1940s Wedding Theme Inspiration

The fabulous ’40s can be defined by two distinct looks and periods. Take a look our our 1940s wedding ideas picture board below for some gorgeous wedspiration…

The fabulous ’40s can be defined by two distinct looks and periods. During the second world war, everything was very much make do and mend: homemade dresses and cakes, bunting, wild flowers – perfect for a DIY wedding! When the war ended, however, there was a wild celebration – think pin ups, glamour and glitz for your inspiration. Take a look our our 1940s wedding ideas board below- we hope you see something you like!


Dresses & Suits

For an early ’40s inspired look try a pretty yet simple; capped sleeve; mid-length tea dress or if you’re going for more of a pin up look try a dramatic, floor length gown accentuated with a (fake!) fur stole. Both should obviously be complimented by victory rolls and a striking red lip. The ’40s marked a relaxation in men’s fashion, suits became more relaxed and comfortable and tweeds and corduroy were introduced. Try a colour palette of browns and blues and finish your look off with a hat, be it a baker’s cap or a fedora.


Here’s your chance to go full W.I.(!): get a member of the family to help you make your cake and leave it naked and decorate with pretty wild flowers. On the other hand, you could go for full glamour inspired by old Hollywood with an elaborate design accentuated with gold.


Hire a village hall or marquee and fill it with banquet tables, vintage china and bunting inspired by a V-Day street party. Or a regal stately home with minimal yet glitzy accentuating is the other perfect fit.


The flowers popular in the ’40s have made a comeback, and as they were so recently unfashionable they are relatively cheap. Carnations, tulips and peonies will all look stunning and on trend. Bulk them out with gypsophilia and wild flowers.

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