Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

Is there a best way to propose? Take a look at our list of some of the most romantic marriage proposals, and let your imagination do the rest…

There is nothing more emotional than surprising your other half with the perfect marriage proposal. So just what is the best way to propose? We firmly believe that the most romantic marriage proposal is always the one which represents you as a couple: so, whether you are the kind who love to rainy afternoons curled up on the sofa, walking in the mountains or spending time with your friends and family, take a look at our list of some of the most romantic marriage proposals, and let your imagination do the rest.

1. At Home

Love curling up on the sofa together watching Netflix? Perhaps the the intimate atmosphere of your own home is the best location for you to propose to your other half.

2. Where You First Met

Sweet and nostalgic, why not take them back to where it all began, and celebrate it as one of the most meaningful moments in your life.

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3. The Getaway Proposal

Taking a break from the everyday for a weekend break or holiday is the perfect opportunity to relax, explore new places and spring a surprise proposal of marriage

4. Everlasting Item

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You could enlist the help of a prop (or props), and leave a note on a cuddly toy or have something personalised, like a mug inscribed with the words ‘Will you Marry Me?’

5. The Hike

If you both love long walks, you could propose at the top of a hill or mountain with a glorious backdrop as your vista. It would certainly add a genuine and overwhelming happiness to the sense of satisfaction that follows an exhausting walk.

6. With Family and Friends

If you are particularly close to your friends and relatives, why not included them in your marriage proposal? Form a dance mob, get them to hold a letter each, assembled in the order of ‘Will you marry me?’, or propose at a family event.

7. At a Restaurant

More classic but never out of time, proposing at the end of a romantic dinner out at a fancy restaurant is the perfect conclusion to a beautiful evening.

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Kate Lovell
Author: Kate Lovell

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