet, you should make sure you are able to pull it off before you appear semi-dressed on your special day.

15. Unusual Plaid

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The plaid texture is usually associated with autumn. However, it is a great look for a contemporary and unusual summer look.

What’s more, choosing a lighter appearance may change the overall atmosphere of the wedding.

And if you aim to skip the up-tight mood, you should focus on everyday accessories, and top the look with a remarkable pair of sneakers.

This is a great look for a gay wedding at the bar, the beach, or the club.

Autumn Gay Wedding Suits Collection

The start of fall is also a great time for gay weddings, especially this year as the pandemic postponed all weddings.

If you decide to have your special day scheduled during this period, you should consider more discreet colours and designs.

16. Tailored Suit Jacket without a Tie

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The first choice on our list is a well-tailored suit jacket. To pull off this look, you should certainly avoid the tie, and add a vivid shirt to it.

What is more, you can complete this look with a suitable or traditional pair of shoes.

When it comes to your partner, he may choose a matching outfit, or break the monotony with a bold purple suit.

17. Same Suits with Different Ties

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A great trend in gay weddings is for you and your partner to wear matching suits. However, you are able to express your style with the choice of a tie and other accessories.

For this combination to work, you will have to focus on a more neutral suit, such as navy or grey colour.

Considering the weather in autumn, you may also add a coat to your gay wedding look.

18. Bold Purple

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A great way to highlight your personality is to wear a bold suit in purple colour. This way you will attract all the attention to your outfit.

So, you need to choose a well-tailored or sharp suit for the occasion.

To complete the look you may add a light pink shirt and shiny shoes. However, make sure to avoid any tie, as it will clutter up the look.

The main focus is the suit itself. Hence, you should not ever accessorize.

When it comes to your partner, he may choose to counterpart with a contrasting dark green suit or a colourful look. However, he may also keep it subtle with a classic black tux, a pastel suit, or an all-white combination.

19. Beige with a Red Rose for a Boutonniere

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The following suggestion is certainly one of the simplest, all-time classy looks.

A beige suit is perfect for autumn. Yet, it’s the details that make the whole appearance.

You can finish this look by adding a matching shirt and shoes. For example, they can be dark grey or even a shade of green.

The ultimate addition to this look, or any other of your choice, would be a red rose as a boutonniere.

A beige suit is perfect for a gay wedding by the pool, or even at the restaurant. It sends a vibration of a casual look but still appears refined and classy.

20. Match your Partner’s Tie

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The following trend for gay weddings is to match your shirt with the tie of your fiancée. To pull this off, you will need to choose more neutral suits that allow for looks with and without a tie.

If you choose a more colourful shirt, it will be better off to wear it unbuttoned. However, if you choose all neutral colours as in this look, you will be able to accessorize a bit more.

21. Burgundy Check

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The ultimate best for the autumn is to choose burgundy. If you are a person who likes this combination and is able to pull it off, make sure to choose it for your gay wedding.

It takes a lot of character to wear a checkered suit. Besides, you will need to combine it carefully to not ruin the effect of the outfit itself.

Over accessorizing may make the suit look cheap and unappealing. Thus, make sure to choose a matching tie, belt, and a good pair of shoes.

22. Elegant Beige

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The traditional suit for the fall is the elegant beige one. It is great for all grooms that want to take the attention off themselves, but still, look classy and chic.

If your partner has exaggerated with his combination, you can balance the situation with this simple outfit.

Anyhow, you are able to make an appearance yourself by adding a few remarkable details, such as an unusual tie or expensive shoes.

23. Shock Them All

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The last suggestion for the autumn is to cross all imaginary boundaries.

You can choose the most colourful, yet sophisticated suit for your gay wedding. However, you must make sure to compromise with your partner and match your outfits.

Another great tip is to avoid the tie, add a one-coloured shirt, matching belt, and shoes. The entire focus should fall on the suit itself, as it is accessorized enough.

Winter Gay Wedding Suits Collection

Even though winter gay weddings are quite rare, they have the potential to be the most elegant and classy events of the year.

They are always organized in closed spaces or restaurants. Therefore, both the grooms and the guests can focus on red carpet looks, hairstyles, and makeup.

24. Classic Black Tuxedos And Bowties

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The first choice on our list is the classic look of black tuxedos and bowties.

More specifically, both you and your partner may choose matching, well-tailored suits for your special day.

This all-time look allows for remarkable photos and memories. Furthermore, it may appear extremely expensive, even if it not.

25. Chic Black Tuxedos with Ties

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Another possibility to complete your black tux is a black tie.

This look is excellent if your partner has chosen a more risky and colourful outfit.

This classy combination is perfect for risk-averse people, as it is appropriate for day and night events, indoor and outdoor spaces.

26. A Bold Forest Green Suit

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If you are a bolder person who likes to experiment with the combination, you should focus on more colorful suits.

A good suggestion for the wintertime is the forest green combination. You can add to this look with a boutonniere or a light pink shirt. This mix will create a classy, yet contrasting appeal.

It is perfect for daytime events, as well as closed spaces, bars, and restaurants. It goes well if your partner wears a purple or black suit. Even more, it goes with designed, colourful shirts and accessories.

27. Classic Grey Suit

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Back to basics, the traditional grey suit is perfect for wintertime gay weddings. It leaves space for extravagant accessories, and remarkable shoes.

Thus, if you aim to keep it simple, you may as well start off with this neutral suit. Then, add buttons, boutonnieres, ties, shoes, and belts according to the overall wedding space design.

28. A Neutral Suit with a Bold Shirt

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A great way to add to your beige and neutral suit is to choose a bold shirt. This way you will be able to express your personality, yet remain classy for your wedding day.

If you choose a dark shirt, as in this example, you may skip the tie, and add discreet accessories such as a belt or a bracelet.

This look is perfect for night weddings at the bar or the club.

29. Unusual Monochrome Sequin

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If you are willing to look extra special on your wedding day, this monochrome sequin suit may be the perfect choice for the occasion.

Even though it is not too accessorized, it creates a smooth, yet superior look.

You can combine it with simple black pants and classy shiny shoes. It is better to avoid the tie, as the suit is detailed on its own.

30. Bold In Gold

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Last but not least, we must mention the gold combination. However, you must note that this suit requires a certain attitude to pull it off.

The overall design is really powerful and appealing. Thus, you need to have a superior level of confidence and taste.

You can combine this look with more discrete pieces of clothing and still be the most dressed person at the event. Make sure to coordinate your looks with your partner in order not to look cliché.

Final words

And as a groom, you will be responsible for choosing each detail. Starting from the venue, getting your wedding invitations right, guest list, cake, and much more, organizing a wedding certainly takes a lot of time and energy.

All things considered, your wedding day is the most special occasion for you and your significant other. That’s why you should carefully consider all the given choices.

Then, make sure to choose the one that represents your character and you as a person.

Suits have always been a way of expression. So you must never choose an outfit that you cannot pull off. Just because something is trendy or looks good, it doesn’t mean that it is perfect for you, especially on such an important occasion.

When it comes to planning a gay wedding, the process can take from a few days to a whole year or more so you may have plenty of time to find the suit that makes you feel the best in your own skin. This is the only way to increase your mood and avoid at least a little bit of pressure on your wedding day.

Depending on your characters, you and your partner may choose your outfits way before the wedding. Yet, some couples decide upon their suits a few days before the special day.

The most important tip is to always coordinate the outfit with your fiancée. Both of you have your own style and way of dressing. However, you must balance your looks in order to prevent looking cliché, cheap, or overdressed.

So do you see yourself in a custom-tailored suit, a pastel combination, barefoot, or a classy suit? Tells us in the comment below.

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